Fogbow Just After Sunrise


[Photo by Kym Kemp]

As the sun rose yesterday morning, the fog lifted from the hills and arched over Green Rock on the Samuel’s Ranch. The early light hit the haze and formed a fogbow or what is sometimes called a rainbow ghost.



  • Beautiful…..I have never seen a fog bow before.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    From there: Un-beckoned by the ‘whens’ and ‘wheres’ of this dimensional doorway spanning worlds, the will-‘o’the’wisp is loosed to wreak its will upon the wicked, the wry, and the weary.

    From here: Breathe eyes-deep, mightly world-wights. Hearken to rare wonders and entertain this dim bow to reclaim the promised treasures of your souls!

  • That’s a first for me, Kym. Thanks!!
    I think I am seeing faint rainbow colors in it. Is that accurate? Is that normal for a ‘fogbow’???

    • The way I understand it, the smaller the water droplets in the fog, the less color. So some fogbows do have color. This one might have had some but I don’t think so.

  • It looks as if there is some color in the near end of it to me!!! I could of course be wrong but it looks as if there are some faints hints of color on the end in the left side or nearer end of the thing!!!

  • I saw one last year with my son out in the Blocksburg area. We were up high on the ridge looking west towards Fruitland Ridge. There down low, possibly over where the river might flow, was some fog gently billowing in with beautiful rainbow colors. It was a first for us and it was lovely

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