Vehicle Accident on Centerville Beach

Traffic Collision Car AccidentEmergency dispatch received a report of a white Ford F150 that had crashed on Centerville Beach near Ferndale about 7:45 p.m. Multiple emergency vehicles are responding including an ambulance.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: Dispatch is saying that they’ve received a report that one patient cannot feel their legs.

UPDATE 8:12 p.m.: Because access to Fleener Gulch where the accident occurred(it’s next to Centerville Beach) is so difficult, emergency personnel are using a Rhino to respond to the area.




  • Wow lots of accidents, full moon and time change, be extra cautious driving!!

  • Praying for the best!!so many wrecks lately,are people just not paying attention??

  • If this was on Centerville beach, how does that happen?

  • They were right in front of us when we left the beach. We turned around at the old Navy base and they continued. Fleener Creek flows into the ocean at the south end of Centerville. The tide was just starting to come in at that time. The Highway Patrol Officer floored it at the stop sign and must have gotten up to 50 going down main street. He should have turned onto Shaw Street and hit Centerville Rd. He would have gotten there quicker, but he was at least five minutes behind the fire department.

  • CAN’T STOP STUPID FOLKS! It always raises it head up when an idiot makes a bad call.

  • Crime stopper beware this is someone’s family .so please choose your names carefully .

  • shawn the fisherman

    They thought they had driven through there already once. They thought they knew what to expect but hit a part of the beach that washed out at a pretty high speed. Truck does not look too bad. Goes to show always wear seat belt. I know right? Belt on beach at night . Who does that?

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