[UPDATE] Fatal Accident Near College of the Redwoods Exit Closes One Lane; Woman Sent to Hospital With Major Injuries


Emergency personnel surround a vehicle which crashed into the guardrail near the College of the Redwoods exit. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

At approximately 12:10 p.m. a single vehicle with out of state plates was traveling southbound on Hwy 101 when it crashed into the guard rail near Tompkins Hill Road. An ambulance took one person to the hospital. But we have also received word that the male driver died at the scene and the coroner has been requested. One lane of Hwy 101 is closed.

According to Battalion Chief Kurt Hulbert from Humboldt Bay Fire, in addition to being a fatality, this is a major injury traffic incident. One female patient was sent to the hospital.

Hulbert said, City Ambulance was first on scene. They were in the area covering Loleta. When Humboldt Bay Fire arrived, City Ambulance medical personnel were actively trying to remove the injured woman from the vehicle.

There are skid marks in the road indicating the driver tried to stop.

Loleta Fire, the California Highway Patrol, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office as well as Humboldt Bay Fire and City Ambulance all responded.

UPDATE 1:13 p.m.: A reader tells us that traffic is backing up but continuing to move through slowly.

UPDATE 1:35 p.m.: The deceased driver has been removed from the vehicle.

UPDATE: More information at this story: CHP Releases Name of Woman Injured Near C.R. Today But Withholds Name of Deceased Driver

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  • We just passed it. Took the road past cr instead

  • R.i.p I hope the female will be ok. Condolences to the family.

  • So sad…I hope the female will be alright. Condolences to the decedents loved ones…

  • That poor lady. I hope she is able to get family members up here to support her.

  • This might sound bad or whatever but if that was my bf I would hope I didn’t make it if he didnt. I would not want to wake up to him being gone. So sad. Tragic. R.I.P.

  • Anon, it’s a sad but true thought. My heart goes out to both parties.

  • A crying shame, literally for ALL concerned!!!! Hopefully their future on the other side will be more peaceful than their time on this side!!!! :-C

  • Prayers to the people effective of the deceased person, such a tragic!!!

  • Way to much of this. So sad.

  • Driver was speeding and was fish tailing before he clipped a car and smacked into the guard rail. [edit]

  • Kym, please remove I was there…….who needs to hear that.

    • Could be anything

      I’m a pretty sensitive person yet I see nothing wrong with what was posted. There was no name calling or accusations. It was a truthful statement of what this person witnessed.

      • I agree, that person is just saying what they saw. I would want to know as well if it was my family member. Plus the chp report says drugs/alcohol was a factor. That guy basically took his own life.
        Alcohol+speeding+weaving in and out of cars = accident and possible death.

        Hopefully will serve as a reminder to others to not drive like that. Im fed up with crappy drivers endangering others lives, especially on 101. This style of driving is super scary on our roads here. If folks wanna get drunk& drive like that then their risk of death goes up and hopefully we dont have to cover the costs of their accident. Ever heard of darwin awards?

        If my family member was killed say by holding a firework in their hands id want it to be public info to remind others to be safe, so another family could hopefully not have it happen.

        Sorry bunny you gotta put ur big girl pants on to be in our world today. Its not mean to voice what you see in a situation like this. Do you know his family or if he even has one so you can speak for them that the family thinks its mean to report the same thing a newscaster would???
        Would you ask the chp to delete this…

        “Per witnesses, the driver of the Kia was traveling at a high rate of speed, using both southbound lanes to pass traffic”

        Or this…
        “DUI is a factor in this collision and further toxicological analysis is pending.”

        If you wanna see what truly mean and insulting comments look like go to loco thunderdome.

        Kym will delete comments if they directly insult someone.
        Im super glad i was there wrote what they wrote, many thx!!!!

        • That is my Uncle that past away. Yes I totally agree you should never drink and drive. For goodness sake’s we don’t need to hear all the negative comments we need prayers. For everyone else leaving positive words appreciate your kindness

    • Quit asking people to be removed [edit]

  • Thank you Kym for making it less descriptive. I didn’t want to offend anyone I was trying to work through the event.

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