[Audio] Are local stores doing enough to keep kids from alcohol and cigarettes? Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: The state released survey results that show Humboldt County kids might have more access to unhealthy products than the California average. That is, the availability and marketing of things like cigarettes, booze, and junk food to young people. 70 stores in the county that sell tobacco were surveyed.

Some of the results? A majority of the stores have booze at kid height or near candy and toys, a majority have candy-esque flavored alcohol, every single store had flavored Swisher Sweets cigars for less than a buck, a majority advertise unhealthy items, and only a third sell fruits and vegetables. About a third of Humboldt 11th graders binge drink — almost twice the California average of 18 percent. And around 23 percent of Humboldt 11th graders use tobacco compared to the state average of 14 percent.

KIEM put out a poll that asked “would you like to see North Coast stores offer more healthy items?” 69 percent of viewers said yes and 21 percent said no.

Local store owners are tasked with choosing which items to sell, where to put those items, and how to advertise those items. Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Health Education Specialist Jay McCubbrey was asked what advice he would have for store owners looking to both achieve viable sales numbers while at the same time provide kids healthier direction.

“Buying habits change over time, with younger people paying more attention to healthy alternatives,” he said. “We’re hoping that as this trend continues, carrying healthier foods will make better business sense for local retailers.”

Also there’s the part of the Humboldt community that already make healthy choices. The aforementioned survey only took into account stores that sell cigarettes, not places that don’t sell tobacco like the North Coast Co-op, Eureka Natural Foods, Wildberries Marketplace, Chautauqua Natural Foods, farmers markets or even CVS who took a hard stance against selling tobacco despite how profitable it is.

“We’ve always taken pride in the knowledge base our younger patrons have,” said Cassie Blom, Marketing Director for the North Coast Co-op. “…We make purchasing and merchandising decisions that allow for healthy choices — for example, we don’t merchandise candy at our check stands. At the same time, we’re very careful not to dictate values to our shoppers, nor do we make claims about any dietary choices being better than others. We feel our role is to be a resource, provide information to our community, provide a variety of options, and let our shoppers choose what is best for their own health and lifestyle.”

The story begins at 10:01.

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  • Hahaha, smoking is up for youth, in poverty stricken humboldt county?
    It’s a fabricated lie. Remember the guy who seriously took down smoking through epidemiology? He has the “rest of the story” on his blog.
    On his blog, you’ll discover how the “control people through their wallets” groups arrived at their faux conclusions. These behavior control groups were facing closure, due to lack of funding off their smoke taxes, when everybody (including the smoking kids) quit buying smokes. Why the sudden loss of funds? The smokers had switched over to vapor. The curious never​ smokers who would become addicted to smokes by the time they mastered what it felt like, were BYPASSING addictive smokes & instead were experimenting with zero nicotine eCigs. Lo & behold, the smokers who had switched to eCigs, also discovered how easy it was to wean the nicotine out of their daily use. More huge alerts were sent through the nazi groups. The public must not know this! Their entire funding relies upon their demeaning of that evil nicotine. It wasnt long before the freaks came up with a plan to call eCigs tobacco products. Hence, the evil war against vapor. Their surveys? Their surveys declared anybody who ever tried a puff ever, as tobacco users. Hence, all campaigns now refer vapor as tobacco products, evil (hello? Where’s all you religion haters out there on this one?), addicting, stinky, taxble, and must be abolished. They are frantic!
    Which, brings me to this. If you want to switch over from real smoke & tar to the vapor without smoke & tar, you better hurry. The government is busy abolishing it, to save the behavior groups. It’s not about health, it’s about control.

    • There is no data on the page you linked. How many people switched to ecigs? How much funding was lost and who specifically lost the funding? Is the nicotine in ecigs extracted from tobacco?

      • Millions have switched or sidestepped. (Globally).
        The data on Dr. Siegel’s blog is scattered throughout the years. He teaches people how to understand the “language” in bills & studies. You find the data by reading the junk studies with a learned eye. For instance, the antz (anti nicotine & tobacco zealots) hide the truth with spin. Instead of declaring halejuah that over 2 million kids have quit smoking, they instead shout out alerts about 2 million kids that are now vaping. Save the chillldren. Label non-tobacco products as tobacco products, & achieve new stats.

        Their attacks on eCigs were so stupid, they lost even more funding.
        So, they campaigned to sin tax vapor. Now they are happy for a year. They’re hoping their gateway fabrications are true & the life time sin tax will always flow. Bwahaha, hope away fools! If you work for an antz, i encourage you to start your dream business or schooling now, because the funds will disappear quickly once the non-addicted generation stays that way. Sorry bubba. https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015-12-16/most-teen-e-cigarette-users-dont-vape-nicotine


        Google: state cuts funding for anti smoking campaign.
        They (ALA, TFK, ACS or ACA (one is cool, the other is a sell out), etc, became incredibly frantic after eCigs became more & more popular. Hence the campaign switch-a-roo’s from crying about smoking tar & 4000 chemicals & passerbys dropping dead on the street from second hand smoke whiffs, to crying about nicotine then crying about zero nicotine eCigs. All to raise fear mongered rallies to tax the crap out of vaping. Nicotine, come to find out, is only slightly more “addictive” than caffeine. Only those who benefit from nicotine will bother to use it. It drops the flavor value a notch per mg. Who uses it? Those with cognitive dissonance problems, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenic’s, even those with ahem “stool” problems. (btw, colon cancer in young adults has increased since everybody quit nicotine). BTW, ridiculous sin taxes on vapor products begins next month.

        Most of the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant, hence their reasoning to call it a tobacco product. Only patches & gums sold by big pharmafia can get away with calling nicotine a sin taxfree wonder drug.
        Other’s extract eggplants and other natural plants, but they’re still considered “tobaco products” by the corrupt powers that be. In fact, zero nicotine is also now considered a “tobacco product” just beause they can.

      • Here’s one that was cut 90% overthe years since smokers switched to vaping.

        • “Cigarette shipments declined by an above average 6.45% in 2010, following a 9.2% decline in 2009. MSA receipts declined by 5.6% in 2011. The revenue reductions forced California to need debt reserves to meet full interest and minimum serial bond principal repayments for 2011. Since then it has not gotten any better!” – not blowing smoke.

          ECigs grew in popularity in 2007-ish then really became popular with the NJoy lawsuit with the govt. Judge Leon presided. Since then, they’ve been constantly badgered about, used for more rights lost city x city, & taxed to the hilt. Media has spread the clickbait like thunder. The antz campaigned against them like crazy, actually promoting them through obnoxious use of transparant lies. They hoped to addict the next generation, even began the ridiculous “nicotine addict” campaign. Oh what wicked webs we see, when we practice to deceive.

          An advocacy site for the right to not smoke. http://notblowingsmoke.org

  • Umm its pretty clear already that stores that sell healthier food dont sell tobacco.
    Kids are gonna eat crap, its addictive. And wheres the stats on vape pen use, they polled students asking if they used tobacco not if they bought cigs, vape pens, or chew. Chew is big around here, and teens are taking bong hits of tobacco these days. They get carded to buy any tobacco so who cares if they have 1buck cigars at stores? Or flavored alcohol? Teens cant buy it legally so you think theyre gonna ask for the person getting them booze to grab carrot sticks too?

    So glad to see our tax dollars spent to give us a captain obvious study. The 101 is about to collapse in multiple spots and this is what they spend money on???? Whats to guarantee kids will pick the healthy choice anyway? You’d have to change the entire ad industry to do that.

    • May I ask a serious question? When was the last ever Marlboro (winston, salem, camels, doals, etc) literally advertised on tv or in mags or newspaper store coupons, etc?
      The only advertisements happening, is by the anti-smoking nzis, who ae constntly reminding ex-smokers of their past love, and never smokers whose cuiosity climbs with every advert they constantly make.
      Drugs too. Same with drugs. Sorry ex-addicts, ex-drinkers, ex-smokers, you’ll never be free from temptation as long as the “health” nzis reign.

  • What in the world are they doing, commandeering our food, beverage, health & recreation choices? Ah, I thought you’d never ask!

    Remember last year, when the pot plant nazis confessed at the townhall meeting in Laytonville, that backyard food (strawberries, orchards, etc) were also being tiered? They said “but we won’t be focusing on them at this time”. The part “at this time” is explained in the podcast above.
    You’ve been had.

  • Years of battles summed up perfectly in this short video. The truth about vaping, why they hate us. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oxNM1pUoOn4

  • All the years I spent as a checker,no i.d.no smokes.etc:I always heard “well I can get them elsewhere and of course my Italian mouth said,good go elsewhere!! Sad part it’s true

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Deporting weed users to Mexico after they labor to complete the wall is by far the healthiest choice.
    Fixing the railroad so they may be loaded on cattle cars will correct the negativity even faster.
    Trains could haul scheduled for deportation growers south, and return with healthy produce, ensuring healthier diets.

    Exporting weed users to Mexico only makes sense.

  • What does it matter when kids can literally walk down just about any Street in Humboldt County and buy methamphetamines and heroin, all while getting high on 2nd hand smoke from everybody else to toking up.

    • It’s going to be a revelation for many CA residents who voted for “legalization” when they realize that their young teenagers are easily getting dabs and concentrates and very strong edibles through the new cannabis stores. I don’t think it’s really what most of us want as a society…

  • Would love to see some links posted about the health hazards of vaping.
    A local nurse told me that vaping exposes you to toxins via the liquid and the preservatives in the the vape liquid, and that “popcorn” lungs are a rising health concern.

    I am over sixty and get carded at most establishments because of the mandatory card/ID law passed a few years ago.

    If kids under eighteen are buying cigs, then the management of the establishment selling the cigs needs to get their house in order.

    • That’s always a valid concern, & worthy of research. Unfortunately, those studies that are designed to scare smokers from switching to vaping, are a dime a dozen.
      There are hundreds of studies that were improperly done, which coincidentaly arrived at conclusions they hoped to find. For instance, when a coil is dry burned, meaning there is not much juice and the coil is heated for lengthy time, they actually achieve scarey stuff. (Not deadly, just scarey). But, the thing is, nobody vapes that! Non vapers who just sit there firing their dry coils would achieve that, which is exactly what happened in those studies. The scientist burned the coils until they produced something they could clickbait with.

      The diacytal scare? That started at a popcorn plant & the man who came down with the strange symptons never did get a concrete answer on his condition. That was enough to put all vapers on alert though, and they sent flavors in for testing. Many ejuice makers now provide certificates of tests. Dr. Farsalinos is head ecig researcher at Kennedy Onassis Research center, & he’s written research about the diacytal many times. http://www.ecigarette-research.com/web/index.php/research/2015/190-niosh-da

      The Royal College of Physicians (who began the cigarette hate campaigns), have said “long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco” and are asking health care groups to back off their attacks on e igs & support or promote them instead. https://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/news/promote-e-cigarettes-widely-substitute-smoking-says-new-rcp-report

    • melissa – i don't know! i can't remember! i think it was from jonn;e&#39as but i haven't been able to find it since. i am sad because i totally love it, it's so cozy, but i don't know where to buy more![]

  • i would be more happy if all these stores provided trash and recycling cans readily available at their font door…and would stop selling alcohol to people that are intoxicated…you can watch drunk people buy all day long and stores from sohum to nohum..

  • HOJ in Training

    Matthew McConaughey is a jackass!

    He did a commercial where he is driving a car.
    He also did a commercial promoting the use of whiskey.

    Both of these commercials are still being aired.

    This crap isn’t even the slightest bit subliminal

    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!!! Let’s all get drunk and drive a car!

    I will say it again, Matthew McConaughey is a jackass!

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