Car Rolls Over on the 2100 Block of Broadway in Eureka

Shortly before 2 p.m., a two car traffic accident occurred on the 2100 block of Broadway north of Hawthorne in Eureka.

A yellow Kia is on its roof. EPD and fire is on scene. Reportedly this is a non injury traffic accident. Our reporter Mark Mckenna reports that traffic is backed up a fair bit in the area as traffic is down to one lane both north and south of the 2000- 2100 block of Broadway in Eureka.

yellow Kia

Yellow Kia flipped over in the 2100 block of Broadway. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

Officers and driver discuss the incident.

Driver gives Thumbs Up to our Reporter!

Driver gives thumbs up to our reporter. 

Kia being re-rolled by Tow truck

Kia being re-rolled by tow truck.




  • Single car accident? If so, how does one build up enough velocity to accomplish that on Broadway? Isn’t that portion a 30mph zone?

  • I’m not sure but the thumbs up pic is cool…. We’re all good here officers I got this….

  • Frank Pembleton

    Conversation: Passenger: “Betcha can’t roll this thing in the middle of Broadway”
    Driver: “Heh, hold my beer”

  • Mountain Lion Lady

    I used to be a paramedic in Ukiah. While we were ordering at Carl’s Jr. a car tries to stop at the light and flips on it’s hood. Best part to that story is, someone ran up to us (my partner and I) at the restaurant and told us to call and ambulance. Our reply? …..we are an ambulance. Moral of the story, yes a car can flip on it’s hood at lower speeds too. Kinetics are a funny thing.

    • *giving thumbs up*
      i imagine you have some interesting stories. this one’s great! those must have been some tightass brakes!
      everything about nature’s way are funny, mother has a weird sense of humor.

  • Good that no one was hurt. Also another good demonstration that seat belts and government safety requirements in auto manufacturing do work.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    My sister is Asian and she rolled a car in an airport parking garage, while she was 3,000 miles away on vacation with the keys in her purse.

  • That’s what you get for owning a yellow car.

  • Hey Kym, you don’t let Bridge Chump act out his incipient racism /sexism as a thin stab at humor, do you?

  • I think this incident should go to Mythbusters can you really roll a car at 30 MPH?

  • An elderly lady attempted to make a lane change, into the kia drivers lane. The driver was forced to make an emergency maneuver, overcorrected and rolled. That’s the driver’s account.

    • I was the driver, and the other driver was an elderly man (not woman), the white haired gentleman you can see in the pictures. He was parked on the shoulder and without checking behind him decided to zip out across both traffic lanes into the center median. I think he was trying to make a u-turn. Claims he never saw me, even though I was driving a bright yellow car in full daylight in the left lane starting at Wabash, almost 0.2 miles before the crash site. He cut across my lane right in front of me and I had almost no time to react. I steered left and struck his vehicle with the front right corner of my car, hitting him near his front left tire. The force of impact knocked my car sideways causing me to roll over onto the roof. Not much visible damage to his truck, but when he attempted to drive away after the officers told him he could go, his left front tire was apparently not rolling straight and he only went up to Harbor Lanes before he pulled off the road.

      Also relevant is the fact that two pedestrians were crossing the road from west to east a bit further ahead. The older gentleman admitted to being distracted by the pedestrians.

      That’s the driver’s account.

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