Ambulance Responding to Collision on Giuntoli Lane

car accident

Photo by Amy Machado.

A white Toyota 4Runner and a Chevy Volt collided on the roundabout on Giuntoli Lane about 5:40 p.m. An ambulance was asked to respond as there are injuries. However the first emergency personnel on scene report that everyone is out of their vehicle and walking around.



  • Kym – Sorry to be the language fascist. You need another “i” in collision in the headline.

  • What caused the loud explosion north of Arcata at 6:55?

  • Maybe our highway gurus know something which is not immediately apparent, but roundabouts, or “traffic circles” as we called them in my youth, seem considerably more dangerous than intersections with traffic lights. Is there any science behind these thingss, or are they just trendy.

    • You’d love New England, where roundabouts are the norm. Also, most European cities have roundabouts where traffic already IN the roundabout must yield the right of way to entering traffic!

  • It was a couple of asshole drunk growers in the white vehicle that caused the accident.

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