Technical Problem Closes Costco Gas Pumps Not Lack of Fuel

gas station Costco

Costco [Photos by Mark McKenna]

In spite of rumors that Costco gas was closed because fuel tankers could not get through the slide on 101, Costco management assures us they closed their gas station because of a technical issue before the slide blocked the highway.

In fact, as of 12:30 p.m., a tanker was fueling the pumps. And, a technicianhas arrived and is trying to fix the problem. At this time there isn’t an estimate on when that will be but at least the pumps are filled and ready to go when the glitch is fixed.
gas station Costco



  • That doesn’t happen much. It’s gorgeous outside!! Nice day for a walk,or bike ride🏃😎

    • Yeah, but some ppl won’t see it that way. they will be bitching and moaning to the workers that they shld be able to get gas. It’s amazing how rude customers are to the Costco workers.

  • Michelle Steele

    Hey the Costco workers are nice people and it isn’t there fault if something goes wrong at the Gas Pumps.. they do there best to keep things running as smoothly as possible..

  • Costco’s gas comes from the fuel terminal in Eureka. Not the bay area.

  • Yes,but our gas comes from the terminal which is barged in!! At least were not cut off.

  • Virtually all of Humboldt fuel comes from the Humboldt Terminal. Shipped by barge, the terminal fuel is then formulated for branding (i.e. Shell, Chevron). The fuel that is left over is marketed to independents like Costco. The only exception is fuel marketed by tribal stations. That fuel is trucked from Washington State in order to bypass state taxes. The slide had nothing to do with the mechanical problems at Costco.

  • Reminds me of a great article (i think it was the journal) where we learned that costco gas is from the lowest bidder and comparatively some of the worst gas. I dont understand why people wait in line to save maybe $2.00 on a tank.

  • No gas station should be allowed to not provide the ability to clean your windshield.

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