Fleeing Man Flings Firearm, Says APD; Two Arrested

Law enforcement pursuit arrestThis is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday March 10th 2017, at about 2:26 pm, an officer with the Arcata Police Department attempted a traffic stop on a blue Ford Explorer in the 600 block of F Street. The suspect vehicle fled northbound on F Street and then collided with a chain-link fence in the 1300 block. Two occupants ran from the vehicle and one threw a loaded handgun as he ran. After a foot pursuit both suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Humboldt County Jail on the following charges:

24-year-old Hoopa resident Little Eagle Moon:

VC 2800.2(a): Felony Evasion

PC 25850(a): Possession of Loaded Firearm in Public

HS 11377(a): Possession of a Controlled Substance

PC 29800(a)(1): Felon in Possession of a Firearm

VC 14601.2(a): Driving on Suspended License

PC 1203.2: Violation of Probation

PC 148(a)(1): Resisting Arrest

34-year-old Hoopa resident Alexander Francis Lamebear Jr.:

PC 148(a)(1): Resisting Arrest

HS 11377(a): Possession of a Controlled Substance

Earlier Chapter: Driver Being Pursued by Police Wrecks Vehicle and Flees on Foot Before Being Captured

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  • Hey buddy.!! fling it my way

  • Kym, I’m sure you have the resources to find out why a person, Carson Phoebus, can be arrested 3 times in a 7 hour period; arrested again the next day and still be released. Charges ranged from assault, larceny, opium pipe possession, starting a fight………. and theft in the past. He and 4-5 people do this 5 times a week (a few twice a day regularly). Why are they NOT held responsible for breaking the law as everyone else is??? This is exactly what is destroying this county. You seem to truly care about Humboldt.

    • Check out some of the folks like JD Pittman. They are arrested nearly every day of the year.

      Unfortunately, I really do have minimal resources. It’s mostly just me with a few free lancers (great folk) helping where they can and I’ve got stories from last July I should have written.

  • Fleeing Felon Flings Firearm!

  • “Ford fails to freeze for fuzz; felon flees on foot, flings firearm, fails fast”

  • Alex Lamebear, he didn’t stand a chance in the foot pursiut.

  • Felon in possession of a firearm? What is going on? Who is letting these people out? Sometime before I die I would like to see one of these scumbags get caught with my stolen P228. I have lost all faith with Humboldt County’s Justice system. I think DA Peggy Fleming is doing the best she can within the system. It does not appear to me that the justice system is protecting the law abiding citizens-just the consistent law breakers. Come on Humboldt Judiciary, whose side are you on? You are allowing the criminals to terrorize the law abiding citizens. WHY?

    • How did they defeat your safe and steal the p228?

      • Most safes can be defeated with a crow bar google it, unless it’s a hi dollar one, there’s also many other ways, you can’t carry in a post office or any federal buildings, so unless you have a car safe, (I have one now) you have to lock it in your vehicle which can easily be broken into

    • Gary
      From reading other posts on this blog I found out that in order to be arrested and put in jail you only need to threaten a lawyer. A spike strip in their driveway would get their attention. Maybe the person that got your P228 is such so nice that they wouldn’t threaten a law person. As long as it’s just you that is being hassled, no big deal….

      I feel your pain.

      The law enforcement blame their lack of effectiveness on Ca. Prop 47 that reduced some jailable felonies to non-jailable misdemeanors. I don’t think that means that counties have to roll over and suffer the blowback. I think that some counties have drawn a harder line on misdemeanors, maybe we could also.

      Sadly, Humboldt county is so concerned on how to cash in on legal marijuana that everything else has been pushed aside. We have already seen how marijuana grower permits have impacted the planning department, it has almost totally taken them over. As soon as permitted grows get started, the Sheriffs Department will be totally taken over by apprehending non-compliant growers. Follow-the money! There is more money in forcing the growers to pay permit fees. I really don’t think that finding your P228 will make the county a dime. The world is rife with unintended consequences. We thought law enforcement was for public safety, now they will become bill collectors.

    • California voters have been brainwashed into voting for props claiming to make streets safer, give more rehabilitation programs, while at the same time releasing tens of thousands of “non-violent” felons back on the streets after serving as little as 1/3 of their time. It was all a big lie, as they changed the definitions of what a violent crime was, and then also decided that they wouldn’t look at their entire criminal history, but only their “last” offense. This allowed them to completely ignore the seriously violent, and lengthy criminal histories, and dump them into our communities. The last one they passed, #Prop57, will be the next big dump of dangerous felons on the streets. They claim they’ll have to do all these rehabilitative programs, and that negative behavior will be held accountable. That, however is another big lie. As of February 20th, they changed how rules violations are categorized, and will now allow violent crimes to be viewed as non-violent after a few years. It also allows them to be released after they serve their time for their main offense, without having to serve one day for any of the enhancements of the crime. (Think hate crimes, lying in wait, etc.) As for the rehabilitation? They can now test dirty for drugs and not lose a single day of their good time credits. That’s just one thing they’ve changed. Everything they have done is with the single purpose of dumping them out as fast as they can. Install good alarm systems and cameras. Watch your backs, and keep an eye on your kids. If you’re a 2nd Amendment person, get trained and stay trained. Carry concealed if you’re certified. We are headed into some interesting times.

  • More of hoopa fine outstanding tribal members ,and citizens .

  • Just out of curiosity how does one get a name like lamebear? Seems like a burden to carry around and seems like an insult which I think is out of character for most tribal values.

  • Lamebear hahaha

  • Glad to hear they caught these guys. Sounds like they were riding a dangerous wave.

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