Driver Being Pursued by Police Wrecks Vehicle and Flees on Foot Before Being Captured

Law enforcement pursuit ends in accident of F Street in Arcata. [Photos from a reader]

About 2:45 p.m., law enforcement from multiple agencies pursued a Ford Explorer Limited edition onto F Street where the vehicle struck a pole. The driver fled the vehicle on foot westbound on 14th Street, according to the reader who took these photos.
Law enforcement pursuit arrestThe driver was eventually captured and placed in an Arcata Police car. We’ve requested more information from the Arcata Police.



  • Power/Telephone poles & Redwood Trees do NOT move when you run into them, period end of story!!! It’s much easier to avoid them if at all possible!!!

  • It looks like the driver hadn’t taken into account that “F” St is a dead end where that church is.
    That is about 100′ from where those two people were doing cannabis extraction in their car and caught themselves on fire.
    Does anyone if they have gotten out of the burn unit and how their recovery is progressing?

  • Is there anyone who can tell that what was the actual reason behind it?

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