[UPDATE 12:44 p.m.] 101 Might Reopen This Afternoon

Rock slide

Rock slide on Bridges Creek. [Photo from Caltrans]

According to a post from Caltrans this morning,

The highway is currently under a full closure, but we hope to open it up to one-way traffic early this afternoon.
The slide has spilled over and brought down the catchment fence. If more rocks were to come down the hill, there would be no protection for vehicles below them. These rocks are not small and would cause significant vehicular damage and injury to anyone struck by them.
Our crews and contractors will be working to clear the debris and repair the fence, and will open the roadway as soon as it is safe to do so.

UPDATE 12:44 p.m.: Good News! Traffic is Traveling Through the Hwy 101 Closure

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  • Jis got my firs bumper.

  • Hwy is closed for that???

    • Mudslides have a mind of their own. They’re vey pushy. Where they stop, nobody knows, until they do stop. Then it’s too late for those who thought mind control was all that was needed.

  • Hwy closed for that?? Looks like should be one way control..two or three scoops with loader would have it opened…

  • heading up for moms 87th in just over 2 weeks
    hopefully it be open or 36 is in better shape
    and hopefully mother nature wont piss on the roads anymore

    • AFAIK 36 is open shouldn’t even need chains in the higher elevations!!!! All I know for sure is I see traffic going by so it must be open!!!

  • Cooks valley lookout post

    Seems to be traffic on the 101 here in cooks valley. Could just be local traffic, but feel like we aw an enterprise truck and another big rig or two.. maybe stuck down there and heading north.. either way.

  • Its a unionized type situation with caltrans, seven guys watching one man work. Besides any farmer could mice these rocks with a loader in 5 minutes, so it will take at least 5 hours for caltrans

  • Just look with the unions did to Detroit

  • Slide happened with no rain could fall again with no warning! I would not want to drive through !

    • Kim Reed I agree 250% those rocks & such coming down that mountain/hillside are a LOT bigger than I care to chance colliding with!!! TYVM but I’ll pass!!!

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