[UPDATE: 11:10 p.m.] Video of Slide Blocking Hwy 101 North of Leggett

To help you get a better idea of the slide, a reader sent in the following video which was taken about 8:30 p.m. when a few cars were let through.

According to the reader,

We were heading southbound and were stopped under a quarter mile from the slide location, about the 15th car in line at 8pm. At this point there wasn’t any chp turning vehicles around yet.

We waited about 20 minutes before we saw just 4 cars pass through northbound. Then southbound cars started to move through but we’re stopped again when a big rig heading south had to turn around in the road because it wouldn’t be able to pass through (which you will learn why in the video – a tractor looked to have broken down in the roadway). After the big rig turned around to head back north we proceeded through the slide.

Here’s a portion of the slide coming down at 6:16 p.m. that another reader, Erin Bear, sent in.

UPDATE at 7:52 a.m.: 101 is still closed. Here’s a list of options: 101 Closed North of Piercy; What Are the Options?

UPDATE 12:42 p.m. Friday: Good News! Traffic is Traveling Through the Hwy 101 Closure

Earlier Chapter: [UPDATE 9:44 p.m. Closed Until Morning at Least] Hwy 101 Closed North of Leggett



  • Wow! Nice capture!

  • Is the 101 still closed?

  • Need to call the Donald to build a wall between the slide andThe roadway.you know make Legget great again.

  • cal trans says take alternate route ,Alderpoint road and bellspring road are hammered now .Wait till a couple of tractor trailers make the trip the road will be gone

  • Umm, that tractor was probably parked there for the safety of morons like this videographer, to keep people from trying to drive through. The road was closed for a reason. You were very lucky.

    • Thinking allowed

      In the video the person said they were “let through” (ie directed?) and that it was questionably close to the edge. There is no reason to use words such as moron when someone has provided useful information to all of us.

      • “let through” by who? It is obvious that some idiot felt they should ignore the barricades placed to stop vehicles and a few other idiots put themselves in danger by following. No Caltrans or construction workers were present and other barricades were in place to keep traffic back. By ignoring traffic barricades and doing what you want is what gets people hurt. You endanger other motoring public, the public safety workers, and Caltrans employees’ lives. Remember we have small Caltrans crews that are spread thin trying to keep the highways opened, patrolling between the closures and doing a unthankful job of being away from their families to keep the roadways opened. Help them out and don’t make their jobs any harder by ignoring their barricades just because someone is not there every second to tell us what to do .

  • Thinking aloud. My thoughts exactly

  • It would be nice if cal trans gave us an update as to what might be the time of re opening or not

  • This is the best way to keep Trump out of Humboldt!

    • trumpersofhumboldt

      Tired, :” its too late, Trumpers are already here! Wake up pal.just because you dont hear locals voice their opinion due to all the liberals and lost such as the hippie dippies and dreaddies doesnt mean they are not fed up and loyal to Trump”
      Too late, …

  • The video will not come in on my site, Maybe you can repost it. Thanks.

  • County line Crossing Commuter

    Kudos road workers for your hard work in a dangerous environment.

    Cal trans has done a great job keeping the road open all along that route from Laytonville to Garberville. The rebuilt bridge south of the Peg House looks great and the hillside was secured. An amazing feat to see the spider legged excavator on those steep angles. That 50 mile stretch is currently moving massive caravans of boulders, silt and soil. Any slips I see are quickly marked and repaired. Well done folks.
    Kudos to Kym Kemp for keeping us current.

  • Oralee McAlexander

    Caltrans is doing a Awesome job! Thanks for all the hard work!!! Please be careful out there Caltrans workers!!!!

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