Inmate Dies After Stabbing Today

Press release from the California Department of Corrections:

Dept of correctionsPelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) officials are investigating the death of an inmate as a homicide.

This morning at 9:12 a.m., multiple inmates began fighting on the Facility A General Population outdoor exercise yard. Responding staff utilized force in the form of chemical agents, expandable batons, and a Mini 14 to quell the incident. Two inmates were sent to an outside hospital for medical care.

Inmate Francisco Galvan, 26, was apparently was attacked by three others, and was later pronounced deceased at an outside hospital just after 1 p.m. He died from wounds incurred during the attack. Galvan was received by CDCR from Santa Barbara County in February 2012, with a seven-year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, resulting in great bodily injury. He had previously been in prison with a two year conviction for grand theft, and had been paroled in March 2010.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Investigative Services Unit (ISU). No staff members were injured during the incident. The Office of the Inspector General was notified.

PBSP is located in Del Norte County. The prison is comprised of two maximum-security facilities, two security housing unit facilities, a minimum-support facility and a short-term restricted housing unit. The prison provides treatment for mentally ill inmates and provides work, academic, career technical education, self-help and other rehabilitative programs. PBSP also has a firehouse with eight fulltime inmate firefighters. PBSP opened in 1989, currently houses approximately 2,100 inmates and employs approximately 1,300 people.

Earlier Chapter: One Stabbing; One Officer Involved Shooting at Pelican Bay This Morning



  • Wonder what started this? Race? Drugs? Gangs?

  • Mini 14… blanks in that weapon….live fire only!!!

  • Mini 14… blanks in that one…No warning shots….live fire only!!!!

    • Thank god. Those batons only get ya so far. You can always shoot a live warning shot in the air. You cant take down a convict with a blank. Blanks are for hollywood and track meets.

  • Assault on a cop = automatic cred in a prison. He had to work to fuck that up.

  • Justice is served.

  • You people are sick. The system that puts humans in cages instead of fixing the problem are 10 times worse then the inmates.

    • Ahahahaha you think you can fix a criminally minded human that repeats his behavior? You probably voted yes on 57 as well. Well when one of these miscreants violates one of your loved ones after being released early, you can eat some humble pie.

    • Inmates at pelican bay are the worst of the worst when you screw up at another prison you get sent there, whine all you want but if there in pelican bay they belong there

      • PBSP isn’t the only Level 4 institution in the state. The same variety of scum that’s housed there is housed at High Desert, Salinas Valley, and Corcoran. I’ve worked at HDSP for over 15 years, so I know what in talking about. There’s no rehabilitating most of those guys. You walk through the wire, you do your job, and by the grace of the Almighty you walk out in one piece with your partners.

        • Dont forget Calipat LVL 4

        • Get over yourself you overpaid babysitter. Half the shit that starts on the yards are because of you and your buddies. Playing with lives suits you guys. Just sit on your ass getting over paid. Granted there is ” garbage” on the yards that you all give fake paperwork so they can get out to the yard and then you aggravate the situation by informing the righteous inmates of the inmate to create the victim. You correctional rent a cops should be co defendants in most cases. You know what I’m saying is true, just sit there like you do at work and fool the public into believing your job is so dangerous. Most inmates want to just do thier time and try to get out. The lifers just want to program but you so called officers need job security and stir the pot. Granted it’s barbaric inside. Human nature to survive. You fake ass officers make riots, killings and other mayhem happen. You know it’s gonna happen and sit on your ass till it does, so you can either kill an imate or torture by batons. You know it’s true so get off your so called ” law abiding” fake ass and do the public a favor and tell the truth of your code amongst the ccpoa and your buddies. Fake ass.

          • You sir sound like a fake ass Con-Vic, you obliviously like talking out your Ass. Correctional Officers are not rent a cops, they go through extensive training just like street cops do and are POST certified. Who yes, get paid a decent amount of money to deal with idiots like you. If it were that simple and easy perhaps you should apply. Although I seriously believe you lack the heart to do what 35,000 of our finest officers do day in and day out to protect the likes of you.

          • [edit] Just apply at CDC and try it you won’t last

        • amen brotha, todays incident was southerners cleaning house, drug debts etc…. Shit is starting to pop off like crazy…….its always relieving when you hear no staff got hurt and no brotha and sister in green got harmed. Today a CO fired to save/protect an inmate receiving GBI… we did all we could to stop the threat but these guys as some people cant understand are still criminals and murder is part of their game…

        • Does HDSP have a SHU? I was under the impression that was only PBSP and COR.

    • You must be a bernie voter.
      Cash me outside bruh

    • I agree with you. We need to gather these criminals up and have then sit around a campfire singing “Kumbaya” and roast marshmallows. Problem solved! Please note my sarcasm. I am a HDSP Retiree.

    • Let them live next to you and your kids

  • So that’s like a prisoner and a half for each state employee working in the building that is taxpayer robbing we need to be tougher

    • That’s not 1300 Correctinal Officers. That’s 1300 total employees. The Officer to Inmate ratio is way different than 1 for every 1.5. Plus you need to take in account for either staff for two shifts or 3 shifts. Most prisons in this country are understaffed.

      • exactly, its 600 officers, 2100 inmates, i work there, was just there on 3rd watch. We currently staff 3 officers per gp unit, 2 floor officers , 1 control officer, 100 plus inmates per unit…way understaffed. When yards are going , there are 300 to 400 plus inmates out on the yard with a yard crew of 6 officers. Each unit as a floor officer that assumes a gun post while yard is out, which adds 6 to that. Heavily outnumbered, I laugh at folk that talk about prison that have never walked a tier in their life. These guys are not innocent , todays incident was southerners killing their own, probably over drug debts….

      • Real talk yo

  • Veterans friend

    He was in the wrong gang. That’s all it takes.

  • This is awful. Corcoran just had a riot days ago. RIP Francisco. Sighhh

  • They should ship them out to sea and feed the sharks with this human waste instead of wasting our money. Only a libtard would argue that you could re enter these psychopaths to society after rehab. Lets just give something back to nature and feed the sharks. Maybe then there would be cash left to fix the roads for the normal people.

  • M. berry May they all go live with you, so you can straighten them out.

    con vict. It all starts with the people who perpetrate the crimes, that gets them in there.

  • There are people who get rehabilitated i was in a maximum security facility for 5 years and was also in one for 41 months 10 years later for a crime i didn’t commit the appellate system took that long only reason I was there was because of first time and my charges were overturned like i said 41months later so not everyone should be shipped to sea for shark bait that’s the kind of thinking that causes these incidents a lot of people will never be right but some do make it and it is way more difficult for a person who has a past but i did it and continue to people and their nature now really sucks but i am no liberal but people who can change will people who cant usually commit second and third crimes that are violent and in my state the penalty increases exponentially so you are pretty old even when the second crime is committed i don’t know how a person is capable of three strikes but believe if you do the crime you must be held accountable but a person can change that’s why we have our system if we help and educate younger more rehabilitation would be successful but parents need to start teaching healthier values better raised children have a better chance at correcting behavior everybody needs to have a chance the dirtbag convicts and the oppresive correction officer not all officers are bad and not all convicts are psychopaths. Really! !!! Sorry i wrote this quickly and without correct punctuation i don’t like small keyboards on phones. Our tax dollars should be used for this not people from other countries thats for sure but our priorities are inverted as a sick person,convict,oppresive prison guard,drug addict and insane person etc…… It has been decades since my rehabilitation so its not like i just have a couple weeks of social behavior anti social behavior was small part of my life. Peace to all who want it.

  • cool let them all kill each other and save some tax paying money….pfst

  • If this was a Sureno related battery/attempted murder where they took out one of their own, this attack was done to prevent a large scale riot. Research the “Agreement to End Hostilities” (AEH). Most likely the victim ran up a drug debt to the other gang factions and/or races. The Surenos had to “clean up their backyard” (take out their own) in order to uphold the AEH and prevent a large scale riot amongst different gangs/races. Any of the persons weighing in that may have intimate knowledge of prison politics may correct me if I’m off track. Although the loss of life is tragic, it may have prevented many more victims of gang violence.

  • To this day we still have not heard what cause the whole fight to brake out, have not seen or heard anything about the 3 guys who attacked and murder my cousin, even though his a criminal and justice was served like some people on here say, it’s not the right way to serve a human even for the wrong he has done. I mean if the guard would do there jobs and us all the traing they go through, my cousin would still be living and the fight would have ended in a diferent way, and I know for a fact that the law and Authority was not 100%, yes most people in prison are criminals, murders and gang bangers, but one thing is out on the street where we grew up and lived we had the law that serves to protect, treat people like crap because they live in the hood, the wrong street so I mean I could only imagine why he got 7 years for assault to a cop. I mean he did his time and more he lost his life, even though I was on the routing line for change in his life style that he understood that it needed to happen. Funny how he was murdered just a few day before he was a free man.

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