EPD Releases Stats on Commercial Armed Robberies Including One Man Still Wanted and Multiple Men Under Arrest

Bobby Ray Wilson

Bobby Ray Wilson is one of the suspects arrested and featured on the Eureka Police Department’s Transparency Portal.

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

In 2016, the Eureka Police Department experienced a significant increase in commercial armed robbery reports compared to 2015. Eureka Police detectives worked tirelessly behind the scenes to solve each case and make arrests. During a 13 month span, February 2016 through February 2017, EPD’s Criminal Investigation Section (CIS) solved 29 armed robberies, 9 of which were from other agencies. In total, 10 were arrested and 1 is wanted on four counts of robbery.

Detective Sergeant O’Neill said, “Armed robberies do not only place the citizens in an extremely dangerous situation, but it also puts them through undo emotional stress that doesn’t end at the conclusion of the robbery. Violent crimes like these will not be tolerated. Detectives of the Eureka Police Department are committed to investigating these crimes until the offenders are captured and brought to justice.”

Chief Mills said, “Armed robbery is a violent crime that puts all citizens in harm’s way.  EPD will do everything within our power and investigative tool bag to hunt you down and prosecute you.”  

Humboldt County District Attorney, Maggie Fleming said, “Robbery – when a person takes property from another by force or fear – is a violent and frightening crime, which is why California has made it one of the “strike” offenses.  The District Attorney’s Office argues for a prison commitment for anyone who commits robbery.  The District Attorney’s Office also consistently argues for the additional time that can be added for use of firearm in a robbery – which can be up to 10 additional years.”

A detailed presentation of the solved armed robberies can be found on the EPD’s transparency portal. Updated crime stats can also be found on our


Rocky Keene

Rocky Keene is still wanted by the EPD.



  • shawn the fisherman

    Put them under the jail. Bury them there please. Whom ever is helping them stay free should feel the full force of the justice system…

    • Make the parents pay............

      Hope you can pay for their incarceration. I don’t want that bill. Leave me out.

  • Still in jail for robbery with a hammer.. and Marci kitchen remains free

  • Honest American tax payers pay the price for these pieces of shit. I used to be liberal minded, but not any more.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Never trust bald or balding people!

    When men go bald they feel there is nothing left to live for and cannot be trusted.


  • And marci kitchen robbed two innocent girls…ran and hid her jeep,returned to the scene,innocently drunkoff her ass …..you know the story goes to MEXICO at least twice ,the court continusnces and lives!We should get to see her hang! For real judge, priorities, if you have money you can walk but dont dare rob a gastation….this is a joke…

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