It’s Not Us…It’s Our Stores…At least in Part, Says the California Department of Public Health

humboldt county department of health and human servicesPress release from the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services:

Today, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released the results of its Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community survey which shows that Humboldt County youth have more access to unhealthy products than the state average.

The survey covers the availability and marketing of tobacco products, alcohol, condoms and healthy and unhealthy food options in California stores that sell tobacco. One striking finding: the research shows the county experienced an 87 percent increase in the availability of e-cigarettes over the past three years.

Research for the statewide report was collected in the summer of 2016 from more than 7,100 California stores. The study included pharmacies, supermarkets, delis, convenience and liquor stores as well as tobacco-only stores. In Humboldt County, 70 stores were surveyed.

The research revealed that in Humboldt:

  • Eighty percent of stores sell “little cigars” or cigarillos in addition to cigarettes, and all of those stores sold cigarillos for under $1.
  • Only 34 percent of stores sell fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • Thirty-one percent of stores sell non- or low-fat milk, but 85 percent sell alcohol.

“The expanded availability of e-cigarettes is of particular concern,” said Jay McCubbrey, PhD said, who works with the Tobacco-Free Humboldt program. “We believe it represents a spike in use by teens and young adults.”

Another goal of the survey was to examine the accessibility and marketing of healthy and unhealthy products to youth. The study found that in Humboldt County:

  • Sixty-two percent of stores that sell alcohol placed alcohol ads at “kid-level” or near kid-friendly items such as candy or toys.
  • None of the sampled stores advertised healthy products on their storefronts, but 61 percent of the storefronts advertised unhealthy products, including 67 percent of stores near schools.
  • Alcopops (flavored alcoholic beverages) are sold at 77 percent of stores, significantly higher than the statewide average of 48 percent.

“Overall, the findings show a continuing and alarming discrepancy in our county in the accessibility and marketing between products that promote a healthy lifestyle, and those that don’t,” said Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Donald Baird. “Stores play a critical role in our community’s health, and this survey shows offerings and messaging are out of balance, tipping heavily toward unhealthy options.”

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community is a statewide campaign formed by tobacco prevention, nutrition, alcohol abuse prevention and STD prevention partners collaborating to improve the health of Californians by informing them about the impact of unhealthy product availability and marketing in the retail environment.

For more Humboldt County results and information on Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community, visit



  • Veterans friend

    Not a word about cannabis. Of course it isn’t unhealthy.

    • We kill 20 to 30 THOUSAND people with drunk driving every year. Millions die from tobacco. Yet WEED is what you have a problem with? Sir, you have some very messed up priorities.

      • Millions die from cherry picked statistics that rape & plunder the taxpayers.
        They use a random generator for their numbers. They don’t include most potential causes, like pesticides, fire retardants, lithiums, pharmaceuticals, authoritarianism, or the unconstitutional worship of science & taxing.
        It’s junk science for people control.

        • Lol how can you argue with that f*cking reasoning??

          • “Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.”
            Happiness reduces stress. Smoking used to reduce stress before the unconstitutional health nazis made it stressful. Smokers said F that! then created an alternative without smoke. The health nazis said F that! WE DON’T HAVE A JOB WITHOUT YOUR TAX MONEY! So, they attack vapor for taxes.
            Go take a chill pill dude, while others enjoy their happiness wherwver they find it.
            Stress is the number one cause of CHRONIC cancer, heart disease, suicide, depression, ETC.
            Now, just so you know. The powers that be, big pharmafia & congress, have made lists of what is considered CHRONIC which will NOT be covered by Govt ran healthcare, due to budgeting.
            Feels bro.

            • Cdc: “Chronic diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. Half of all American adults have at least one chronic condition, and almost one of three have multiple chronic conditions. Just as chronic diseases share many of the same causes, many of the same strategies and interventions can prevent them ”

              Same strategies. Charge double for insurance, refuse treatment.
              Save money. Get raises. Promote next crazy whacked out junk science study. Sleep deprived? Done. Sleep too much? Done. Don’t exercise enough? Done. Exercise too much? Done. Don’t eat healthily? Done. Eat too healthily? Done. And on & on. It’s no longer just a case of eating eggs or not eating eggs, they have both cases covered.

      • Tobacco does not get you AFU, and is not a gateway drug. Well maybe it is…

    • Not a word about cannibis. Big clue right there.
      The pharmafiacueticals sell diet pills. MJ creates the munchies. The pesty health nazis are attacking munchie quenchers. Tax those treats! (Then we’ll attack labels).
      Ecigs? Oh my. Ecigs are a favorite item of dieters. Dieters can enjoy a banana split flavor, while practicing O-rings (which are done without inhaling for the best O’s ever), & after their taste buds & boredom are content, they set it aside. The bonus? That banana split isn’t added to their hips.
      So, the health Nazis are attacking flavors. No non fattening boredom curing bananna split for you! We’ll spread propaganda scaring you away, taxing the mom & pop industry out of existance!
      Which reminds me. The fda is pricing the mom & pop industry who founded the funner alternate to eating & smoking right out of business so that only the big corporations can afford to market it. Unless! Unless we support the warriors like Cole, Bishop, Hunter, & others who are fighting the corporate takeover of the people’s industry. has the scoop.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Banning weed, deporting growers to Mexico after a trial, and building a wall around Eureka would help.

  • Why are condoms on the “unhealthy” list?

    • I believe that’s just on the list of things they check to see if they are selling in order to monitor availability, they list std prevention as one of their goals.

    • I thought condoms WERE healthy…to help control STD’s and unwanted pregnancy!

  • They can advertise what they want to.

  • Food for thought

    I would like to have seen some comparative research into the percentage of decrease in cigarette purchases as well. E cigs are not the answer but from personal experience I feel a whole lot better physically only smoking e cigarettes compared to regular ones. Would’ve been nice to see it’s possible positive impact as well. If there is such a thing lol.. Not to mention the cigarette butts.

    • That would be nice, but that only happens in free countries.

    • I hope in 10 years they don’t find out that e cigs are even worse for you than regular tobacco, I see those things everywhere! Way more than I see people smoking regular cigarettes

      • Too many smokers have quit smoking, thanks to eCigs. This disrupts the cash cow.
        Too many kids are no longer becoming addicted to real smokes, thanks to eCigs zero nicotine choices while experimenting with zero inhaling “smoke rings”.
        The cash cow is tipping.

    • Stopped smoking cigarettes in 1997-98, my lungs thank me, as do my bones. Thank you for the info on the e-cigs NOT making you feel as bad as cigarettes, as I stopped cold turkey, had not tried them. Will mention e-cigs to my smoker family and friends! If anyone can take Chantix without the 2 major side affects…saw many people able to quit while working at Open Door Clinic!

  • Most people aren’t aware that our Liberty, our Constitution, was established by all religious denominations escaping the King’s tyrannical one size fits all or you’re deaded religion.
    They insisted on the 1st amendment. That no matter what, the Freedom of speech, the press, to peacefully protest, to assemble in masses, and most of all the freedom OF religion were to never be treaded upon. They literally forbid Governments (local & fed) to ESTABLISH or DENY any religion or censorship.
    What changed?
    The Government snuck in the dept of education.
    The Government introduced and mandated the Humanist Manifesto.
    What is the Humanist Manifesto you ask?
    The Humanistic Manifesto is a religion. The Worship of Science.
    Hence, your life being dictated by government ran religion.
    Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself.
    Religion is supposed to be a freedom of choice, not a mandate.

    After all the battles fought for liberty, The King wins through deception, through indoctrination, decades later. The people worship their King, their one world religion.

  • Thinking allowed

    Many die from alcohol related diseases.. Many die form tobacco related diseases. Does that mean it’s ok to add more deaths due to pot? People will turn a blind eye to it just as they did with the other products. I imagine that in 30 years a number of people will be complaining about no one telling them the dangers of pot use just as the same complaints were voiced about being mislead on the dangers of smoking tobacco. Cigarettes used to be called “coffin nails” in the late 1800’s. Children were routinely told that smoking stunts their growth. No one needed to be mislead. They could hardly be stopped from complaining about the nagging. It took willful deafness to believe smoking was harmless. Willful deafness is a common impairment today too.

    • Related does not mean causation.
      In fact, the benefits are never discussed. I wonder why.
      Centurion’s have a common habit. Moderate drinking and regular smoking.
      Lung disease patients have a common anomaly. Quitting smoking.
      The quitting is more deadlier than the doing.
      Most people don’t know this, but lung disease is the most touted scare tactic, yet is the LEAST funded in research. Why is that? Because smoker’s lungs are transplantable.
      There is no link between second hand smoking and lung disease. None. Nada. Yet it is a favorite scare tactic for raising taxes.
      Sin taxes.
      The first sin taxes in America were created for penalizing colonists who were loyal to the tyrannical King the freedom lovers escaped from. All men are created equal.
      Tobacco was the number one consumer driven product that led us from poverty into prosperity. Tobacco was the number one product that Humanists attacked in order to lead us back into poverty & the king’s tyrannical rules.
      Did you know that nicotine relieves cognitive dissonance & a multitude of neurological disorders that the pharmaceutical corporations sell “fixes” for?
      Well, you know now. Slap on a patch & continue knowing.

  • “Can the wrong kind of education create dysfunctional sociopaths, virtual monsters? Of course. The National Socialists took over Germany in 1933 and used its public schools to turn ordinary German children into the monsters who were able to carry out the most heinous genocidal plan ever conceived by human beings. During the war, German soldiers were capable of committing the worst atrocities against civilians, which they eagerly documented with touristy photographs. The civilized Germans were no more born monsters than Americans are born monsters. Yet, just a few years of evil education made it possible for millions of Germans to turn against their fellow citizens who were Jewish, strip them of their citizenship, plunder their possessions, and finally murder them.” Sound familiar with modern times? It should. No matter what your educators or authorities say, freedom of speech does not mean having the right to stifle others, harm others, hold people hostage, destroy property, threaten, or dictate.

    • Slow your roll a bit are comparing the us to nazi Germany?

      • It’s all been done before, there is nothing new under the sun.
        Slap on a patch, watch the dots connect.

      • The founders of the public education system should be known by all. But they keep it quiet.
        “children could be equated to “rats, monkeys, fish, cats, and chickens” animals that simply needed to be programmed.” –Thorndike.
        “children were nothing more than a stimulus response mechanism – nothing more than animated meat made up of neurons and electrochemical reactions.” — Wundt
        Dewey was the mastermind. Too prolific.
        Know your founders in education!

      • He hated political dissidents. (Conservatives & Libertarians) He loathed free-speech. (Milo, Shapiro, Pastor Whoever,) He feared an armed citizenry. (NRA) He demanded free healthcare. He demanded free college. He demanded big government. He demanded murders of those he considered beneath him. (Today, that would be all of the above wouldn’t it). He demanded smoking bans. (Health nazi) The police state. (Strong cities networks, HEAVILY armed agencies such as BLM, FDA, EPA, F&W)

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