From Humboldt Flowers to Bay Area Pets, ABC News Talks Cannabis and Canines

Composite of a canine and cannabis

Composite of a canine and cannabis

ABC News covered the cannabis and canine connection yesterday. Though Emerald County residents have done this for years, according to the ABC story, pet owners in the Bay Area are increasingly turning to marijuana extracts to treat their animals’ ills.

“As more states legalize marijuana for humans, more pet owners are giving their furry companions cannabis-based extracts, ointments and edibles marketed to treat everything from arthritis and anxiety to seizures and cancer,” claims the article.

The story featured a company called TreatWell which uses extracts from Humboldt cannabis. “San Francisco-based TreatWell Health is one of a growing number of companies marketing cannabis products for pets despite questions over their legality,” the piece said.

Forget The French Connection…Here in Humboldt it’s the cannabis canine connection that’s making the news.



  • DumpTrumptheChump

    Don’t give cannabis to pets! WTF!

    • Why not? If they have an illness that could benefit from it, pain discomfort, tumors, epilepsy, what is the difference than treating them with gnarly sedatives and pain killers?

      • Just dont give them THC dominant strains, high CBD may help them. The clarification really needs to be made. THC and dogs definitely dont mix well and personally i would wait for some scientific data just to be sure about dosage if nothing else, even with CBD. Giving them some fresh leaves (organic with no sprays on them) here and there may be the best method, if they will eat them.

        Yes we’re both mammals but have different reactions chemically. Like xylitol ingested by dogs is usually fatal, chocolates bad for them, etc.

        Trust me, DO NOT give high THC products to critters. Ive seen dogs after they got into edibles and they start swaying, cant stand up, pant like theyre in shock and basically look like theyre gonna die. Its scary and it sucks and lasts for hours.

        • AnonymousHumboldtian

          I agree 100% Cc. It may have beneficial aspects, but those haven’t been researched thoroughly.

          • I disagree with that whole heartedly. There have been many studies and essays written about CBDs for animals with conditions such as epilepsy. Just not by, or approved by the ‘almighty’ FDA. I would certainly like to hope anyone considering an ‘alternative’ approach to conventional medications, which BTW are very unforgiving on certain organs, would at least understand the BIG difference between THC and CBD when it comes to animals. I agree with the other poster about that.
            It is not however a ‘new’ thing.
            Thank you Kym for trying to shed some sort of light on this subject.

    • They might “look like they’re going to die,” but they’re not. A family member is a vet, they’ve seen it a million times, they don’t die. They don’t even have liver issues in blood work while intoxicated, unlike other drugs used by vets. Many people report using cannibas on their pets with positive results, particularly to calm them post injury or surgery, but just like with us, dosage makes a difference. Obviously they should do research, but comparing it to something deadly like xylitol isn’t accurate.

  • Doesn’t it make their heart race too fast? The non THC should perhaps be boldly stated, to avoid confusion & sad mistakes.

  • CBD only! If any THC, know that 10mg of activated THC has effects on an adult human.

  • Mỹ puppy loves my butter😎

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