[UPDATE 10:19 p.m.] Cutten Car Crash; Walnut Drive Blocked

Traffic Collision Car AccidentTwo vehicles collided about 9:35 p.m. between Holly and McClaskey Lane on Walnut Drive. One was shoved off the roadway. One is disabled in the southbound lane. Walnut Drive is shut down.

According to scanner traffic, one person who might have been injured appeared to have fled the scene. However, as of 9:49 p.m., the driver returned.

UPDATE 10:19 p.m.: The California Highway Patrol Incident Page reports that there were no injuries.



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    • And two cars already crashed into it? That was quick.

    • What does your comment on the Dakota Pipe-line have to do with the accident on Walnut Drive in Cutten?

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  • You’re welcome

  • Laurie Jensen absolutely nothing

  • If everybody wasn’t in such a hurry all the time ,every second their driving. Slow down a little you’ll still get there!!!! Life is short enough. At least the driver came back. Still left the scene thou!!why?

  • Just an attention seeking idiot!

  • The person hit a parked car on Walnut right past the curve at Holly and tried to flee the scene. One of the neighbors stopped the car from fleeing the accident. People speed through the area all the time. The county put up reflective posts along the center yellow line, after another accident where a jeep flipped after hitting an oncoming car along that same curve because they were excessively speeding. The posts are constantly knocked down and have to be replaced. I live a block away. Slow down.

  • Maybe they should make cars that if your drunk the car won’t start!! They do everything else. Not saying that anyone was drunk.

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