[FOUND!] Missing Weiner Dog With Tattoo

This little dog, Mopar, disappeared last night when he went outside to go to the bathroom around midnight. His home is on Riverside Park Road in the Carlotta area.

“I’m just frantic,” said Mark, the owner. “He’s my little weiner dog.”

Mark says the little guy has license and tags connected to his harness. And a tattoo on his inner ear of an M.R. “He’s from Miranda Rescue,” Mark explained.

If you have any information, please contact Mark at (707) 768-2175 or (707) 496-7002.

UPDATE: Mopar has been located and will be reunited with his owner. Thank you everyone for your help.





  • Thank you so much kym now all I can do is pray

  • Maybe he got caught up by his harness in some brush? I hope you find him:(

  • So sorry i have two dashchunds i cant Imagen losing one of them I’m praying he comes home soon safe n sound

  • Wayward wagging weinerdog wandered without watching, worrying warden. Wishing wellness when welcomed within!

    • Far from clever; neighboring lame.

      • Aw… be nice. S/he was having some fun with words. Oh, maybe you meant the post was a little too light and inappropriately silly, considering the dog was still missing at the time? Well, now that wiener dog has been welcomed within and wellness prevails, maybe it’s easier for me to like the alliteration.
        Glad all’s well in ending well!

    • teehee, Kinda cool…been enjoying these comments.

  • I’m sorry your dogs missing, but what do you mean that the dog has a tattoo? If you mean a real tattoo, I think that cruel. I have a tattoo and they hurt tremendously. I feel like that’s abuse of an animal. Please tell me you mean something totally different when you say that. I love all animals. They feel pain, anxiety, fear, etc, the same as we do, and it hurts me to think they have to suffer in silence. I believe you love your pet and hope you find him. If Miranda Rescue has these tattoo’s put on all there animals, why not just a tag instead? I am just so confused by this. I will pray you find your little guy.

    • If you’re too ignorant to understand WHY some dogs have tattoos, then you’re too ignorant to be posting on threads like this one, especially when you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. This woman is going through a horrible loss, and you’re turning this into a soapbox so you can gain attention & make yourself feel good about YOURSELF. How selfish is that? If you want to go on and on about animal cruelty, get a blog that nobody will read. Better yet, go DO something like volunteer at a shelter. But it’s so much easier to just natter on, isn’t it?

    • Veterans friend

      I have a good friend who is a master tattooist. He had a dog that appeared to enjoy being tattooed. Many people do also. I love getting tattooed. Not all are the same, dogs or people. Don’t judge.

  • @Respectful: Our older rescue dog has a tattoo as well. Our vet told us that tattoos are used to indicate that a dog has been fixed as there is usually not much of a scar left. The tattoos are given when the dogs are under sedation so they do not feel it. It prevents a dog being put under in the future if they get new owners, etc.

  • I understand this may not belong on here right now, but now is as good a time as any to say this…
    There are a lot of people who enjoy torturing animals, Please take a minute before you do and look into their eyes. If you can still hurt that animal, then please consider seeing a counselor, because your missing something in your chemical makeup that gives you a sense of compassion. Stop animal abuse. This is a plea to ALL those people out there who hurt and maim/kill innocent animals for some sick reason. I also pray that they make it a crime much the same as what they would do to someone who would do those things to a person. Police officers consider their k 9’s as true officers and give them the same respect/funeral as if it was a human officer. Why can’t we as humans with hearts to do the same. You kill a dog/cat, etc. for fun or anger, you should be looking at 25 to life. Sound drastic? So is the things those monsters are doing to those animals.
    When I was a small child, probably around 7 or 8 years old. my dad got me and my brother a beautiful white rabbit. It played with our puppy, hopped in and out of our house like a dog, used the bathroom outside. It acting almost human. I got so attached to my bunny, named lucky. Well one day I got off my school bus and ran to play with lucky, like any other day. I had him for 8 months by then. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally I went out to the bottom section of our back yard, and saw white fur all over our hunting dogs pen. My father was a cop and also a cruel man. Him being a cop had zero to do with him being cruel. He was just evil. He laughs and tells be that he was going to be taking his hunting dogs out hunting in a day or so, so he threw lucky in their pen to get them hungry for hunting rabbits. I was devastated. I got no other rabbits for several years, then my bus driver heard how much I loved all animals. He got me a rabbit. I figured it would be ok because my dad had gotten rid of his hunting dogs, so I built a rabbit pen. Every morning before school, I ran up to say goodbye to my rabbit, whom I named lucky 2. Every afternoon as soon as I got off the bus, I would run straight up to play with lucky 2. well 3 months after getting him, I went up, and he was gone. I was devastated, but dad said I would see him again soon. I believed him. We sat down to dinner, and I ate food I had never ate before. After eating it, my dad decided it was a great time to ask me if I had enjoyed seeing Lucky 2 I asked what he meant. He killed my pet, cooked it and fed it to me. I am not telling you this for pity but to beg you to please love your pets and your kids better then my dad.

    • I don’t know the owner, but from his post alone it’s pretty obvious that 1) the dog is a rescue 2) sometimes a dog is put under and gets a tiny tattoo for identification purposes. Is that any less humane than shooting a microchip under the dog’s skin? The latter actually sounds much more bothersome to me and I know exactly how a tattoo on almost every part of the body feels, ear included. Not to mention that microchiping is a service that must be paid and updated yearly. It’s easy to forget to do so after a move, etc, and you’re not given reminders by the service. 3) This man is already worried sick about his dog and doesn’t exactly need crap from a stranger who didn’t even read the article prior to jumping to conclusions. 4) He obviously cares a great deal for his dog, so I’m betting he isn’t into torturing it. 5) I’m quite sure he didn’t bring his dog to a tattoo parlor to get it a sweet sleeve. 6) Before berating someone, maybe next time ask yourself if your comment is already common sense/ at all necessary /is it helpful.
      -Fellow dog owner/dog lover/ animal rights activist/Sequoia Humane Society volunteer

      • Great comment! from fellow Dog, Horse, any animal LOVER!!!! Thank you for being a VOLUNTEER at SHS!!!!!! love your tats!

    • STOP naming your rabbits Lucky.

    • Veterans friend

      You talk too much.

    • The way many people think of and treat animals is the surest sign that our species is probably doomed. They feed us, work for us, help us. They show us love and affection and have saved lives, risking their own. And they ask nothing in return. We wouldnt even EXIST if not for them. And we repay them how? Literal torture – just to see their reactions. Just for a new kind of mascara. Some ‘humans’ are so twisted and small, they enjoy hurting and killing them. We have removed ourselves from nature in less than 100 years. After 60 years, I’ve no longer any patience for such evil. And I am so sorry for all those who will never know the love and joy an animal can bring them. And I am sorry your father was such an evil waste, but you sound like you have destroyed that ignorance and evil with your love.

  • I got him as a rescue dog from Miranda’s,and the tattoo was already there i love him as if he was my child and at least he is on kym the saint website I pray someone see s this ,and brings him home Miranda’s is closed to day .I’ve called the sheriff’s pound he is not there Yet .I could not bare to hurt him . To respect full I’m so sorry about lucky one and 2 your dad is despicable. All my animals I got from Miranda’s Im a animal lover ,and I wish I could adopt all of them . I got Mopar, Chloe, and brutis the cat from there.Thank You Respectful For Your Concern

  • I’m so sorry to hear he disappeared & I pray he comes wagging home soon.
    He might be travelling the rabbit holes? Do you have access to noise reduction headphones that cup over you ears? It might sound silly, but certain pitches filter in, while others are filtered out. Another cool thing about them, is after they’re removed all normal sounds seem amplified. If he’s still in the vicinity, you’ll probably hear him answer your call even if he’s tunnelling. Good luck! I hope you find the little guy soon.

  • Thank you for the kind words so out of line ,

  • Just got word that some one ran his rabies tag and it came back to Mopar so they sent a email to my wife from the ferndale vet telling us are

    you missing Mopar, is he lost ,but we didn’t get the message till after hours,and the lady from Ferndale vet name is Anna,so at least for now I know that some one is trying to find out who he belongs to .so say a prayer for Lil Mopar to be able to come home .name and phone is above .

  • I just got the call that he is safe and sound, and found he is in McKinley ville he got lost out on Highway 36 in the rain ,and a good person picked him up ,so he wouldn’t get hit . I prayed to God almighty to find Mopar,sand to kym kemp she has my un dieing friendship for life .the fellow who found him is bringing him home at 8:30 in the morning cuz he works up Highway 36 so the moral of this story is there are good people left in this world and it’s very refreshing to see that especially for my little dog I love with all my heart again thank Kim you can take down though site now he’s found safe, .and sound I’ve said it before I never thought I would be useing your site to find my dog ,but with out if I would have never found him thank you kym the the good karma you will get can’t be measured.

    • Great ending to this story. So glad Mopar is getting his companion back.

    • YAY for awesome people! My chiweinies are my life! Can’t live without dogs! Thank you to ALL for helping out Mopar and his human MOGTX!!!!!! You can read the love of his animals through his comments! Miranda’s Rescue is MORE than AMAZING, friend just got her mom the BEST big goof of a Pit Mix(?) Mom and dog are PERFECT match! Friend had also got playmate for her pit…she is adorable! Yay for Miranda’s! MOGTX…so happy you got your little Dude back!

  • Why all this crap going off the rails. I know Mark, he’s a gentle giant that loves his animals. Stop the tattooed crap. He didn’t do it. Get a life people. Just help find Mopar.

  • To Patra and Taylor words I cannot express to you how gratefull I am to you for finding my Lil Mopar like I said earlier the good karma you will receive will be boundless .again thank you .

  • All the cool dogs have tattoos, so what

  • To Respectful, I am very sorry you suffered so much as a child.

  • I’ve had hounds and other dogs but the gamiest dog I’ve ever owned was a long haired weiner dog. I actually had to get rid of it because it was taking the other dogs out to hunt game. I could see them running from afar and the weiner dog was in the lead! Keep your eye on that little monster! So glad you found your friend.

  • Thank you all for the kind words I’m waiting for him now the gentleman said he would be here buy nine 30 Going to send kym a pic ture of our reunion .again thank you all for your kind words during this trying time in my life and his .God bless

    • Hope Kym shares the reunion photo with us! Again…too happy for you and Mopar!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Very happy you two are reunited. Can’t think of a better time to see a story with a happy outcome!

      I love the Heinz commercial with all the “Weiner dogs” wearing hot dog costumes.

  • Me too I sent her the pics he is on my lap I put him in a hot dog costume at Halloween.FYI his name is Mopar because I have 2 Mopar muscle cars a 74 challenger 360 1969 A12 six pack 1969 Plymouth roadrunner custom.

  • Sleepy Alligator


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