Heard Rumors That the Emerald Cup Sold? Founder, Tim Blake, Says, ‘No!’


emerald cup entries

Entries in the 2010 Emerald Cup. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

This week, rumors have flashed through the cannabis community that the Emerald Cup was sold to a large production company. We called Tim Blake today and he stated uncategorically, “We will never sell the Cup.” He did say was exploring selling less than 50% but he wanted to keep control of the beloved cannabis cup event.

Blake said, “I’m never going to let the Emerald Cup get dumbed down.” He added that he didn’t want the event which was rooted in the underground cannabis grower community to become a plastic event where “GMO drinks” are sold.

He spoke of plans to have more speakers and comedy acts next year and of working on smoothing the contest which struggled with too many entries arriving late in the judging process last year.

Woman looking at marijuana buds

Woman looking at flower entries at the Emerald Cup in 2014. [Photo by Kym Kemp]



  • Does it get much more lame? No not selling! Well maybe 49%…. And no gmo drinks. Laaaaaaaame

  • Discuss something interesting… Like vault 7. At least the fakestream news is entertaining. This is just bs industry hype. Laaaaaaaaaaame.

  • just sell outs…lol…how much do you want to pay/donate? oh, and where do you want to place? just like H.T. and their cup…lol

  • He can do whatever he wants, sell or keep. You shouldnt be concerned with other folks business.
    Surely when he sells you’ll know about it factually.

  • I wish he would sell it. I’ve gone multiple years and it is a horrifically organized event. The most recent year their computers went down opening day and they had no paper list for the roll call, morons… Vendors were stuck outside for the half of the first day after being charged thousands for spots within the fairgrounds.

  • shit show to say the least

  • Emerald cup… Not in the triangle..lame.. Why not bring some of that money back up here… Sonoma… Santa Rosa has enough money and tourism… Bring it home Tim

    • To be fair, he tried to get the Cup at both Redwood Acres and at the Mendocino Fair Grounds. They turned him down. Sonoma didn’t. Sonoma was forward thinking and got all that tourist money. We weren’t.

  • Sickly Slimy Sellout

    Incorrect. He sold 49% or 51% to the Cali Roots people. Tim is a shame to the joke of a ‘cannabis community’ we surround ourselves with.

  • i tho kthe real story should be why winners had their awards pulled for pesticides and mold

  • I’m pretty sure he did bring on a new partner. Didn’t the promoter from team Cali Roots come on board as a new partner? Knowing the ‘telephone line’ rumor mill it probably is that just getting twisted & exaggerated.

    • Paid $70 for a one day ticket to see Damian Marley this year and couldn’t even get in the building where the show was taking place! Us and at least 500 others were disappointed standing outside the way too small music venue wondering wtf? Really? Lotsa peeps felt ripped off to say the least.

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