2017 South Fork Softball Preview

Sabrina Miclette in center field last season [Photo by Crystal Salomon]

South Fork’s Lady Cubs softball team is preparing for the 2017 season’s first games in the annual Redding tournament coming up this weekend…or at least they are trying to between downpours, snow flurries and road closures.

Head Coach Lisa Todd said: “We haven’t had much time for outdoor practice because of the weather. We are getting behind but I think we can catch up with a good week or two on the field.”

The Lady Cubs will have 14 players this year and are training four new pitchers. Last year’s pitchers were Emma Valk, who graduated in June, and Shondra Mishmash who injured her knee during basketball season and will not be able to play this year. “Victoria (Van Meter), Anjo (Girard), Sabrina Miclette and Jasmine Todd have stepped up to pitch this season,” added Todd.

Jasmine Todd throwing out a runner from her knees in 2016 [Photo by Crystal Salomon]

There will be two freshmen on the team. Paloma Avilez and Cheney Ruiz are new to the sport and will likely play in the outfield.

The team will have 4 sophomores. Kylee Savio will play second base and left field. Jasmine Todd will do some catching as well as pitching. Anjo Girard will play some center field as well as pitch. Regina Salomon is learning the shortstop position.

There are four Lady Cub juniors. Kylie Girard plays third and brings a powerful bat to the plate. Kamia Way plays left and is a good communicator on the field. Jasmine Krastes plays right and Alyssa Rogers is new to the team and will play in the outfield.

There will be four seniors. Violet Page will be playing in the outfield. Sabrina Miclette will play center field, a position she was originally reluctant to play but has grown to love according to teammate Van Meter. Gabi Moore brings her 2016 team-leading .425 batting average to the offense and her sure hands at first base to defense. She is also training at shortstop, and is a co-captain. Van Meter will be doing some pitching and a little catching and is a co-captain.

Regina Salomon taking off for the steal in 2016 [Photo by Crystal Salomon]

Player Spotlight: Regina Salomon. Regina’s favorite sport has always been softball and she can’t even recall exactly when she started playing, it was so early in her childhood. At about age 4 she started with T-ball and hitting has always been her favorite aspect of the game. She spends hours practicing on a hitting machine at home, refining her power and timing. She is enjoying learning the shortstop position and finds she loves diving after the ball. In the summer she plays for the 14U ASA team Mist. Regina hopes to play college softball and aspires to play Division 1, acknowledging that while it will take a lot of work to achieve that level, she is ready to take on the challenge. Regina is pleased with how the Lady Cubs look this year, especially the hitting. “Everyone has good attitudes and we work together well.”

Gabi Moore playing first base last season [Photo by Crystal Salomon]

Player Spotlight: Gabi Moore. Gabi has played softball since kindergarten and been a cheerleader since 1st grade. She also played basketball from 4th through 8th grade, but softball has always been her favorite sport. As a lefty, it’s not easy to play shortstop, but she’s enjoying learning. She’s naturally suited to first base and is a reliable receiver there. She likes the 2017 team’s ability to work together well and get along, even if they are not close socially off the field. Gabi found it challenging to adjust to the high school level of play her freshman year, but took on the challenge and grew into one of the most potent hitters on the squad. As a senior she is busy preparing for college. She is considering Santa Rosa JC and will look into playing softball at whatever college she chooses. She plans to take business classes. Gabi is grateful to her parents who have supported but never pushed her throughout her sports career. She says her relationship with her cheer coach Gina Michael is “so much more than a coach-player relationship,” and of her softball coach she says, “Lisa has made me the player that I am.”

Victoria Van Meter will be taking on pitching duties this season. [Photo by Crystal Salomon]

Player Spotlight: Victoria Van Meter. Victoria started playing soccer and softball at age 4. She took up basketball in elementary school, and was a three sport athlete through her junior year in high school. She has been a team captain on a total of 7 high school teams, and it is her natural leadership ability that coaches notice right away about her. She feels sports have helped her stay focused through school and that developing the discipline to show up and work hard for the good of the team is a huge plus in a small community like South Fork’s. Her family has always been sports-oriented and the Van Meters all enjoy playing and being spectators together. “My brother and I have always been very competitive with each other,” says Victoria. She intends to stay active in sports in the future and would like to coach her own kids some day. She is grateful for all the support she has had from family, coaches and teachers through the years. She is hoping to attend either USC or UCLA and will study neuroscience. She’s not afraid of the long years of work ahead of her as she will pursue a PhD and possibly an MD to achieve her goal of becoming a neurologist.

The Lady Cubs’ home opener will be this Tuesday, March 14 at 2 p.m. in Miranda. Be sure to call the school to confirm in case of bad weather: 943-3144.




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