[OPEN] Slide Blocking the Avenue of the Giants

Road closedAccording to a report on the California Highway Patrol Incident Page, a slide is blocking the Avenue of the Giants (Hwy 254) between Redcrest and Dyerville Loop Road at mile marker 23.35. The road is “not passable.”

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: The road is open.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I’ve often thought that section of road would make a nice clear-cut with those nice big fat juicy punkins. Damn they would look good on the back of my log truck

  • Imagine that! They still haven’t cleared the slide from over a month ago that occured between Redcrest and Pepperwood. I guess it is easier for Caltrans to just put up a road closed sign, then to have to actually clear the road. Hopefully the hillside just north of Redcrest on Hwy 101 doesn’t continue to slip or nobody will be going north.

  • I just drove through there about 20 min ago and it was open. The only closed section of the Ave was between Holmes and the pepperwood exit

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