[UPDATE Tuesday] Slide Hampers Search for Missing Family in Crash off Hwy 96

When a car went into the Klamath River about 7:30 p.m. yesterday, the husband reportedly climbed the steep sides and called for help for his wife and child/children. Rescuers eventually believed they had located where the vehicle had gone into the river but, they were unable to locate the actual vehicle or, the family. Today, the search continues but the weather and a slide that collapsed have hampered efforts.

In the early hours today, a slip out on Hwy 96 (see photo of it yesterday below) grew much worse. The highway had to be closed as there was no pavement left according to one account heard on the scanner.

car driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the crumbling Hwy

A car drove on the wrong side of Hwy 96 yesterday as the already damaged roadway crumbled further. Today, the road is closed. [Photo provided by Nat Pennington]

This is hampering attempts to reach the crash scene. A Coast Guard helicopter has again been requested.

According to the California Highway Patrol Incident Page, the vehicle is a dark blue Toyota. The vehicle may be a Yaris. either an Aristo or a Taurus. We’re unclear.

Caltrans is going to attempt to open the area through the slide enough to allow a search and rescue boat through to the crash scene.

Multiple agencies and departments were at the scene last night including the Orleans VFD, The Willow Creek VFD, the Happy Camp VFD, Hoopa Ambulance, the California Highway Patrol and the Siskiyou County Sheriff.

UPDATE Tuesday: After Traffic Crash Into Klamath River, Mother and Two Children Believed to Have Died Before They Could Be Rescued

Earlier Chapter: Family’s Vehicle in River; Husband Climbs Embankment



  • So the vehicle is a Toyota, Aristotle or Taurus?
    This makes no sense.
    The man who claimed the embankment is the husband/father but he doesn’t know the kind of car they own???

    • Yes, this makes no sense at all. If it is an Aristo?? (Aerostar maybe) Thats a minivan made by Ford. Tauras is a medium sized car made by Ford. If it is a Toyota car it would be a Camery or Corolla. If its a van it would be a Sienna maybe. How can this guy not know what kind of car he owns/drives.

    • And that is what you are worried about? Really!! Maybe put the husband/father in your prayers. Not sure what I would do if I lost my family.


      • Sounds like foul play that familys worse off than they would have been if he would have tried to get them himself.

        • Wow really?!?
          Because a dispatcher had a hard time hearing the reporting officer and wrote “aris” which led to attempt to describe make/model of the vehicle, that makes it foul play?
          So rude to say such things, how the hell can you judge like that? Were you there documenting his efforts to get his family out? If your kids were stuk would you keep trying without luck or eventually go look for help? Have you ever even been in a life or death situation? Count your blessings if not, its a better use of time than seeking blame and judgement.

        • [edit] He was ejected and had to watch his family be carried away from him in the current.

          • Im so sorry to hear that grandma! What a traumatic event for all. Ignore the crappy people who just want to be mean. There are lots of us sending love. The majority id say.

          • shirley hugdahl

            if he was thrown clear the car would have been wide open for water to rush in…. terrible to imagine for all of them….

        • There are some real ugly people out there.. How did you sleep? We didn’t. Imagine your wifen and grand children, my babies, under 20 feet of frigid water and waiting for them to be recovered knowing they are gone but holding on to the thread of hope they are okay because no bodies have been found.
          Thank you to those that have blessed us with prayers and heart felt condolences.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Grandma don’t even pay attention to all the inconsiderate things people say on here. It just shows the callous personality these people have. Just know that most of us have nothing but compassion for your family and our hearts are broken for your family’s tragic loss.

          • Roberta and Mark DeRose

            Grandma, you don’t know me, but My Husband Mark and I would like to give you our heart-felt prayers for you, your daughter, and your two Grand-babies!!! Also to their Dad and Husband!!! We are unable to send money but we will pray for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Deborah Horwitz

            Dear Grandma
            My daughter knew Liz’s step mother and thought very highly of her. We just want you and your family to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Words can not express our sincere sympathy for your loss. Please try to find comfort knowing Liz, Victoria & Lizzie are with our Lord free of any and all pain. Remember that when the Lord whispers to you to come home you will be greeted by Liz and her precious girls. May your faith in God help to ease the pain and grief you have to endure. Sending you love and prayers now and in the days & months ahead as you heal. God Bless all of you. 😘🙏🏻💞

        • Deborah Horwitz

          Amber really? You want to claim foul play? Do you know anything about this family or this man that gives you the right to judge him? I hardly think so. Please this poor guy is in enough pain without you adding suspicion to his misery. I’m praying for Liz and her girls, her husband and her family. Dear Lord please help this family find peace and comfort through you our Lord, Amen.

    • So you have obviously never been in a stressful situation. The guy probably just lost his family and you have nothing better to do than nitpick a rough report, Get a life

    • The problem is with a stumble by whomever entered the following info.

    • He just watched his wife of 8 years and two daughters -4 1/2 and 15 months being swept away after their car spun out of control and rolled down the steep embankment. It is my daughter and grand children who are missing. Who cares if their father cannot remember what model the car was. You should be ashamed of yourself. ..

      • Your family is in my prayers. We have so many tricky sections of road in this region. Add a little bit of bad weather and the worst sometimes happens. What a sad day. There a no words at such a time.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Grandma my heart hurts for you right now. I’m keeping my thoughts positive for them to be rescued.

      • Your family Is in my prayers, may God Help guide rescue team and recover your dear daughter and grandchildren. Praying for strength, guidance, love and understanding.

      • please do not read these comments grandma. There are sick people everywhere here is no exception. I hope you know there are a great many people sending positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

      • My heart goes out to you and your family.

      • My heart aches for you and your family. I have been praying and thinking of them since last night. So sorry Grandma.

      • I’m so sorry to hear may our prayers be with you I’m so so sorry that every one has to not pick at every thing I want you to know that we are truely Hart broken for your loss

      • I’m praying for you and your family. Sending you lots of love and support.

      • So sorry this has happened to you and your family.

      • Tara Sutherland

        I am truly sorry you are going through this nightmare! Praying for you and yours! 🙏

      • Bless you. I pray for peace and understanding for your family. Feel awful that this happened and even worse that people with darkness and evil in their hearts don’t know how to keep it from spewing out of their mouths.

      • Please know how sorry we all are and know that many many prayers are being said for your family.

      • Grandma my heart goes out to you and your family. Praying they will be found and you can begin to adjust to this new path the Lord has put you on.

      • Concerned Community Member

        I’m so sorry Grandma! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

      • I am so very sorry for this hell you, your son-in-law and rest of both families are going through! My heart Feels so bad for all of you! Please don’t let the insensitive comments being made add to your pain and tears! Most folks are good and kind and feel horrible for you all! May God help you bear this pain… prayers being said for you!

      • Kym doesn’t really care about those affected. Shes all about the facts…. Like car make and model….. (seriously toyot aris….. Idiot) What a scary scary situation. Article does not specify, but wonder if the road actually gave out. Been over some sketchy ones during extreme rainfall.

      • Unbelievably sad, I am so so sorry. I can’t imagine anything worse. And then to see unkind comments is just too much. Almost all of us send you love.

      • I’m praying for you guys. MY heart goes out.

      • We are praying constantly for your family…our hearts hurt for your loss…God Bless you all. We are so very sorry…please hold your son in law close for us all…

      • My heart goes out to you. As a grandma I can’t imagine your pain. I lived in Orleans years ago and those roads always scared me. They have taken way too many lives. Prayers to you and your family.

    • Yaris is a Toyota

  • so sad. makes me cry.

  • He was able to climb out but didn’t free his wife and children first?!!?
    Sounds fishy. Hope the wife and kid(s) are found safe. So sad. I hate bad news when kids are involved. :'(

    • Yes, submerged in freezing cold water, possibly upside down it would be pretty hard to free anyone when he could of possibly be injured as well. And since they are having a hard time locating the vehicle maybe it kept moving down River before he was able to get to their side of the vehicle. Nothing sounds fishy. It sounds like a tragic accident.

      • Especially kids in a carseat, so so so so sad 🙁

      • Definitely tragic! Anon, the mother/grandmother of his wife and children said he was ejected!

        With the swift currents and depth of the rivers and creeks right now, the vehicle could have been unreachable in a matter of a minute or two.

        Why must there always be those who assume the worst! Especially when they 1) weren’t there 2) don’t have all the facts. Try some empathy and concern instead!

    • I think that is a rather hasty conclusion to jump to. The water is freezing and very fast moving and he escaped the vehicle after an accident which would leave any normal person disoriented. Also it was pitch back out there and the rescuers with lights couldn’t even find the vehicle. It may have sunk low or been swept downstream as he was removing himself. It’s very easy to assume you could just grab them, but that’s not a judgement any of us should put on this man who has likely lost his entire family.

        • Kym, any word on the man’s condition? Is he in a hospital? Prayers for all concerned, including Search & Rescue Team.

          • The agency in charge is the CHP and the roads are nuts right now. I expect they think answering my questions is low on their list of priorities.

            • I’m so sorry for the entire family.. the hardest situation, nothing goes like you imagine it should.. all love to all involved

        • And we don’t know the time line. Maybe he spent an hour trying to rescue his family before he left to get help.

      • Well said

      • Thank you.

        • My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family…especially with the dad, who just lost everything. Praying he’s not alone during this nightmare. The community of Orleans is mourning with you all in this tragic loss.

        • Our family recently had a fire and all I could think about was if everyone was out. Everything else was a total blur. Although everyone is okay and no personal items burned, it has been mentally devastating. I couldn’t remember my address to call the fire department!
          Shame on anyone who judges someone in that terrible situation.
          I am truely sorry Grandma (and son-in-law.) I hope that you find the answers that you need and a have a good support system during this most difficult time.

    • Safe driving is not a joke.

      I thought that too.
      Than I thought about how many knocked-out people I could drag through a fast flowing river with a broken arm, a sprained ankle, and banged up head (as an example of the kind of injuries that could have happened).
      Here’s hoping the fishy-ness remains just a feeling.

    • yes that thought crossed my mind , why would this guy abandon his family in midst of this crisis,yet there just arent enough facts to pass judgement.i wasnt there. were you?

    • I think that’s a ridiculous thing to say. Do not judge. You weren’t there. You don’t know how things happened. The man just lost his entire family. Our roads are extremely treacherous up here and it was a stormy night. Our river is high. Please keep negative comments to yourself at this tragic time.

    • Deborah Horwitz

      Why would you post such mean things? Liz’s mother is reading these post. She has enough pain. Her daughter and granddaughters are with our Lord and her son in law was injured. Please pray for them don’t add to their pain by posting things you have no personal knowledge of. To Liz’s Mother I’m sorry these type of post are here. I have your family in my thoughts and prayers. My daughter knows your other daughter, the one who has started the gofund me account. May the Lord comfort all of you during this difficult and tragic time. God Bless you. Amen

  • Doesnt the forest service have helicopterz out that way? Small planes, like the fire spotters?
    Or is the weather impeding flying in that area?

    Prayers to the family, and to everyone involved.

    • Forest Service leases helicopters in Summer, they don’t own any at all. Closest FS one in Summer would be Happy camp. Not even on contract til June…CalFire owns some, one is from Kneeland, but they put it down in Vina off I-5 indoors for winters. No Fire planes in the winter, all put away over in the valley. Heavy snow and rain there, anyway, even the one they ordered probably cant make it…

  • Pen.are you serious? Lighten up

  • It could have been a rental car. Just saying.

  • a caring person

    seriously people this poor man whos family is missing could just be in shock and doesnt know the make of the car who cares ! instead take a minute to say a prayer instead of talking about bullshit

  • There are several people in the area, as well as the tribe, who have boats and would be willing to use. Is a search and rescue boat different somehow? I don’t understand.

    • Salyer/Hawkins bar VFD actually has a hovercraft. Don’t know if that’s what they are trying to bring..the river is high and fast, they cant use little boats..

    • The search and rescue boat is the only boat big enough to withstand the high waters right now. The Salyer fire department boat capsized when put in the water.

  • Toyota Yaris makes more sense

  • My thought would be maybe he was ejected before the car went into the water, otherwise he obviously wouldn’t have left them, no matter terrible either way. Also if he had trauma to the head then who knows what he would remember clearly. A terrible tragedy but praying for the best on this cold wet winter day😔

  • Weitchpec resident

    The rescuers could use Dowd road,and could of been there by now.

  • Yeah Toyota yaris is the most sensible option. All of these reports are translated off of verbal communication. Yaris (yaw-rus) could have been mistook for “aris” which isn’t a thing but everyone knows the Ford Taurus which is often pronounced “taw-rus” so seriously. Miscommunication doesn’t mean this story loses any credibility.

  • In the name of the Power of Truth and Light in this world, please, pray for my family, my daughter, my daughter’s daughter and her sweet little kids. And pray for Daddy; May he survive intact. Amen, amen, amen.

  • The poor man was most likely horrified and in shock. When a person is in such a stressful situation, it is common that a person would not recall information accurately. Please be kind to this man and other family members rather than speculate.

  • I know that the weather last night sucked. I know that this happened 100 miles from anything. I know that everyone tried their best. But it is horrifying to think that all of the rescuers turned around and waited until today. I understand that the risks involved could lead to more loss of life, and that must be avoided. But the Klamath is a big area that has minimal emergency services even on a clear day. What could be done as far as pre placement of rescue equipment, or personnel when we all know that snow is going to shut down the mountain passes? Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? That’s all I am asking.

    • I read the rescuers went down last night where it left the road and couldn’t find it or the people. I am hoping they will be found hanging onto a tree waiting to be found. I hope it will be soon!

  • Easy with the judgement folks!!!

    Shock/trauma can affect memory and clear thought on the whole, and he may have a head injury. Family could have been trapped and needing extraction. He may not even remember climbing up the hill, and is pretty amazing that he did especially in that weather.
    To me that crazy kind of shock felt like when you drink too much alcohol, and when you think back on events they seem more like a dream.

  • Where is the compassion people? Half of these posts challenge my faith in humanity. As a husband/father I can’t begin to imagine what this poor man is going through right know. What was he driving? Really? That’s what you’re wondering after reading this horrible tragedy? Shame on you! He didn’t save his family? Seriously? Our society is filled with arm chair heroes who think they could have/would have done it “correctly”. Do you know anything about PTSD? Ever heard of survivors guilt? How do you think this event will affect the rest of this man’s life? We gotta be better than this people… SMH

    • If you only knew how good it feels to read a comment like this. Thank you.

    • Well said. Such an unthinkable trajedy. My prayers go out to this poor family.

    • Well said. Such an unthinkable trajedy. It all seemed confusing to me as well, but can only hope for the absolute best. My prayers go out to this poor family.

    • This person absolutely could not have said it best. Thank you! I really mean that…thank you! Such a horrible and unthinkable trajedy. My continued prayers for this poor family.

      • My apologies for the repeat comments. It would not allow me to post (even the first time) saying that I had already posted something similar. I tried changing the wording and it accepted only after adding a website. Sorry about that.

    • As a mother, grandmother, and aunt I cannot even begin to know the heart-
      break and anguish the family members are going through…my heart, prayers and tears go out to them…..as for the thoughtless commenters please look deep inside your heart and soul and find a little compassion.

    • Exactly, everything you said!!! Worthy of this info too…He was thrown from the vehicle far upslope on an at least 80 degree slope. Did not see where vehicle with slope & almost no visibility. That’s why they had to look for a “point of entry”. Also there were was a new rock slide when others arrived at scene. Pointing to a very possible reason why vehicle went off road. This is tradegy. Our roads are dangerous. Many completely innocent lives lost over the years. Absurd speculation & judgement doesn’t make it easier to bear. God forbid any of those posted those kinds of things are ever in the position to learn this the hard way… Have they no shame?! Vile

    • Thank you for this intelligent comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you, User77. My prayers and love go out to this family, and especially the dad.

    • Very well said, thank you!

    • Armchair heros and keyboard philosophers.

  • Prayers and positive thoughts sent to the family. This is so sad, this man may have lost everything last night. The last thing he needs is some one saying some things fishy. Negative people need to keep their mouths closed. What ever happened to ” if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

    • “Reality” (really scripted) tv shows are teaching folks how to be bitchy, rude and uncaring towards one another while constantly playing the blame card. Whether the viewer knows it or not. It normalizes acting like a jerk, unfortunately.

  • A Tragedy.

  • What does it matter what the make of the car is? How many cars are in the river?

  • Tired of the crime

    I hope for the best outcome possible at this point, given conditions and time elapsed. Too many losses this season due to weather related issues

  • My prayers for this whole family.

  • Who cares what car it is? If you find a car in the water there, it’s probably the right one.

    • Not that easy to find, its 100-150′ foot cliffs straight down thru there, all covered with big timber. the river is running high and full of mud…

  • this is not entertainment these are lives. i hate how our society has become so jaded and how anyone would think it would be okay to make such speculationshort and statement because they are to busy hiding behind a screen. love and light to all of those affected by such an awful accident♡

  • My condolences, thoughts & prayers go out to all. Tragic.

  • Years ago, I worked with the fire department and ambulance in that area. It’s easy to sit at home on your computer and pass judgment on what the EMS and rescue personnel did or didn’t do. Most people don’t understand that response times can range from a few minutes to hours with unimaginable variables. Orleans is a rural area with very limited resources. When you’re trying to conduct a search and rescue or body recovery there’s a lot of things to take into consideration….This is a horrific tragedy and I truly believe that the volunteers and the rescue personnel are doing the best they can with what they have available. People are bickering bout the description of the car, or if someone has the right to pray or should and those are both really completely irrelevant, a man lost his entire family and people are going to judge him on how he responds to that. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through … if I lost my family I wouldn’t be able to function. It’s kind of disheartening to see all the lack of compassion. My heart breaks for everybody involved.

  • prayer ♡♡♡ breaks my heart and makes me cry
    ..prayers to all involded

  • I live in Hoopa and heard no recent updates on this horrible tragedy. The last update that I heard was the father was currently unconscious, and was beat up pretty bad. My guess was he was thrown from the vehicle, that’s how he managed to get out and not the family. He had reportedly gone back to help his family once he located help for them.

  • Anxious to hear any updates. Hoping for the best for all of the victims and rescuers. I have seen some really good comments from folks with genuine concern for the safety and welfare of the people in this terrible situation and I have seen some comments that really make me sick to my stomach. Unbelievable the shit people some people will say from the safety of their armchair sitting in front of a computer or staring at a smart phone or tablet…warm, dry and safe. Shameful is what it is!

  • Let us all remember, there but for the grace of god/goddess go I.

    Rather than spinning your head out on blame and what may have happened, i think its a way better use of time to tell all your loved ones how much you care, cherish your time with them, figure out how to help productively, and be grateful for all you have. Running water, electricity, shelter,,clothes and that your family is not MIA after crashing into a swift moving river in the dark during a snow storm in a remote area.

  • Mike, please know that there are so very many folks here along the river and elsewhere who are lifting up your family in prayers. Please know that we care. Please disregard the “speculation” and the negative comments. May your family be found. Our hearts are breaking over this tragic accident. Thank you to all the first responders and all the folks that offered help.

  • Any updates on situation chp page has nothing …any knowledge of them getting boat in water or helicopter in the air?

  • Mar 5 2017 7:25PM
    1179-Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt
    4185 Mm96

    Mar 6 2017 9:44AM [84] VEH DESC/ DK BLU TOYT ARIS
    Mar 5 2017 10:34PM [73] 1039 HOOPA TRIBAL
    Mar 5 2017 10:04PM [66] [Notification] [CHP]-PER HOOPA THE VOLUNTEER WAS ENRT 25-30 AGO AND SHOULD BE ABOUT 20 MORE MIN ETA
    Mar 5 2017 10:02PM [65] 1039 HSO
    Mar 5 2017 9:47PM [60] 143 30 MIN ETA
    Mar 5 2017 8:47PM [43] B16-072 PER FIRE BOAT ENRT FROM SALYER
    Mar 5 2017 8:42PM [40] 1039 16-S4
    Mar 5 2017 7:59PM [25] 1021 HSO/CAL FIRE SEE IF ANYONE ON SCENE
    Mar 5 2017 7:58PM [24] B16-072 96 MM 19.95 RESPONSE DELAYED TO SNOW AND FOG
    Mar 5 2017 7:48PM [23] 1039 HSO
    Mar 5 2017 7:46PM [20] PER YREKA CHP ETA 2 HOURS
    Mar 5 2017 7:45PM [18] 1039 16-S4
    Mar 5 2017 7:43PM [17] CAL FIRE IS ENRT FROM SISKIYOU CO
    Mar 5 2017 7:42PM [16] 1039 SISKIYOU CO SO//ALSO PUT THROUGH TO CAL FIRE
    Mar 5 2017 7:34PM [12] 1039 HSO
    Mar 5 2017 7:28PM [9] 1039 HSO
    Mar 5 2017 7:28PM [8] 1039 HOOPA 1141
    Last updated: 03/06/2017 3:24pm

  • Could be anything

    My thoughts and prayers to all. What an awful, tragic situation. I don’t think the mistake with car make and model is that important. How many cars are in the river possibly floating downstream right now? My heart is breaking for this family.

  • Very sad, tragic. Keep the prayers coming. Family has been in that freezing water a long time. Keep the prayers coming.

  • as of right now they have not been able to locate the wife, two children that were involved ages one and three, or the vehicle.

  • Any newer updates Kym? Waters cold and moving fast there. Over night is long and scarey. Best wishes to all involved!! Thanks for keeping us informed of or rural dangers. Be safe out there, nothing is more important than your life and that of your loved ones, the ones around us and our amazing search/rescue community!! One love!

    • I’ve called the CHP multiple times. No one is able to answer any questions. And yes, although the individual employee I talked to is extremely sweet and helpful, I think the agency is remiss in such a serious case in not responding publically almost 24 hours later to this situation.

      • Seems that when the situation is most serious, they really clam up.

      • Oh kym i can hear your frustration, it seems a bit odd that no info was released today, nor any questions answered, like did the coast guard make it out there. Hopefully its not due to interagency fighting over whose case it is.
        I too think they are remiss in their silence.
        This is such an emotional one that hits close to home. We know you are doing all you can, all the time. I truly appreciate your diligence and compassion.
        Tho theres no keeping all the trolls away, i hope you pride yourself on knowing the majority of folks commenting on your site are being positive, which is pretty damn amazing these days.
        Thank you a million times over. Knowing we can trust you as not only a valid news source but also an amazing caring community member is a magnificent gift ♡

        • Thank you. And I’m feeling badly about my frustration. I know the CHP are overwhelmed with car accidents, breaking roads, etc. But this just seems too important not to address.

          • I hope you dont feel too bad, this is too important of a thing to not address at all today.
            Unfortunately journalism becomes prodding at times and we need journalists to do just that as a representative of us all.
            Just see us behind you having your back, you are gathering info for our whole community. Im sure they like that better than all of us calling them directly for info!
            It may also be a way to show that there is not enough staff for when emergencies happen.

  • Tired of the crime

    Is what KL stating true? What source has given this information please

    • Yes, sadly that statement is correct. Heard this same information directly from someone who was on scene both last night and today, and no I won’t identify the victims, though some locals already have on social media. I wont elaborate further, if the family wishes to share they will. Prayers for the family.

  • If you have firsthand knowledge or know someone who has, would you have them contact me? mskymkemp@gmail.com

    • sharpen your pencil

      I’m still hoping to be wrong Kym, and that this is just speculation…… This is so, so sad…..

  • Well that is just horrible! Worst possible outcome for this.

  • Okay, am I the only one who is wondering why they aren’t more concerned for the children and mothers life!? I don’t know if I’m just confused or are they still in the car? And if they are why is it not urgent that they find the car? Is this not a matter of life or death!? I just figured it would be a bugger deal than they are making it out to be..

  • Takes your breath away,So heartbreaking.

  • This tragedy has really touched my heart !! I have been praying for all concerned since I heard about it last night. Grandma, I too am a grandma. I can’t imagine the tears and distress you must be going through. My heart goes out to all !!
    Shame on you people that are blaming that poor man !!!

    • Linda, you’re not the only one. I’m wondering the same thing too. This whole thing is confussing. I Hope all is found safe. I’m Praying…

  • This is so heart rending.. And makes me sick to read. It literally has my stomach in knots. Such a devastating ending to such a tragic accident. I just hope that the Husband makes a full recovery and finds the strength to push forward. My continued thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of these 3 beautiful souls. I pray one day you find some peace. My heart breaks for you all💗

  • Heartbreaking!! My prayers to the family❤

  • As someone who has been in an accident where the vehicle was submerged in a river, I know firsthand how horrifying it is, and how quickly everything happens. I hope the father who lost his world can find the strength to carry on and know that all three of his girls are with him every single second of every single day. I hope whoever he contacted first, the dispatchers that received the call, every single first responder, and every family member and friend have the strength and support to find peace to cope with this devastating loss. My entire heart goes out to every single soul that has been touched by this truly unfortunate incident. May these beautiful souls Rest In Peace.

    • Could be anything

      Beautifully said. I concur.

    • I really hope the father/husband can go on knowing this was out of his control, I pray he can live on knowing he gave it his all. I pray some kind of peace can be with him through out his life and the entire family. May god be with you and the entire family…

  • We must hold this guy up as a community whether you know him or not. Send the positive vibes his way. Dark days ahead and while many will go on with their daily lives and forget this tragedy, may others be there for this gentleman.

  • Wow does anybody else wonder what makes people so cynical instead of compassionate?? I’m just curious does anybody have any insight what would happen in somebody’s life to make their first instinct Cold and callous cynicism instead of compassion are they narcissists are they sociopaths ?are they dangerous? I think some of them may be dangerous but I know people who are narcissist and sociopaths and they’re not necessarily dangerous but certainly people you wouldn’t want to have any dealings with has anybody else thought about this subject ?? Seriously I’m curious

    • We’re experiencing today what was foretold long ago… 2 Tim. 3:1-5. It describes a decline in positive behavior

  • People run off the road all the time on these twisty, wet and sometimes icy roads. There are a million scenarios that could have played out and very few details so I don’t understand how you can come to any sort of conclusion. He’s lucky he survived at all, car crashes into water are hard to survive in the first place. Just a few months ago two girls ran off the road in Mendocino and one survived. Nobody was questioning why she didn’t save her friend. People are so judgmental it’s ridiculous.

  • Creator, please give this community the strength to hold up this father and husband in love and support. Please keep search and rescue and all who travel these mountain roads safe. Please forgive those who don’t understand how hurtful words can be. Please give the strength to those left here to endure. Creator, please comfort the father and husband, and all family and friends and send all of our love to them now.

  • All this negative talk is not right even if he did something wrong according to you negative people how would you feel if you just got out of a car that crashed so bad as the PD and FD can’t find the car that you would be able to get up the hill and carrying 2kids and an adult at the same time. Give him the prayers for his family to make it out alive. And what happened to innocent until proven guilty. Grandma I pray that you’re family is found alive. People have lived through worse. God bless you and your son in law.

  • This is so heartbreaking.
    Have learned its good thing to take a moment/s to send thoughts of calm, picturing the families with a cloak of positive caring energy, peaceful.

    From personal experience having everyone feel sad for you is understandable but to be honest sometimes thats what you end up with, more sadness. Folks would say “i feel so bad for you” which of course was appreciated, but sometimes i felt like replying “could you feel good for me instead please, i have so many sad/bad feelings i can use an infusion of good” I had never thought about it that way until i went thru it, so just passin it along.

    Picturing and sending as much caring love their way is good. We can be the net to catch each other, we all fall down one way or another, and thats part of life. There is nothing we can do to change the situation. We can just support those processing their grief in whatever way they need.
    Blessings upon blessings to the family friends and community of these folks, volunteer FD’s, first responders, police.
    Please call on hospice for their incredible understanding of how to deal with grief. Please call on the larger community for any assistance needed. We hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Good night, sweet princesses, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  • I figure you will probably update once given more info, but its been two days and seems odd that they wont give a press release on it…. any word from a reliable source out there? if there are any programs set up for the father, if we could get that info would be much appreciated. Ive got a lot of people here that want to help but dont know how.

  • Grieving Sister

    Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns about my sister and her two children. Unfortunately they did not survive the crash. The police and search and rescue are working on getting them out of the river but are being hampered by the bad weather and dangerous river conditions. Their is no alcohol involvement or foul play suspected. The father was ejected from the vehicle. He tried to save his family but the current was too strong and swept the car away. He then climbed up a steep 80ft embankment to search for help. This is the hardest thing my family has ever had to deal with. It hasnt even sunk in yet, it doesnt feel real. I keep hoping im going to wake up from this nightmare. Please keep our family in your hearts and prayers. Especially the greiving father and husband. He dearly loved his family and was a great dad. None of you can imagine what he is going through right now. My sister was an excellent mother and deeply loved her babies. They are now resting peacefully together in eternity. Please keep them in your prayers.

    • I am so sorry for your loss.Praying for your families comfort at this devastating time…..God Bless you and keep you all in the comfort of love.

    • Prayers to your entire family. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

    • Thank you for writing, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Am so sorry for this unthinkable loss.
      If there are any ways the larger community can support you and yours please let us know.
      I pray that your family can feel the love everyones sending and that peace finds its way into your hearts as time passes. Many blessings to all involved.

  • Any updates?

  • I worked in this area as a medic back in the day. We went over many embankments and occasionally had vehicle into the river calls. The complications in a call of this kind are numerous and complex and dangerous. River currents are so strong that it’s literally impossible for professional divers to get below the surface without being swept away. Remote. Steep. Cold. Muddy. Snow. Dark. Slippery roads. Slide. Injured father climbing a cliff for help. Inability to locate the vehicle or any victims. It all comes back and I can attest that it’s horrific for everyone involved.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and everyone who’s trying to help. This is so tragic.

    @Kym. It was mentioned that the Salyer/Hawkins Bar Fire Dept. hovercraft capsized. Is there any information on that? I’m concerned for the pilot who risked his life (again) to try and perform a rescue under extreme conditions. Respect to Bob and Judy for trying, as always.

    • I’ve talked to several people involved with the rescue and no one mentioned any other person being injured so while I don’t have any proof, my sense is that all is well with the rescuers.

    • @Kym

      I checked on the report that the hovercraft had capsized. That was incorrect, I checked with the owners.

      The response was so long and call came in so late and conditions were so severe that it was judged to be too dangerous to try it in the hovercraft. As hard as that kind of judgement is, sometimes it’s the right call. Respect to the people who have to make these kinds of decisions too. None of it is easy.

      To Gramma. I’m so sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  • Grieving Sister


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