Schools Closed; School Bus Routes Affected

snow day

Wheee! [Photo taken years ago by Kym Kemp]

Here’s what we know so far about school closures for today. We’ll update alphabetically as new information arrives:

Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District: Closed.

These are the affected campuses:

Kneeland School District: Closed due to snow

Laytonville Unified School District:  According to their Facebook page, “All Laytonville schools will be closed today Monday, March 6.

The affected schools are

Leggett Valley Schools: According to a call to their office,

Southern Humboldt School District. According to a call to the transportation office, all schools are open but the Alderpoint bus won’t run.



  • Love the picture Kym

  • Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School district is also closed today due to road conditions and snow. Power was also out in the Hoopa to Orleans area.

  • Ohhh yes…get to stay home and hang out with MOM. Brings back old memories. Great photo and thanks for sharing.

  • I was going to say the young fellow in the pic must be kyms boy looks like his mother .hi kym .

  • Kym,
    For Tuesday………
    KTJUSD is open per emails/robo call that went out.
    The exception is for all high school students who live down river (before Weitchpec/Orleans area) are to report to either Jack Norton Elementary in Pecwan or Orleans Elementary in Orleans, due to buses not being able to navigate over the damaged roadway on Highway 96.
    Small cars should be able to go through the area if parents wish to transport their elementary or high school students to school in Hoopa.
    Parents may get an excused absence for their elementary students if they are unable to transport the to Hoopa.
    This information is from emails sent to parents and the robo call/text messages sent out this evening.

    There is still heavy discussion on Face Book as to whether the alternate route over Martins Ferry Bridge and Dowd/Dawd Road (sorry, I am not sure how it is correctly spelled), is safe due to mud/water in the roadway/boggyness, and concern over the integrity of the road to handle the heavy daily commute traffic from down river into Hoopa.

    It would be great if someone more familiar with the road system there would clarify how large of vehicles can safely go over the slipped out roadbed of the 96 and the alternate route.

    Truly do appreciate your keeping all of us updated on current conditions.

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