SoHum Home Burglarized; One-of-a-Kind Quilt Plus More Stolen

Salmon Creek Community School Salmon Quilt

Salmon Creek Community School Quilt stolen in Redway residence burglary. [Photo provided by Kelly Coyle]

The door of a residence near Redwood Drive in Redway was pried open sometime this last week. Multiple items were stolen. Most important was a prized quilt handcrafted by supporters of Salmon Creek School and won during a raffle in 2015. The quilt is estimated to be worth thousands of dollars but most importantly, it has sentimental value.

Other items stolen include:

  • a solar panel
  • a deep cell battery
  • a Chung controller
  • 2 five gallon propane tanks
  • Block Rocker speaker
  • a flat screen tv
  • multiple blankets, pillows, towels, and sheets

Young family that are the victim of this crime on the day they won this quilt. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

The owner is reporting this to the Sheriff’s Office so if you have any information, please contact them at (707) 923-2761.



  • Assholes, my bet is its in one of the many drug addict camps around redway

  • It has gotten to the point that if you go away for a day or more you need a house sitter.

  • Omg,I’m so sorry. The quilt is gorgeous. I’m praying you get your things back!! To many people stealing these days😣

  • Guaranteed that if/when they catch someone, they will have several priors and on probation with a warrant. Seems to be the norm around here these days.

  • Beautiful, priceless quilt, wrapped around some addict bum. So sick.

  • I caught a guy that goes by cloud casing Dean Creek Resort. When approached said was looking for signal,then hit the freeway North immediately after.

    The new management has done so much in such a little amount of time to prevent these type,in such a short time. I feel safe to bring my children there now.

  • Geez…never thought of it, not really safe to camp, unarmed, anymore. That is sad. Drugs are off the chain…

  • [edit]

    So sorry to the sweet family. Definitely call the sheriffs evidence room directly on a regular basis. They “lost” my report twice.

  • redway resident

    we could collect donations to help this young family. Anyone?

  • no donations, just a vigilant eye for a beautiful quilt…thanks to all

  • Like the sheriff cares. What a joke.
    When i tried to report my storage getting broken into i stopped the patrol car with 2 deputies in it. Of course these two champs were too cool for school and immediately turned me away trying to tell me to go file a report online basically not wanting any extra any sort of work that day.
    Im not impressed. Not by downey nor any other out of shape uniformed sheriff wanna bbeclaiming to uphold the law. Suck it you two thick not being able to run after a tweeker wanting to blow me off give me the run around. Suck it.
    Sadest part is this blanket is probably got heroin, meth, blood,and semen stains on it by now. I can see it now. It will be covered in Dirt and excrements next to a filthy tent in some dirty bum camp. [edit]. But our law is uncapable. Doughnut brakes and other shannanigans are on daily order before protect and serve. Its all a joke! All of you and all of them and all of it is a complete joke. Just look around this clown town.

  • We are on the lookout. Glad the family is safe!

  • Hope they find whoever did this.

  • Oh no! So sorry this happened to such a nice family! Sucks!

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