Pedestrian Succumbs to Injuries in Last Night’s Accident

CHP Feature FatalityThis morning, the man struck about 8:15 last night near Redway Shell gas station, succumbed to his injuries, according to California Highway Patrol Sergeant Coady Corrigan.

Corrigan said the man was walking northbound in the traffic lane when he was hit. “It was dark and rainy and there were no street lights,” he said. “The driver stayed at the scene,” he added.

The wounded man was taken first to Jerold Phelps Community Hospital. Then transferred to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna where he died this morning.



  • Rest in peace Brandon. You are greatly missed by so many. Your kindness was a blessing & we will all remember you.

    Prayers to the family for healing & strength.

    • Condolences to the person who has to live with killing this man who shouldn’t have been in the road.

      • [edit] Brandon was my sons neighbor for many years! He was one of the best people you’d ever want to know! He was the head groundskeeper at the Benbow Inn for over 20 years !

      • “guest” First of all “troll” you obviously know nothing about what happened & how terribly distasteful of you to say such a thing. His family will read your post. Yes the poor driver will have to live with this for the rest of his life & I have much sympathy for them. He wasn’t walking “in” the road. He was walking on the side of the road where there are no street lights & it’s hard enough to see in the weather we’ve been having.

        No one is at fault for this as it was an “accident”. It’s so easy for you to type your mean & destructive words from your soap box in your safe home but I’m sure you would never have the balls to say it to the family’s face! That makes you a heartless coward. His 15 year old son will read your horrible post. I hope you choke on your words.

        Get the @#$% off this site & go troll somewhere else you worthless coward!!

        • It Is What It Is

          I didn’t even see the guest’s comment as trolling…but I can see you trolling him/her. Maybe you should oooosaaaa a bit.

  • I will never forget your expertise at the golf course and your super friendly disposition Brandon. RIP friend! Prayers to your family and son especially. May the greens be forever perfect for you, buddy!

  • Brandy.

    It sure does seem sometimes that indeed, the good die young.


  • Sad to hear this, makes me wonder if i had ever seen this man in or around town. Indeed the good depart early.
    Rest in Peace. May the good Lord bless your soul!

  • was a good man, and a great worker. the road where he was walking doesn’t have much of a shoulder… so he could have been walking on the side and a truck easily would clip a pedestrian. RIP Brandon

  • Was he local? I know so many Brandon’s down here

  • Rest in peace! The driver didn’t leave,that’s important these days as we have lots of hit and runs. Very sorry for all. Condolences to the family

  • Sorry to all involved. May you all find peace within at this time.

  • Rip dear Brandon. You were a very dear neighbor and I will miss you.

  • RIP Brandon you wore your hat backwards with the best ,and guest said he was never going to write on this site ,and told all commenters to fffffoff ,but I see he
    still writing on ,it I concur wholeheartedly with sour tangent go to thunder doom on lost cause outpost if you want to be rude and condescending Behavior do it there.

  • R.I.P Brandon, you’ll be missed horribly.
    I always wonder why God takes the greatest people away from us, but when you pick a flower outta the garden, you pick the prettiest one dont you? Thats what God was doing. Just kno, you’re son misses you dearly and hes doing everything he can to keep you remembered and hes being strong.

    • I hope his son is allowed to grieve, has the support and structure he needs and realizes the importance of his education.

      “Being strong” can mean so many different things…

      Your dad was a good guy, T. Make him proud.

  • This comes slightly over a year from his son losing his mom. The entire family, friends & co- workers are grieving again with this double whammy. Sympathy & condolences to everyone. I’ ll miss waving to him as he goes to work. We always passed one another on Benbow hill…..

  • R.I.P. Brandon. I enjoyed working with him at Benbow and he was always kind and a nice person to be around. Prayers for the family as they deal with this tragedy.

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