Pedestrian Struck by Car in SoHum

chp major injury featureA vehicle struck a pedestrian about 8:15 last night in front of the Redway Shell Station. The pedestrian received major injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident Page.

There is a rumor about who the individual is. Please do not name that person until we’ve confirmed that it is that person. (We want to be sure family is notified first.)

We’ve requested more information from the California Highway Patrol and we’ll update when we can.



  • His mom knows and his kid…sad sad sad.

  • Prayers sent, hopefully in time!

  • I used to almost get hit walking to work every night in Garberville!!!
    People stright up just don’t stop even if they do see you standing in the crosswalk!!
    Plus the towns night time lighting is shit!! No one can see you steep out into the cross walk at night until its to late!! If I had acted like the crosswalk was a thing and the pedestrian had right of way I’m sure I’d be dead too!!! People in this town need to pay more attention!! And maybe some new lights in town so people don’t get hit crossing the damn street!!!
    This makes me angry!!! Totally preventable!!

    • Totally agree. The crosswalks in Gville are poorly lit. I have nearly hit people on several occasions. Condolences to those left behind.

    • agreed. j
      people should wear white or reflection tape on coats. we need powerful street lights.

  • He didn’t make it. It could have been any one of us…

    Much love to all.

  • Rest in peace …… I won’t say his name, however, I know the family is aware. He passed away this morning. That poor family. Please let me know if they is anything I can help with. Prayers for the family.

    Kym, is there a way you can update with more info yet?

    • A sergeant comes into the CHP about 10 and I was hoping to get info from him. But dispatch (the only number I have to call on the weekends) is so busy right now, I don’t want to distract them from the emergency work they are doing.

  • Veterans friend

    What about the driver?….Remained on scene or fled?

    • Cranky Old Lady

      The driver remained on scene and was devastated by the accident. He was not impaired.

      I’m sorry to read that the patient didn’t make it. We did our best. May his family find comfort in the times to come; my heart goes out to them.

  • It doesnt help when you got some thirsty joe dressed in black jumping into the road on a dark rainy night so driversare forced to slam on their brakes because this joe is thirsty and walks straight into the old branding iron after barely not getting squashed by cautious drivers….
    Not cool at all
    And how hard is it really to cross a garberville road anywhere in town without getting hit by a car? Not like we live in LA folks
    And yes condolences to all involved!
    Stay aware of your surroundings people

    • Listen “Troll”, the family members of this extremely nice, caring, hard working man are going to see your post. You are heartless & know nothing about what happened. Before you sit in your safe little chair, typing away on your keyboard, identity hidden, you need to get the facts straight. If you had true balls, you’d type your real name. Coward!

      You owe his family an apology!!!!

      Get the #$%@ off here & go troll somewhere else. Your sole is black!

      • Oh & BTW “Troll”, this happened in REDWAY & the Branding Iron (which no longer exists) is in Garberville. Before you stand on your high soap box, get you facts straight.

        Let me say again, coward!!!!! Do you feel like a big man now…..

      • Most people’s soles are, if not black, at least dirty, because they walk on them all the time. Perhaps this guy’s soul actually is black. I will leave that to the Guy upstairs.

    • Blaming the victim, especially a dead one is awfully small minded and inconsiderate response in any would you feel if it were your child?

  • Hey, WTF, [edit]who the hell has a response like yours to a terrible accident such as this. Get your facts straight before you decide to start making assumptions [edit].

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