Avoid the Roads If Possible, Requests Arcata Fire

All photos provided by Arcata Fire.

Arcata Fire District just sent out a warning that icy roads are causing numerous accidents.

They posted,

Arcata Fire District units, along with CALFIRE, have responded to numerous traffic collisions on HWY 101. A mixture if heavy hail, snow, and rain have caused overturned [vehicles] and spin-outs. Please use caution while driving! Drive slowly, carry chains, and turn on your headlights.



  • Hail, snow, and heavy rain don’t cause crashes. Drivers who fail to adjust their speed and behavior for the conditions do!

    • Ya, alot of people think they can drive the exact same way as they do during the dry summer months. Those are the ones that are going to get people killed because of their ignorance. Please on days like this, not only do you need to be careful yourself, but definitely, DEFINITELY watch out for other drivers!

  • Not a flatlander

    Sometimes, once you’re on some of the local roads, there is no turning back. And, even in 2nd gear, no stopping on a steep down hill on inches of hail. I thought it was snow but once I dropped below snow level, it was all hail until sea level.

  • Watching out for others isnt exactly humboldts M.O…..
    Chp should enforce a bit more and write some tickets.
    Amber alert displays should be used to display lower speed limits during severe conditions. Other countries have been doing so for decades. Why are we always last to catch on methods that are proven to work?
    Im also not impressed the way our money gets spent on caltrans. Every time i see a crew its one man working and eight people standing around watching one guy work. Some of these clowns actually think its ok to have their hands in their pockets milking the clock extra hard or leaning on shovels.
    Can someone explain how this is ok or acceptable?
    If theres nothing to do then pick up a broom and sweep up already!
    At least try to look like your earning your pay people
    These practices are costing us hundreds of millions each year and its time to stop this nonsense.

    • Of course, not every person at a job works hard and there are slackers in every walk of life but much of the time, when drivers go through a stretch of road, the folks that have been working on it have to stop so that cars can go through.

      • Thanks Kym. The cliche’ “shovel leaner” gets pretty old. Generally I suspect it originates with the fact that when excavation is taking place along roadways where other utilities are located a heavy equipment operator needs a spotter in the trench to avoid damaging gas lines, fiber optic lines and others. This spotter must watch closely and hand dig with that shovel when required. Furthermore when working around heavy equipment and active traffic everyone most move carefully and deliberately to avoid becoming one of the dozens killed annually doing this critical work.

  • Caltranstransient

    No one is talking about a spotter here.
    A spotter is one single person, not eight.
    I dont appreciate anyone here trying to make excuses for this behavior. I know what i see and i have been in the trade since i was 13.
    Slackers is right kym. I wasnt talking about driving through a certain zone either. Im talking about every single time i happen to see road work conducted by caltrans.
    Hands in pocket. Shovel leaning. A dog could literally urinate on some of these guys and they will not budge or stop leaning on them shovels and due to not having another shovel to smack the dog with the pooch would finish his business. Pay attention and see what your tax dollar gets you next time you drive through a cone zone.
    Personally id like to opt out. The private sector should get some of these jobs. Save us even more money and have the job completed in time for a fraction of the cost. Besides being done right the first time. But hey someones cousin must be high up somewhere and someone else is getting a major kick back so what the heck. Besides most people arent even paying attention and i should just look away and let my anus get stretched out some more. I says no! Not with me! Tired of the laxy daysy bs that i get taxed for. Wake up already.
    Sorry for all of you who have to justify your pals standing around with their hands in their pockets but where most of us are from you had to let your work do the talking at the end if the day. And to all you lazy clock milking cal trans people id like to say if theres nothing to do than sweep uo or do something. We can see you!
    Why dont you post up a number we can call and report the lazy standing around Clock milking kym. Who is in charge of that ?

    • Here’s a page with info for complaining. http://www.dot.ca.gov/contactus.html

      But, I just spent a day watching Caltrans workers in plows and during last month’s storms watching Caltrans workers climb slides in heavy equipment and I think you might be right about a few people on a few days at this organization. But if you had watched Caltrans helping during the valley Fire, or this latest snowstorm or working long hours in the rain to keep the road open, then you might not be so bitter.

    • I take it your application was rejected?

  • Caltranstransient

    By the way Kym you are doing an amazing job! People like yourself are the miracle workers that bring to the table, day after day! I might offend with truth here and there and with brutal honesty most liberal hippy folk around here cant handle. But you Kym should know that you are loved by the community! Positively charged and rockin ! Thank you!

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