[Audio] Fall film explores if weed and wine will ruin the Eel River; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: A trailer was recently released for an upcoming feature-length film called “A River’s Last Chance.” Set to come out this fall, the documentary explores if our Eel River and the fish within will hold up against droughts, floods, a restrictive dam, and thirsty weed and wine industries.

“It’s a river that gave me hope from its comeback story,” said filmmaker Shane Anderson, who spent the last six months in and around Humboldt County filming. “Especially being so abused during the industrial revolution and the 1964 flood — being able to come back and return to such abundance, I really haven’t encountered any other river like it. It gave me faith in nature and nature’s resilience to come back from some of the most abusive land use practices.”

The award-winning producer and former HSU student believes among other things the regulation of a legal marijuana industry, responsible farming, and productive changes at the Scott Dam will help preserve the Eel River. He mentioned stakeholders are beginning to work next month to federally relicense the dam by 2022.

Anderson is a former pro skier who lived in Humboldt County for around five years before returning to his home of Olympia, Wash. in 2012. He used to compete in the X Games and spent many years living in Malibu at his friend Daryl Hannah’s property — he’s collaborated on documentaries with her. He worked in Los Angeles on commercials and music videos before delving into feature-length documentaries.

This fall Anderson will bring “A River’s Last Chance” to the film festival circuit and host a number of screenings throughout our region, hoping to start a dialogue about living more “symbiotically with our watersheds so we can have ecology and economies.”

The story begins at 8:40.

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Shane Anderson, photo by Jason Hartwick



  • I knew there were going to be unintended consequences to this legalization crap. I didn’t vote either way on that ballot measure. Now maybe my conscience would’ve been better served had I voted against it. Sometimes I wonder why people can’t get their heads out and realize that there is more to life and the world than their perceived right to indulge. I’d rather see a healthy, viable ecology than a robust pot and wine industry.

  • @KymKemp- Is there anyway to not have the adio start automatically?

  • Hopefully this film will help Educate ,and Help people understand the right thing to do{WATER STORAGE}. Stop stealing water from the creeks, rivers, fish, wildlife, riparian life.Water is life for all creatures .Water is not exclusively ours to exploit for our own personal gain.There is a balance and when we all get on board and work together there will be so much more clean water flowing in our steams and rivers.

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