[UPDATE 10:02 a.m.] Winter Storm Warning in Effect for the Mountains: Here’s What We Know About the Roads and Weather

We’re possibly heading back to wintery weather again. This morning there is a winter storm warning across much of northwestern California.

Be prepared for snow when traveling on Hwy 199, Hwy 299, Hwy 3, and Hwy 36. The snow may even reach Hwy 101 south of the Humboldt County line on Sunday according to the National Weather Service.

As of 8:20 a.m., none of the regular mountain passes show snow, however. Here is what we do know about the roads at this point. As more information comes in, we’ll update in blue.

Thank you for driving safely. Road sign, traffic

[Photo from Caltrans District 2]

Major Highways:

(Most information below from Caltrans’ Quick Map. If you are heading to Oregon, check their similar site.)

  • Hwy 1: Closed in both direction just west of Leggett. (See here for more info.) No estimated time of reopening as of February 24.
  • Hwy 3: Open
  • Hwy 20: Open (Note: Hwy 16 is blocked)
  • Hwy 36:  Open
  • Hwy 96:
    • According to Caltrans, “SR 96 is reduced to one lane with traffic control at Cade Mountain (Siskiyou CO) due to a slip-out. Motorists should expect delay. Conditions subject to change.”
    • “State Route 96 reduced to one lane with traffic control 2 miles east of Scott River Road (Siskiyou County) due to a slipout. Motorists should expect delays,” according to Caltrans.
    • Road Closure poster

      [Graphic from Caltrans]

      Caltrans posted, “Caltrans will begin performing emergency slope stabilization approximately one mile south of Weitchpec on Route 96 in Humboldt County on Monday, March 6. Full highway closures will be in effect intermittently from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays. Motorists should anticipate 30-minute delays.”
  • Hwy 101: 
    • There can be minor traffic delays on 101 north of Weott.
  • Hwy 169: Open (One lane blocked.)
  • Hwy 199: Open


  • Hwy 211: Open (Check out the Fernbridge live cam)
  • Hwy 254 (Avenue of the Giants):
    • Closed from Holmes Flat to Barkdull Road.
  • Hwy 255: Open
  • Hwy 271: Open
    Hwy 299:

    • Berry Summit is clear of snow as of 8 a.m.
    • The large slide at Big French Creek is still blocking east/west travel. Caltrans posted, “[On Sunday,]the road will be ***open*** to all travelers starting at 5:30 a.m. and continuing all day until next morning (Monday) at 7:30 a.m. with one-way traffic control and up to 30 minutes delays. Before and after the Sunday opening, the schedule continues as same as before”:

      Daily schedule (weekdays and weekends) as follows:
      Morning: 5:30 am to 7:30 am
      Single Opening: 10:00 am
      Single Opening: 12:00 noon
      Single Opening: 02:00 pm
      Afternoon: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
      Overnight: 6:30 pm to 5:30 am with 1-hour delays.

Humboldt County Roads:

Here’s what we know. As we learn details, we will add the information below. According to Humboldt County Public Works, “Driving on county roads during stormy periods, DRIVE SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY due to landslides, road failures and deep potholes. When in higher elevations, CARRY CHAINS.”

  • Alderpoint Road 1 way controlled traffic at PM 10.68, PM
    17.70, PM 26.00, PM 30.33 and PM 34.79
  • Bair Road 1 lane at PM 0.72 and PM 1.30 (carry chains)
  • Benbow Drive Closed
  • Blue Slide Road 1 lane at PM 1.75 and 3.25
  • Briceland Thorn Rd PM 3.27 – one way traffic with bridge and signal
  • Butler Valley Road 1 lane at PM 3.71
  • Cannibal Island Road-Closed
  • China Creek missing a chunk but still passable.
  • Coffee Creek Road Closed
  • Davison Road “closed and thus no car access to Gold Bluffs Beach or Fern Canyon,” reports Redwood National Park.
  • Dyerville Loop Road 1 lane at PM 2.00
  • East Branch Road in Benbow one way controlled traffic at 2.7 mm.
  • Eel River Drive closed at mile marker 1.
  • Eel Rock Rd. – 1 Lane controlled traffic at PM 2.7
  • Fort Seward Road 1 lane at PM 3.90
  • Fullmore Road closed
  • Hidden Court closed
  • Howard Heights Road flooded
  • Howland Hill Road expect delays. (See here fr more information.)
  • Jack Shaw Road closed at PM 1.3
  • Kings Peak Road closed at mile marker 7
  • Landergen Road closed
  • Lower Cappell Rd. at PM 1.49 open but road is soft and motorist must proceed with caution.
  • Mattole Rd one-way control at various locations
  • Meridian between Port Kenyon and Centerville Closed
  • Mosswood Lane closed
  • Needle Rock Road closed due to slide (See more here.)
  • Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway closed after large falling tree put a hole in the road. No estimated time of reopening. (See here for more information.)
  • Nunnemaker Road at Eel Rock Road is closed
  • Port Kenyon closed
  • Red Cap Road slipout at PM 2.30 road is open proceed with caution
  • Salmon Creek Road closed at 0.56mm detour 101 or Maple Hills Road
  • Shelter Cove Road 1 lane at PM 7.60
  • Shively Road 1 lane controlled traffic at PM 0.50, PM 3.56, PM 7.00 and PM 11.50
  • Stagecoach Rd. – PM 1.00 Closed
  • Stover Road slide at PM 0.72 proceed with caution
  • Telegraph Creek Road 1 lane at PM 1.90
  • Titlow Hill Road carry chains
  • Wilder Ridge Road closed at Landergen Road indefinitely no alternate route.

  Trinity County Roads:

  • “Trinity Alps Road past Trinity Alps Resort accessing Stuarts Fork Trailhead has washed out. Road is CLOSED indefinitely,” according to the Trinity County Department of Transportation.
  • “Zenia Bluffs Road between Alder Point and Zenia is CLOSED due to slide,” according to the Trinity County Department of Transportation. “Estimated time of reopening is greater than a week. Use Peak Road.


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  • Hwy 36 is down to controlled one way between Wildwood and Platina because of a slide.

  • Read some books with the actual science of climate change. The models are actually pretty simple once you see how ocean currents move and how temperature/fresh water influx affects the weather. Its how the whole “engine” works. You cant drain the oil and have no antifreeze in your car engine and expect it to work correctly.

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