[UPDATE 3:27 p.m.] Traffic Accident on Hwy 36

A traffic accident occurred about 3:15 p.m. near mile marker 8 on Hwy 36. The car is off the road “but slightly in lane,” according to the first emergency personnel on scene on the scanner. The occupant is walking around and saying he does not need ambulance, according to personnel.

UPDATE 3:27 p.m.: The ambulance was recalled after the occupant complained of pain.



  • How many people actually get where they are going on that road..hope he is O.K.

  • Victims may not feel pain immediately after a crash, or until even the next day. It’s always a good idea to get checked out by at least a paramedic, if not your doctor, after being in a crash.

    By the way, if an ambulance is called, and you are treated on scene, you are NOT obligated to ride in the ambulance to the hospital. You can decline transport and have a friend drive you, if your condition is stable and not life threatening.

  • What CnD said ^^^. Andrenalin is a great temporary pain killer. Best to get checked out. Hope they are OK.
    Mile 8 is probably still in Hydesville. Good road there, too good. Folks tend to go faster than they should and rain slick pavement makes even slower speeds necessary.

  • I just drove by the accident the car was upside down heading west the occupant was a young 18 19 year old kid he was across the street a hundred feet going east from the wreck he was conscious sitting up against the tree he was covered with a blanket while the paramedics to take care of his needs looks like to me he was very lucky sorry I didn’t get any pics Kym I was driving so I couldn’t do it but that’s what happened to all that are interested

  • On that particular corner has claimed another wreck .it’s always the same corner they eat it on alot .

    • Youngins don’t realize driving skill comes, partly, with experience. Rich parents who buy their kids powerful cars are making a mistake as inexperience + power = problems.

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