Major Injury Accident on Hwy 36 This Morning; Driver Ejected

chp major injury featureOne person received major injuries in an early morning traffic accident south of Fortuna. At 1:55 a.m., emergency dispatch received word that a single vehicle rolled over on the Hwy 36 exit from Hwy 101. The male driver was ejected from the vehicle.

An ambulance responded to the scene and the victim was transported to the hospital.

The Toyota pickup received major rollover damage according to the California Highway Patrol Incident Page. The off ramp was closed for approximately 45 minutes while cleanup occurred.



  • Any updates on a name ? lots of Toyota’s on 36. Hope he recovers fully.

  • SO STUPID!!! Not wearing a setbelt for starters not to mention obviously going too damned fast… WTF is in the water around Humbug County lately all the robberies & Wrecks & WTF ever have you!!! Is a total Mucking Fess!!!

    • Speculation. You don’t know he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. I have Sean people who were wearing them ejected. And as far as speeding, maybe. But again, maybe he swearved for something.

      • IF he was wearing his seatbelt 10 times out of 9 he would NOT have been ejected from the vehicle!!! Reading comprehension is obviosly not one of your strong suits!!!! It is possible he swerved (NO A in that word BTW) but likely he was going too fast for conditions!!!

        • Mr. Spellitright

          Yo Dan…. Since you you appear to be big on proper spelling and punctuation, perhaps you’d like to know how to spell “obviously”, since you failed miserably at it. Also, commas after “seat belt” and “swerved” would have been appropriate. So difficult to read your atrocious puncuation.
          Furthermore, “seat belt” is properly written as two words – not one.
          You little speculator, you.

          • I understand the frustration but, in my experience, people who want to correct the spelling of others are less concerned about their own misspellings than they are about others’. They can’t seem to help themselves. (I think it’s a form of OCD.)

            • Hahaha. This is fabulous. Watching people squabble while someone is in the hospital. Regardless, someone is hurt. People make mistakes. Be kind to each other.

          • Dear Mr. Spellitright,
            Since we are playing this game, I want to tell you most emphatically that a comma after “swerved” would be wrong. Never put a comma just before a statement using parentheses. Please.
            You may put one after the parenthetical statement–in Dan’s post, it would look like this:
            “… that word BTW), but likely he was going… ”
            Ms. Punctuateitright

            P.S. Kym, yes, I am more than a bit OCD about these details… however, I seldom just butt in to correct casual, innocent posters. I prefer to correct only the correctors!

            • And… to bring this back to where it should be, I wish the best to the survivor(s) of this terrifying accident. I hope all goes well and the driver enjoys a rapid and complete recovery.

            • Most folks I know with this compulsion genuinely can’t help themselves. I try to remember that and react compassionately but I do wish folks would try to be kind. A better use of that desire to fix errors seems like finding comments with factual errors and giving gentle corrections backed by citations of where the corrected info came from. I love those comments and you do many of them. Thank you for those.

              • Thank you for finding something positive to say, even in response to my playing the nit-picking game. You always do!

                • I probably shouldn’t have favorite commenters but…I can’t help myself…you are one that I love. I appreciate the time you put into thoughtful, intelligent responses.

          • You tell him Hahaha I like you.

        • 10 out of 9? Really?

        • Easy Dan, 10% sez maybe. It happens.

    • Dope growers. That’s what happened.

    • What’s in the water? Barly yeast and hops

      • MORE than likely yes or something stronger such as Bath Salts etc!!! Some substance providing glorious??? hallucinations etc!!!

    • Seriously !?? A human encurred major injuries and all you can do is place blame? Shame on all of you !!

      • INCURRED is the word you want!!! I’m just grateful the dummy didn’t take someone with him!!!

        • You may want to check YOUR spelling before you criticise other’s…OBVIOUSLY…LOL

        • Thanks for the spell check. Show your face coward….. and find something better to do with your time other than pass judgments on people/ circumstances you
          know nothing about … oh wait, did I spell that incorrectly, too?? Game over.

          • Dan how dare you! You have no f’n clue who you are talking about! This man is one of the greatest guys I know and he’s an AMAZING father. But of course you don’t know this, because you have no clue who you’re talking about.

            It’s simple to be a troll and just sit behind a computer and critique people’s spelling/grammar in grandma’s basement. Get a life kid!

            He would never do any of the things you’ve mentioned. Keep your f’n opinions to yourself!!! If you can’t say it to someone’s face it shouldn’t come out your mouth! XO

            *PS I know I’m just feeding the troll people, but someone needed to correct him.

      • Thank you. Shit happens but knowone should be called
        stupid. Come on people it was a car accident.

      • Thank you

  • Fortuna is nuts today! Some truck sped past, weaving between cars at least 60mph! Tweeks everywhere. New one’s! Dude in front of liquor store yelling at people, tweek central there. Friggen trailer park. Never going there again. I didn’t see one cop car in the hour i was shopping different stores. So gross.

  • I dont know what it is but everyone seems a bit off kilter the last few days/week. Maybe big quake comin. Theres a lot of weird stuff going on, and the best thing to remember is all we can do is to control ourselvez and our reactions to things.

    • Come on now, shit happens, there’s no cosmic reason….

    • First of the month, welfare and SSI monies flooding the economy and not always spent wisely….if you get my drift.

      • …and the barometer is dropping.
        “… It has also been speculated that the heightened anxiety levels in people with mental disorders increase in suicide incidence and the more frequent occurrences of cardiac arrhythmias on days with strong wind are likely, at least partly, to be due to some biological response to wind-generated rapid atmospheric pressure perturbations [2, 9, 10]. The effects of winds blowing from the mountains on human mental activity, characterized by parameters such as reaction time and/or duration of active attention, and indirect indications such as the behaviour resulting in traffic accidents were considered in a number of studies [11–13]. Lee and Garraway [14] found a significant effect of wind strength on the risk of sport injuries. atmospheric pressure fluctuations…”

  • Another one bites the ditch. A dangerous road, Along with a little rain. Like my Dad always Said ” Pay Your bills and Pay Attention.”

  • Prayers for the individual and his family, and prayers for all the people in the comments who seem to be focused on who’s to blame and being disrespectful, compassion is what Humboldt needs not more hate to go along with all the crime and tragedy.

  • All the assuming only makes y’all look stupid and rude! Have some compassion, someone got hurt very bad! Disgusted at what people say about accidents they weren’t involved in…. Take some advice and keep it to yourselves!

  • Community Member

    My husband and I were the first ones on scene. We stopped and called 911 and waited with the man. What I would really like to address was the couple that came flying up the off ramp and nearly hit my husband as well as the man lying in the road. We had our hazards on and we were clearly stopped in distress, yet they were not even going to stop, in fact the only reason they did is because the road was blocked. It was disgusting that they didn’t feel the need to even slow down when they saw two people standing on the side of the road waving there arms begging for help.

    • Thank you for stopping, it turns out to be a very good friend of mine, he’s one of the greatest guys you will ever meet.

  • Mr fuller loves to spew hate.he like to berate other commenters if you have nothing better to do keep your hateful comments to your self ,and I’m sure all the commenters on RHBB would appreciate it including my self .

  • First of all everyone with there assumptions are plane egnorent, sad excuses for humans. This man is my sons father and one of the most hard working men i have ever met. Never been on welfare or any other assistance. He takes amazing care of his family. So everyone with there erragent meaningless comments need to shut the fuck up.

    • Hey Momma J, please ignore the ignorance and stupidity of those who posted negatively. They obviously know nothing of the man they are speaking of. Praying for your family. Love Aunt Saryn

  • Very sad so many accidents happen out that way. The reality of it for the most part, is driving too fast and it is worse when the road is slick. People need to drive safely, wear their seatbelts and drive sober on that road and many of these accidents wont happen. Nobody knows the story behind this accident so instead of being mean and putting words out there, be kind and considerate.

  • My bad I was talking about sharpen your.pencil not Dan fuller I apologize for writing the wrong name.sorry mr fuller .

    • No worries I’ve been known to spew a few things on occasion as well if I’m feeling pissed off about something!!! A trait I need to work on badly to stop doing!!!

  • The kid who got hurt is a local, not someone who moved here to grow weed, but a local. His family is well known. Some of these comments are absolutely disgusting. If he is homeless, a dope grower, a meth addict or a CEO of a company, it doesn’t matter… he is a human being. This is what is wrong with the world. Stop judging and assuming and making speculations…. why not try having positive thoughts to help the wounded and the family and friends who are suffering…

  • Hope the young man will be ok.

  • It’s been my experience that people so judgemental are that way because they are guilty. It seems like every story I read is followed by stupid repetitive people saying the same thing. He’ll you might just as well blame the devil. Irrelevant comments from irrelevant people.

  • The young man is in Santa Rosa with a fractured skull and many broken ribs, he is in stable condition and will give an update later, thank you to anyone who cares.

    • Thank you! I know him and was so afraid. I hope he heals well. He is an incredible person!!! Looking forward to the update. Sending so much love and healing thoughts.

    • Sending prayers to this young man❤Please pass this along to him and his family if you can. I’m just a stranger but I always say a prayer and ask for angelic healing when I read about anyone injured or in an accident. Namaste 🙏

  • I hope the person who was ejected is OK and I wonder who it was too

  • Prayers to the man and his family and friends. Anyone from Humboldt should remember the pride you have in your home. Have compassion for people and show that we can be an awesome community. I love my home. I love my people. Be a change.

  • Wishing the best and a fast recovery to my good friend. A wonderful, caring man who gives so much to help others. Take care, Buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He is doing well, he should be out of icu today or tomorrow, I will be going down there tomorrow and will give an update
    Thanks again to all that care.

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