Slides Continue to Block Hwy 1

Hwy 1 slide

One of three slides currently blocking Hwy 1. [Photo from Caltrans]

Hwy 1 remains closed and will continue to do so for the near future.

During one of last month’s torrential rain storms, on Friday, February 3, a large slide engulfed Hwy 1 not far from Leggett. It completely blocked the major access to the Mendocino coast from the north.

A second slide followed not long after. The road was doubly blocked. Another slide followed and now three full slides have blocked Hwy 1 between Leggett and the coast.

Caltrans released the above photo today showing the extent of the instability on one of the slides.

“While we’ve cleared the roadway for construction traffic, the slide itself is still unstable and unsafe to work on,” Caltrans posted on its Facebook page. “Because of this, we essentially have to wait for the slide to come to us. We’ve undermined the slide to help create ideal conditions for the slide to come down during the next rainfall, which is expected this weekend.”

Then, Caltrans will need to “make sure it’s safe for our contractors to work on.” When the contractors can safely work the slide, “we’ll be able to begin work to stabilize the hillside and reopen the highway,” Caltrans said.


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