Woman Stabbed in Eureka This Morning

Breaking NewsAbout 10 minutes before 2 a.m., a young woman came to the door of an apartment building near the intersection of Summer and 14th Streets asking for help. The woman had been stabbed, according to scanner tape from the incident, in her neck and upper body.

By 2 a.m. areas of Pine and Summer Streets had been blocked off by Eureka Police. Evidence technicians were dispatched to the scene.
UPDATE: Petrolia Woman Stabbed in Eureka



  • Hoping for a positive outcome.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    That’s awful, hope this wasn’t a random attack, not that it makes it any better.

    Eureka definitely needs a wall built around it in order to have an Escape From New York atmosphere.

  • Sad. Welcome to the Westside of Eureka. Very dangerous area for anyone living or travelling in that area. Very high percentage of crime occurs in this sector. City Council needs to address this issue in a serious and deliberate manner. The Mayor, Frank Jager, was an EPD officer and Coroner, he knows the facts first hand, now he should lead an effort to address this sad situation.

    • I am sure he would if the majority of the council didn’t hold him back. The majority of the city council want to give these jerks more resources.

    • Well stated and a fact we need to push our City Council to do the right thing put the citizens first

    • Yeah it’s the city council’s and Jager’s fault. Not society. We continually make excuses for people’s bad behavior and refusal to accept responsibility for our own actions. We blame government for our own short comings. We refuse to Co operate with government when they present possible solutions to bad behavior, and claim we owe those that make no effort to better themselves or their situation. The only thing we can blame the politicians for is not standing their ground when the snowflakes start complaining they are being too rough. Guess we better come up with our usual solution. OUTLAW knives.

  • Well said Humbilly

  • thinking allowed

    So what exactly is the reason for this crime level? Drugs, gangs, no work, ????

  • humbhillcrimespree

    Humbily has an agenda, moreso than to just point out high crime areas. It is not limited to any “side” of Eureka and he knows it. How about Humboldt Hill where these thugs grew up? And PIne Hill area, and Myrtle Area. And many many more. You f-face have an agenda to slur just one particular part of Eureka where many good neighborhoods and homeowners live. I just don’t know why, nor do I care.

  • humbhillcrimespree

    Here’s a guess….,want to keep RE values low for you and your thug buddies to occupy mid-town summer st. area.

  • Look the best thing we can do is demand a dedicated gang unit.

    There are multiple local gangs as well as some major ones from so cal, central cal and eastern europe whove set up shop here.

    There are models for the cops to follow that date back to the 80’s. The gangs do initiations which usually involve a random violent act to join. Dealing with gangs of this magnitude is waaaay different than other police work, esp these gangs.
    We are going to have crime folks, its not eureka itself, its just whats happening in the world. If you step back for a minute, our crime isnt all that crazy comparatively. Look at some headlines from santa rosa!! Its just on a different magnitude than we’re used to.

    Blue Lake and Fieldbrook have some pretty sordid criminal stories from the past. Do some research, theres been crazy crime all over. There was a local serial killer preying on women in the 90’s. Arcata was the scary town back in the 1800’s.
    Its not fair or helpful to just say ewww eurekas a scumpit and move on. I find the majority of eureka great. There are neighborhoods i know arent safe to walk in late at nite, just like any other city, big or small. Seeing homeless and junkies just reminds me to be thankful for what i have. There but for the grace of god go I.
    In big cities they just sweep the “undesirables” to one area not used much by the gen public. The argument can be made that forcing all those folks out of the devils playground is contributing in eureka. There is nowhere to sweep folks up to, so we see it more.

    All the teen boys i know tell me about the different gangs happening, and about being approached by gang members asking who they represent. Not so much in so hum but in no hum its off the charts. Theres always been some sort of gang rivalry, just not in this scale.

    Regardless, the need for a gang unit is high right now. Our bubble has burst and we’re seeing the types of crime that were previously mainly seen in cities, and we need to adjust to that change.
    This is most likely where a lot of the hard drugs are coming in from and definitely the guns. CA and NY have the strictest gun regs and by far the largest illegal gun markets. Watch sons of anarchy, they got a lot right.

  • It will be interesting to see who and why she was stabbed

  • I hope there will be an update soon
    ” the rest of the story “

  • To much crime and hate.

  • I thought guest wasn’t going to comment on this site RHBB his words were fffffoff .never again .

  • This woman is my cousin. I do not know the details of this crime but this was attempted murder! She is a very beautiful and loving person. this was likely a domestic argument gone wrong…

    • My name is Bobby carr on f.b. and got a huge crush on her and cant even send flowers without info. Please reach back

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