[UPDATE 10:10 p.m.] Fire at 2nd and A Street in Eureka; ‘Multiple Occupants Fleeing’

An abandoned railroad building on 2nd and A Street in Eureka is burning as of 8:55 p.m., according to scanner traffic. Flames were seen on the roof with heavy smoke. Multiple occupants were seen fleeing, according to a report from the scene.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m.: According to Mark McKenna, our photographer on the scene, the building has been checked and there are no victims. Flames were visible on the roof on when firefighters arrived. When crews arrived, people were attempting to go back in the structure.

The fire crews had the flames controlled in about ten minutes.

A fence glows from emergency lights as firefighters discuss the situation. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 10:10 p.m.: More photos from the scene by Mark McKenna.SMOKE POURING FROM A BUILDING fire engine in a pool of water Firefighters



  • I pass this location daily. Please, Please bulldoze and get rid of the rubble. This is the second building to burn in a two block area, in the last couple of months.

    • Silly rabbit, If arkley razed it, how would he collect on the insurance? Tricks are for arkley not for y’all.

  • Just please tare it down!! They can’t seem to keep people out,and they set fire to it all the time. It’s an eyesore(another) and the fire Dept.could use it as a practice burn!! I’m glad no one has been hurt!!

  • Why not try to give the house-less people safer shelter?
    It doesn’t take much to loose your home and end up in the streets.

  • This is, what, the seventh or eighth time in the last few years?

    EPD needs to do their fucking job, and arrest people camping in it. Show up in the middle of the night randomly every few weeks, surround it, and every parasite in it gets tossed in jail. And not let back out.

    How much more destruction are we going to let the parasites do? They have no respect for anyone’s property. Every building they’re allowed to infect burns down. Every non-flammable campsite gets filled with mounds of garbage. These aren’t people who are “down on their luck” – they’re willful parasites that exist by destroying everything around them.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Need to get the railroad going so they don’t have abandoned buildings around.

    Plus, with a railroad running- box cars could be used to transport growers to the wall for deportation.

    Box cars could head south packed with growers and return full of fresh produce, it’s win win anyway you look at it.

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