(Photos) HSU Students Walked Out of Class to Protest Tuition Hike

Humboldt State University students walked out of class at noon today to protest a proposed tuition hike. Photojournalist Mark McKenna captured the rally as it took place. For more information about the rally, click here.

Estevan Hernandez, gave an impassioned speech about the CSU system. Hernandez graduated from Sacramento State University in 2011 with a degree in anthropology. He was in town visiting friends and plans to get involved with student action on the Sacramento State campus when he returns home.

Music Major Elisha Moore, center, cheers on a speaker. Moore, who transferred from San Diego to HSU, said the hike would hit her financially saying, “I can’t afford it.”

Psychology Major Nick, who did not want to give his last name, said that it was very frustrating after traveling 40 minutes from his home in Carlotta to the HSU that it is impossible to find parking on campus saying he has had to park as far away as the Safeway parking lot.

HSU Senior Chey King addressed the crowd saying that in the CSU system 1 in 10 students are homeless and 1 in 5 are food insecure.

HSU freshman Gabriela Zamora addressed the crowd in Spanish saying it was her first language, which received cheers from the crowd.

Self described “super senior” Holly Lemyre assisted students in signing an online petition.

Oliver Winfield-Perez, right, an HSU sophomore studying Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality and minoring in Early Childhood Development, signs an online petition regarding the fee hikes.

Student organizer Briana Yah-Diaz photographs students holding up sheets of paper they wrote on with how the tuition hike would affect them. The papers were being collected so they could be sent to Sacramento.

Humboldt State Associated Students President Jonah Platt spoke first to students on the HSU Quad that gathered after a student walkout to protest a proposed tuition hike.





  • Why are you bitching about unaffordable college? It is just reality. Your degree is not woth the money you are paying for it. Anthropology HA! Worthless degree. Music major HA! Not a degree, go start a band. Psychology major HA! Almost a science. Critical Race Gender and Sex is a degree!?! HA! The only question is what are Chey, Gabriela, Holly and Jonah’s majors? Im guessing the same major that loser Briana Yah-Diaz aquired to become a “Student Organizer.”
    The obvious assessment is that these degrees are not worth 1% of the tuition. They are not even disciplines; they are hobbies and interests at most. Most of these graduates funnel into the nonprofit sector, government agency sector, or just stay on campus redundifying their stupid sjw hobbies. Education is not a right, it costs money. Get a real degree, job, and career.

    • ^^^^^ He’s right you know. ^^^^^

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Basket weaving from HSU can be a career if you live in a van by the river.

      Fake dreadlock manufacturing another good one.

      How about a degree in protesting?

      Economic destruction is probably the degree HSU is most known for.

    • you realize that people with “real” degrees are also impacted by these tuition hikes?

      • No, he dosent. If he acknowledged that, he couldnt go on his rant.

      • People with ‘real’ degrees don’t care to protest because unlike these folks, they were smart enough to get degrees that will actually pay for their college afterwards, regardless of the tuition hike.

        If you were real worried about wasting money, you surely wouldn’t be a Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality major.

        These 2+2 questions are real hard apparently.

      • Yes and these students seem to have been in class. I will put dollars to donuts that the “real degree” students are looking to maximize their semester unit load to offset the uptick in cost. The real losers here are the so-called “super seniors”. I’m guessing that entitlement has reference to someone in their 8th year of college after numerous major changes.

    • Throttlebro is spot on. The irony here is that the majority of students, and every liberal on the planet, is too stupid to recognize the root of the problem. Ya see, when the gov hands out loans for college to anyone with a pulse, everyone with a pulse goes to college. When the market is flush with kids, money in hand for college, colleges can raise rates….so they do. This simple, immutable law of supply and demand is, no doubt, completely lost on even tenured economics professors at HSU.
      When the private sector gives loans, guys like Oliver Winfield Perez are limited. Ya see, the investor knows that degrees in Critical Race, Gender Sexuality have a very limited role in society. Investors know that there are hoards of kids out there who don’t want to face reality and get a job when they can just postpone being an adult and cruz through school partying and getting easy, meaningless degrees. The investor knows that throwing money at Oliver is a massive risk of his money in such a narrow field of endeavor (Critical race, Gender Sexuality) unless Oliver is at the very top of his game. Because the investor puts up HIS OWN money, he makes sure that Oliver is not just some slacker, killing time while trying to figure it all out. The bureaucrat is too stupid to know that; that is why is a bureaucrat and not an investor. Furthermore, it is not the bureaucrat’s money so he doesn’t give a shit. And most importantly, he looks like a hero politically because he’s “helping the kids” and “investing in our future”. Hence the insanity of the skyrocketing costs we have today.

      This is why I liberals suck. You are not interested in the facts. You don’t really want to know if your policies are working. As long as you appear to be “doing what is right”. The hard truth of the matter is that not everyone has the aptitude to go to college and reap the potential benefit. Many, if not most, kids are wasting there time while accruing massive debt that some later bureaucrat will forgive in order to “look good” politically; again, cuz it’s not his money. If you actually give a shit, you have to HONESTLY answer the question as to how beneficial college is for MOST people. The only thing you really care about is appearing to be compassionate. Yaaay Bernie.

    • Old Frog Morton

      Many don’t know that it is written in the state constitution that California residents do not have to pay tuition in California colleges. This is what they should be protesting about. They get away with it by calling them ‘fees.’

    • Love hearing that a student from an upper-class background that has never paid their own tuition is lecturing everyone on homelessness and food insecurity in the CSU community. Makes complete sense.

      a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

      • Do you know this person? Or is this just a generalization that you have made? And the fact that there are many students that are homeless or food insecure should be the concern. Not the fact that people are exercising their rights to speak out about a topic that affects them.
        Especially the guy asking for a parking space. Does that not strike anyone as kind of f***ed up?

        • No such thing as being homeless in college. Its called couch surfing. All of us were food deprived. Its called top ramen. Did you notice the percentage of fat, out of shape college students? These slobs need to put down the cardboard slogans, and share some of that Michelle Obama nutrition knowledge with their straving peers. (BTW dont these fatties look a lot like the “day without immigrants” protesters?)

    • red neck arcata. might as well live in montana. braindead from the get-go. children of reagan’s wisdom. very sad indeed.

      • Hey what’s wrong with Montucky? I used to live there and still visit frequently. Lots of intelligent hard working people. Wherever humans are there’s always a mix of the good and bad.

  • Furthermore… [edit] You want to protest? Dont pay yer tuition.

  • Spoiled Millennials self absorbed and feeling entitled as if the world owes them a soft life.

  • The CSU system has become a focal point for insane social engineering projects and more direct systems of mind control. (The entire “discipline” of psychology is devoted to this, and is but one aspect.) At this point, many of the so-called “degrees” and the disciplines they represent are nothing more than infectious vomit to poison the minds of the young. Real education is highly valuable. The spew that many young students are exposed to has negative value, and long-term dangerous effects on the society and citizenry. If these young people want to be educated, they should look elsewhere.

    At this time, it would be of great advantage to most of these protestors to abandon the university system immediately, and take up something, anything else useful they can find. The education system of this State (and others) is no more than an indoctrination and training center for the cultural revolutionary, red brigade style of social and political coercion known broadly as “political correctness.” Thus, it should be abandoned en masse, and allowed to wither and die for lack of participation.

    The terrible irony of this is that the State wants to extract more money than ever for the privilege of poisoning the minds of its citizens. They take ever more, and give back half…of nothing.

  • Rumor has it that Brown will be doing away with middle class scholarships in order to fund more undocumented scholarships.
    It seems to me that least 100 kids could get through college on what is divvied up amongst politicians and university staff. What does the Dean make now days? $600,000 or something? Does anybody know or care?

  • If you are not qualified to attend a college where you can focus on a career that will pay you a salary that will support you and yours through your life, then you are wasting time and money.
    In the sixties, protest leaders like these were called “outside agitators”. In any case, skipping class will lead to poor scholastic habits and a lower grade point average, so suck it up! The value of attending State Colleges lies not in the Bachelor’s Degree, but in the Graduate Degree you can go after later. A BA or BS is about as valuable in the real world as going to high school. Aim at a professional license, or a Business degree. Attending poor quality and remote little “baby colleges” will probably get you nowhere, but it is fun to spend 4 years smoking pot and copulating…

  • in the 60’s tuition was around $350.00 a year.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    These kids are in for a shock in the real world, but guess what? This is not just a millennial issue, and it’s not a leftwing issue.

    Remember all those old people Teabaggers (excuse me, “Tea Party Members”) who went all nutty over healthcare reform? They were just as foolish, except they managed to do it in even more ridiculous costumes.

  • It’s hard not to categorize this as whining, when the increase is not to be more than $270 per academic year. And, it’s the first increase in six years. The cost could be covered by skipping one cappuccino a week! I wonder how many who walked out of class for this are actually even paying their own way? It’s called inflation, my little snowflakes!

    • Yes the few that I know, don’t even pay their own tuition, THEIR PARENTS do that for them!!!! Show some integrity little jacks…and get ready for the real world!

  • Truthy, you are on point. Example – Chey is from an upper-class family and has parents who pay for ALL of her tuition. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they are protesting something they have never experienced themselves. But apparently that is the norm for students at this college. And yes from what I know these speakers degrees are all worthless liberal arts programs, probably plan to live off of their parents or the government. Go Jacks!

  • CurrentHumboldtStudent

    To the psychology majors protesting:

    Psychological reasons behind protests and revolutions:

    1) To find an identity: Some people never believed they are worthy. They did their best to find anything to be good at but they failed then all of a sudden they found a golden opportunity to feel worthy. Those people go to protests in order to build the identity they were always searching for and to feel worthy. What can make a person feel more worthy than changing the fate of his country? Of course if you asked any of those people about the reason that made them protest they will reply saying that saving the country was their ultimate goal (see also Psychological identity problems)
    2) Peer pressure & Pleasing others: In the Solid Self confidence program, people who have a low self esteem do their best to please others just to get their approval. During revolutions and protests people start judging and criticizing those who don’t participate in the events. Under the effect of peer pressure the ones with low self esteem find themselves forced to take a direction just to please others and not because they really believed in what was going on.
    3) The ones who have external locus of control: Some governments are really corrupt that they hardly allow people to succeed but even in these countries we see successful people emerging. Some people have messed up lives and as a result they want to find anyone to blame for their misery in order not to declare that they didn’t hard enough. After all it will hurt less to blame the goverment than to admit that they were incompetent.
    4) The ones who had nothing else to do: Some people have boring lives. They have nothing to do nor they can find excitement anywhere. When something as exciting as a protest happens those people might join it just to reduce the boredom in their lives.
    5) Opportunity hunters: Some people join revolutions right before they turn successful. Those people are the ones who wait on the sideways then decide whom they are going to be with based on the final result. If for example the protestors were about to force the government to resign then many people might join the protest at this time just to claim that they were among the ones who did it


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