Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Arcata

According to scanner traffic, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the intersection of 11th and H streets in Arcata around 1:15 p.m. Emergency personnel are at the scene reporting, “One person down in the roadway.”



  • Probably another cra’ cra’ skateboarder not paying attention, I have almost hit a few myself!! Ugggggggh!

  • Arcata has a lot of pedestrian foot traffic in the downtown area. Everyone, please drive carefully.

  • Actually probably another crappy LA HSU student driver. Most everyone i know avoids arcata entirely these days as its too sketchy to drive or walk.
    Ive seen more people stop for pedestrians on the 101 thru eureka.

    Or maybe it was another drunk HSU student like the one who hit and dragged a man to his death as he screamed for the driver to stop.
    I dont care how “nice” his friends and family say he is, they should be ashamed to defend him. You can easily walk from the bars home in arcata. Or get one of the many available hotel rooms. Or go sleep it off in the forest.
    Judge Feeney giving him a year is such BS, he will be voted out after this. I hope that driver gets his over and over every day in jail, and that he screws up and ends up doing more time. I certainly dont want him living near me when out, why dont we get lists of murderous drivers like they do with sex offenders when theyre released? You best move far away boy. And any of his people dont bother defending him here, i wish him only the worst. No excuse for such behavior, heres to inmate jailhouse justice!!! If hsu doesnt start teaching their incoming students how to drive around here then they should start being held accountable. The last thing we need is more crime out of that place (ie drive by shootings in arcata that they keep on the down low) or to be known as a town where college students get a break when they get hammered and violently kill someone.

    • 101 in eureka is like any other road.
      Youbare supposed to stop for pedestrians.
      It is the law.

    • A Educated Student

      Or maybe it was another uneducated Arcata local driving under the influence of drugs. Everytime I walk in town there are bunch of tweaked out people who been living here for years

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