Interested in SoHum Healthcare? SHCHD Needs a New Board Member

Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District

Southern Humboldt Community Hospital DistrictAt their Thursday, January 26, meeting the Governing Board of Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District (“SHCHD” or “District”), a public agency, announced that board president Barbara Truitt was stepping down. Pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Government Code section 1780, the Governing Board intends to fill the vacancy by appointment.

Interested, qualified residents of the District are asked to submit a letter of interest and resume containing a statement of qualifications and other information which will assist the Governing Board in making a selection. Letters, resumes, and any questions should be directed to SHCHD Board of Directors c/o Susan Gardner, 733 Cedar Street, Garberville, CA 95542, (707) 923-3921, ext. 276 or via email to

Minimum qualifications for membership on the Governing Board are set forth in California Health and Safety Code section 32100, requiring that each member shall be a registered voter residing in the District, as well as Government Code section 53227, which states that an employee may not be a member of the Board unless he or she resigns.



  • Real Dangerous Place

    I would not take my dog to anything related to this organization .Save Your live bypass this place an head south.

    • Word.

      Watch while SHCHD buries itself in debt, buys a building that’s too small, and appoints another local know-nothing to a board of knuckleheads incapable of managing anything at all…
      Be sure to vote NO on the parcel tax, election’s in MAY so wake up before you have to pay for this mess for another 48 years!!!

  • Bring out your dead

    The resigned board members spouse is a building contractor. Did she resign because her spouse gets the contract to build a new hospital? Spend it like you didn’t earn it! Small town big government. You must be politically connected to receive the fortune.

    • Do you have any evidence that the contract has even been offered….?

    • Do you have proof that this has occurred? How about some evidence? Thanks!

      • OK, so disregarding the crazy allegations, here are some facts:

        1) If SHCHD ever pulled it’s head out of it’s ass it would realize that almost no one cares just what occurs at Jerold Phelps Hospital. Nearly no one has any regard at all for this operation or consumes services there. Not even people who were BORN there!

        2) The idea that the property owners in SoHum would vote to tax their parcels is ridiculous. Even Harry Jasper realized that the parcel tax will lose.

        3) Nothing EVER changes at SHCHD. The same staff openings are always open, the board is still talking about the same things they were discussing 5 years ago. Kent Scown still hasn’t retired, and the failure to go forward is almost complete. Even Barbara Truitt resigned previously and had to return, as no one else would take the board seat.

        4) Financial ruin is just over the hill for SHCHD. The administrators have no clue, they just want to spend borrowed money on property and spin the tale of “new hospital”, which, assuredly, will never materialize. Ground will never be broken for this project.

        5) SHCHD is a joke. It will fail if it does not change, which it appears to be utterly unable to do.


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