[UPDATE Wednesday] Alderpoint Road Closed Intermittently Tomorrow for Short Periods

Alderpoint Road will be closed between mile marker 3 and mile marker 8 tomorrow for 15 to 20 minutes at a time between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. tomorrow to allow County Roads to lay some hot mix down on the worst areas of the road.

“It’s just to tide it over,” Denton Carrick, foreman explained. There are several “breaks” in the area he said and the object is to put patches on them to last until warmer weather allows better application of the hot mix.

The plan is to go to first one problem area and then the next, stopping traffic in both directions for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Then, allow traffic to move through while the road crew moves to the next problem area.

Please be prepared for delays. Drive slowly and please watch for those crews.

UPDATE 10:05 a.m.: Humboldt County Public works advises that more work and delays will occur tomorrow in the same area and at the same time.



  • Thank you Donald Trump finally getting Alderpoint Road fixed you’re the best

    • Yaaaaaay! Thank you! Our road is sooooo bad! If you drive a car don’t even bother coming up the hill unless you plan on selling it asap

  • Already making America great again

  • A for effort 👍

  • This is a pleasant surprise. The road was on the verge of being impassable at some points, and definitely dangerous at others. Kudos to County roads.


  • Just drove over the mountain on the Alderpoint road an hour ago. There were no closures (possibly lunch time, I encountered a long line of cars going the other way as I went up from Garberville, so I expected to run into a delay. The only patch so far is near the top of the hill, and it is a patch that was greatly needed. But there are two places where the slip out is affecting both lanes. I hope they can shore or patch them up because if either goes the road will be impassable. All praise to county roads for working on the Alderpoint road. We’ve really needed it.

  • They need to fix Island Mountain Rd. Well, actually they need to fix the machine that fixes the road.
    You know your road is bad when…

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