Road Rage Incident Possibly Involving a Weapon Reported Near Rio Dell

scannerScanner traffic indicates there is a road rage incident that may involve both a weapon and contact between two Toyota pickups near Rio Dell. A woman driver called for help stating that a male driver, possibly with a weapon, was frightening her.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are responding to the Rio Dell Police Department. The woman drove there from Hwy 101 to escape the male driver.



  • Yup this my CRAZY BROTHER IN LAW !!!

  • Possibly? I’m no rocket scientist, but I believe people have a giant “NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!” when threatened with one.
    One more for the tally ho.

  • Awareness is important

    Lol🖕Freedom of speech but hope this shit happen’s to you redhead or ur friends and then everyone turns and say🖕To ur awareness or blogs!!!

  • Road rage is scary because you don’t know what their going to do. Just don’t pull over. You did the right thing. Glad she’s ok. I’m sure it scared the crap out of her!! God bless

  • You something else lol

    lol ya act like u don’t know what I mean u delete a post about country justice, but then you post a post to where u make it look like it don’t make sense when if u posted the comment and didn’t delete it then it would make sense to ya all, good one redhead lol

  • Just remember: you are inside a couple of ton machine. DO NOT EXIT THIS POTENTIAL WEAPON. Let the aggressor exit and become vulnerable. Avoid vulnerability and remember the old addage: “(s)he who fights then runs away lives to fight just one more day”!

  • Keep you ilerate comments to your self remember it takes two ,so don’t open your traps until you know the facts,small minded people have small comments!!!!!

    • I think you may well benefit from using a dictionary on occasion!!! It seems to me at least the word you are attempting to spell is ILLiterate!!! Such as misspelled words seem to make others think you are!!!

  • Oh excuse me I misspelled a word as if you never have Dan Fuller!!!

  • It’s a public blog. And people misspell words. Surely you have intelligence. Somewhere?

  • Could be anything

    Let’s not turn red headed black belt into a nasty back and forth like LOCO. Please! Glad everyone is ok. Be careful out there driving people’s.

  • Apparently Some strong meth in Rio Dell aka real dull!

  • Kym, Your’e doing a really great job dealing with some of the commentators. Most are intelligent, others not so much. They, ( the not so much’es) need to take a chill pill and read Desiderata.

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