[UPDATE 1:35 p.m.] 101 Blocked Near Garberville After Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

A vehicle reportedly struck a pedestrian under the Sprowl CreekΒ Redwood Drive overpass to Hwy 101 about 1:10 p.m. Traffic on 101 is reported to be blocked and backing up. (At this time it isn’t clear whether this is in both directions or just one way. But we believe northbound traffic is stopped.)

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The pedestrian has been confirmed deceased, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 1:35 p.m.: Northbound 101 traffic is being diverted off of Hwy 101 into Garberville and out the northbound 101 exit. See map below which shows in red where the traffic is being diverted into the north part of Garberville and right back down onto 101.

map of detour into GarbervilleUPDATE 1:55 p.m.:Β Pedestrian hit under an overpass

Pedestrian hit under an overpass

[Photos by Bobby Kroeker]



  • Wow …..not good

    • This doesn’t really include much info, but it is a horrible incident. I hope the driver finds some peace and the family of the deceased can go on…

  • Not at all!!! :-C

  • Prayers to all involved in this tragedy.

  • Home less playing frogger again .

  • Homeless encampments are tucked up under those over passes. Folks darting across the freeway in both south and north bound lanes on any given day and time darting out of their camps to each other’s camps and into town.
    It was going to happen people. It has always been a matter of time. Stating the obvious is not disrespectful.

    This is why people shouldn’t be allowed to live where they aren’t allowed to live!!!! Now someone is dead and some poor unsuspecting motorized is going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter.
    Where in this equation is homelessness NOT a problem? That accident was ALLOWED to happen by county government officials and law enforcement.

    • Wow you must have been there based on your description.
      Guess what people walk and bike on the side of the highway even when theyre not homeless.

      The driver could have been texting and swerved into the shoulder. I see it happen every time im on 101, its a major problem. Thats why they put those bumpy strips on the sides of the highway.
      Assuming the victim is to blame is just wrong.

      • Kind of no way around victim blaming with this one. They were crossing 101 in an area where the speed limit is 65 and there is no crosswalk. The photos don’t show the vehicle on the shoulder.

        • The photos don’t show the vehicle that hit him at all. It was a hit and run. The young man that’s dead now is a life long so hum resident. Well known in this community and loved by many many people.

    • Do you know him? Is that how you know he was homeless or you just ASSuming?

    • One thing is first of all I give a shit , if he was homeless , or a home owner he was a person who had family and friends that loved him … So maybe keep the fucking ignorant comments to your self at lest for awhile.. Here’s some fact’s for your ignorant ass , he want just some homeless person he was a young man that was born right here in Garberville lived here his whole life , got off track for awhile. Had hope just need a little help getting his life back. Has so many addict have .. All I can say is that leap frog person your talking about was my little brother , also farther , son, uncle and much more to alto of people around here but again my brother so next time think twice about whatyou say never who could be next

  • Was the third car on the scene. Poor soul laying dead in the middle of the roadway. RIP. Feel for the driver of the Subaru who hit him.

  • It was whiteboy.

  • I know this is my OCD and means nothing, but the bumpy strips are for when you fall asleep driving, not so you can text and drive. I know thats not what you meant. It is sad whenever something like this happens. Prayers for everyone involved.

  • N.S.fast You might as well blame everyone including yourself for not taking the person into your home.
    That person must all be accountable for their actions. Blaming the county is stupid.
    I think your Dead Wrong, Pun intended.

  • The County is somewhat to blame letting the camps spring up…And not doing anything about the trim freaks.

  • His name is Travis Rothwell. So sad. RIP bud. Well take care of their mom.

      • So what if it was? That happened in 2013! I know this family and he had turned his life around. You people make me sick, always trying to keep people in their past. People change, I know from personal experience. Shame on all you judgmental, I walk on water Asshats

      • Why would u ever go and post some shit like that for.lWho in the world cares about what he got caught up doing before now. Did u not here he that he died?? Maybe its because u are without a life and have notting better to do than to try and make someones son look bad and so people can feel like its dont matter that a young mans life has ended. Well i think you look so much more worse just by posting this than he did getting caught with a gun. So just remenber lifes do matter!

      • he did that for his sister who is truly rates just a week before that if that’s how you feel it’s sad but would you do for your family

  • I went to school with the guy this happened to he had a rough life but he is local, he was crossing under an overpass with a sidewalk on it… we all make mistakes but this is his fault.

  • So sad. I knew him and know his family fairly well. We went to school together. This is terrible πŸ™
    Prayers for his family and loved ones.

  • Wow !!! Super Sad !! RIP

  • You people. Yes I said it, you people. You always have to give your 2 cents worth of opinions with no care or concern for anyone involved. Humanity barely exsists. It doesn’t matter if he was a drug addict. Doesn’t matter if he was crossing the highway or not. Doesn’t matter if he is at fault or not. What really matters is the fact that first and foremost a young man, someones son, brother, and a father has lost his life. Second, the driver whoever it may be, if they were at fault or not, has had their life detrimentally changed for the rest of their life. Maybe everyone could just give the family mourning this loss a moment of silence to breath and process this. Maybe everyone could just shut their mouths and mind their own business for once. Because most of you comment leavers are way f****d up.
    Travis, I miss you already bro. I’m sorry I couldn’t do what you did for me and save your life. It’s only because of you that I am alive today. You have/had such a loving pure heart. I remember when I came to you were right there with me, soaked in water just like me. You smiled and said not on my watch girl. Not on my watch. I’m sorry I wasn’t on watch today. You have a blast up there in heaven. Tell my husband I love him and I’ll see him soon, just not soon enough and you take good care of my dogs for me till I see you again brother. Much love and respect, me.

    • <3 nice tribute kw thank u

    • That was beautiful just really beautiful thanks so much for your post and I hope this shines a different light in people opinions then the ones listed on these post…I knew him as he was growing up he hung out with my kids and this is a sad sad situation indeed…

      • Thank you and yes it is. I just get so tired of people having such nasty things to say. I wanted him and his family to know that he was loved and there are allot of people that thought highly of him.

  • Beautifully and heartbreakingly written, Kw~

  • Another tragic loss. Prayers & strength to his family. Travis was a good person even on his worst day & even at his worst.. We dated years ago but I haven’t spoke to him in quite a while because our lives grew apart as he struggled in his addiction I wish I’d known he’d been working on himself & getting his life back together I’d have helped in any way possible. You’ll be missed by many Travis & I hope everyone can find it in themselves to remember him for the good & not the bad. His beautiful son will someday hear & possibly see these stories & I hope what & how he remembers his father can & will be for the good he did & the love he had in his heart.
    RIP πŸ’”

  • Actually while cycling on shoulder is permitted walking on any portion of a freeway is not. What a tragic day for him and his family. Life altering accident for the driver. Grateful i wasn’t one of the first on scene seeing that kind of traumatic chaos alters the witnesses for a long time.

  • Very sorry for this loss! This was a sweet person and deserved to not be on this thread. You all are so cold hearted. Rest in Peace my friend!

  • Always polite and respectful around me.
    This was a terrible accident. Not a hit and run.
    Much too young.

  • He was a good guy, really sad to hear this heartbreaking news, I just knew him from around town, but he was always polite and respectful anytime I ever seen him. My condolences to his family, RIP Travis.

  • As most of you know i grew up in redway and garberville i still have family and friends there. I did not know white boy. But it makes no difference the young man whatever he may have done or did didn’t deserve to die. We all make mistakes forgiveness is the key. I lost my brother in september i know how hard it is. I do believe my brother Chris Armstrong knew him. I just want to say GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY ALONG WITH WHOEVER MAY HAVE HIT HIM… For now this is in Gods hands he will make the judgements, not us. To all my friends and family in garberville who knew him and loved him please know I’m truly sorry for your loss.. πŸ˜₯😭😰

  • Noonie Sutherland

    I can’t believe how insensitive some people can be! Angel, Scott and Ecko and the rest of Travis’s family please disregard the ignorance of some people and know that there are a lot more positive people with compassion and great things to say about Travis. My sincere condolences to all the family!

  • I am a friend of Jaqi’s , Travis’ sister in Santa Cruz. I have pulled out the NICE comments to give to them for her and her sister Jill,s comfort. I haven’t been able to see or talk to Jaqi since the accident, as her phone died a couple weeks ago. And road damages due to rain. I will email the comments to another friend who will see that she and Jill hear from all of you who cared about Travis.
    Thank You

  • Thank you to those who cared and for the rest of u , I truly hope nothing like this ever happiness your loved one …
    I love you little bro you we always be miss not one day will go by we will not think for you..

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