[UPDATE 8:30 p.m.] Woman Knocked Down by Backing Vehicle in Garberville


Stock photo by Oliver Cory

An elderly woman was struck by a vehicle backing from a parking spot about 5 p.m. in Garberville, reports Bobby Kroeker who witnessed the aftermath. The vehicle left but the driver returned in tears saying that she had heard she had hit someone. Apparently, the driver hadn’t realized she had backed into the older woman.

The elderly woman was knocked unconscious down and taken to the Garberville Hospital with a possibly broken leg.

UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: According to the son-in-law of the elderly woman,  She wasn’t actually struck by the vehicle “just shoved over, the real damage was when she impacted the pavement.” He also said his mother-in-law is in the medical center now being checked out.

We hope she heals soon.

Elderly woman struck by a car

Gentle hands help ready the injured woman for the ambulance ride. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]



  • She wasn’t knocked unconscious, she did hit the ground pretty hard though. She was shoved over by the vehicle, not hit. Given the angle at which she fell it is more likely she had injuries to her hip, ribs, elbow, and side of the head. All on her left side.

  • I was hit in the fin and feather parking lot,and he didn’t stop. I use my mirrors when I drive funny how they help you.im hoping she’s ok,and heals fast!!

  • Do we know who the elderly woman is? As an elderly woman myself, I hope it wasn’t me or someone I know.

  • See now, this is the kind of blogging I want….light and funny.

  • Jeeze, everyone needs to take extra care when in Goobsterdam! Remember, most of these folks are high as can be and apparently not cognizant of the results of their actions. Running over pedestrians will result in an expensive legal problem which you may not be able to handle, hitting seniors with your car is VERY naughty, and leaving the scene is illegal. Wake up stoners! Please smoke your dope AFTER you get home!

    Respect the elders! They know more than you and can afford legal actions. Also, loving your neighbors means helping them to get to a decent medical facility in a town other than Goobsterdam!

    Vote NO on the parcel tax! Close broken district hospitals which are mismanaged by incompetents!

    • Oh, for heaven sakes. You know or at least ought to know that everyone in SoHum is not stoned. As far as I can tell from the folks I talked to this was a complete accident neither the driver nor the elderly victim were “stoned.”

    • @denoument Why don’t u wake up and realize that without Jerold Phelps Southern Humboldt would have NOTHING! Those folks are passionate about the care they give and try to do the best for the community given the lack of resources in the area.

  • Not everyone in sohum is stoned, I know this, because I don’t smoke weed.

  • Congratulations, I’m all wrong. Pot growers NEVER smoke weed, Kim. In fact, I think, no one in Goobsterdam is EVER high… Oh and people who are high on cannabis are not likely to take other drugs at the same time, THAT would never happen… And people who DUI never have collisions that hurt others, that’s all a myth. So sorry… never mind.

    One thing I AM sure about, though. With relation to Jerold Phelps Hospital: something is not always better than nothing. Short list of California Hospitals recently bankrupted AND closed due to incompetent mismanagement:
    Colusa Hospital
    Southern Inyo District Hospital – Lone Pine
    Palm Drive Hospital – Sebastopol
    Tulare Regional Med Ctr

    Simply bankrupted, not yet closed:
    Mendocino Coast District Hospital

    Watch for more, and SHCHD could easily follow.
    So why would we vote to tax ourselves for 48 years? Just to have SOMETHING?
    If they are just keeping the doors open, the doors should probably be closed…

    I am glad that the Board and Administrators of SHCHD are not the only ones who don’t know much about running a healthcare business…

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