Congressman Jared Huffman Answers Questions at Town Hall Meeting in Arcata Last Night

Note: This report was prepared with the assistance of Shanna Archibold.

Over a thousand people gathered to see Congressman Jared Huffman speak and to ask him questions last night. [All photos and video by Shanna Archibold]

An estimated 1200 local residents packed the Arcata High School Gym yesterday as Congressman Jared Huffman who represents this area in the US Congress spoke and answered questioned at a Town Hall meeting.

So many people RSVP’d their interest in attending that the event had to be moved to a bigger venue to accommodate them all.

Congressman Jared Huffman answered reporters questions last night.

Huffman seemed energized by the enthusiasm of those attending, Afterwards he wrote on his Facebook page, “Something is happening in this country, and it’s positive, determined, and increasingly focused…At one point I asked how many in the audience were attending their first town hall meeting and about half the hands went up. This is what Democracy looks like!”

The Congressman spoke for about half an hour and then opened the floor to questions from the audience.

Below are some highlights of what was discussed:

President Donald Trump’s threat to withhold federal funds to California–Huffman said that this state is a net donor state. This means that California gives more money to the federal government in the form of taxes than it receives from them. In addition, Huffman asserted that the federal government cannot withhold money because of the 10th Amendment’s “no commandeering” clause. 

We might have to sue the Federal government, Huffman said, but it would be an easy win for the state. 

Restructuring the Democratic National Committee– Huffman explained he supports Keith Ellison for Chairman.

Last Chance Grade–a troubled section of Hwy 101 by Crescent City. Huffman agrees that it badly needs to be repaired. He said is having a meeting with all the stakeholders including Caltrans, State Parks, EPIC, native tribes and other land owners. They are trying to speed up the process by negotiating to decide on the new route together and then go to federal government for funds.

Immigration–Huffman called it a very important issue for his district. He stated there was a need to stop tearing families apart and causing fear in immigrant communities. He urged constituents to contact him if they hear reports of immigration police, ICE, acting inappropriately but he said that many times these situations are not as reported. Right now, Huffman said, there is strong bipartisan support in Congress to protect the Dreamers–those brought to the United States illegally as children. He reiterated that ICE will not going to schools and hospitals to remove illegal immigrants.  

Electoral college–This, Huffman said is an anachronism. He wants reform, but next election is way more important to put energy into. If there are more Democrats in Congress, then more can be done to hold on to progressive programs. 

Single payer healthcare–Huffman said the future of single payer is hopeful. He has personally been a cosponsor of Medical for All for many years. 

Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)–He said he urged Obama to withdraw easement under the river but one of the first acts of the Trump administration was to reverse that stance. Huffman argued that the project adds nothing to US Petroleum stores, as all of the oil goes to an international market where it worth more money. He wants to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. He introduced Keep It In The Ground, and believes that we should leave oil in the ground for the future of this country, instead of selling it on the foreign market. He says politicians on both sides of the aisle are concerned about climate change.  

Gerrymandering– Huffman said there is support across party lines to end the practice. “Constituents should choose their representative, the representative should not chose their constituents.”

The Environmental Protection Agency–Huffman said the EPA saved Humboldt from the potential worst enviromental catastrophe this county has seen. Three years ago the pulp mill had failing storage tanks full of extremely toxic waste that was abandoned by the pulp mill owner and the EPA came in with an emergency team and was able to remove that toxic waste.

In addition, Huffman said that a bill to eliminate the EPA will probably not pass Senate. 

Infrastructure– Huffman said that the Oroville evacuations have highlighted how badly our neglected infrastructure needs to be repaired. He is sure that this will be a priority. No new dams, instead we need to fix the old ones. 

Afterwards Huffman stated on his Facebook page, “It’s too bad my Republican colleagues are afraid of these events lately. I’m going to keep doing them at every opportunity.”

Clip from the standing ovation Huffman received last night.



  • More BULLSHIT from the way left!

    • Yea exactly ,who needs clean water ,who needs a guaranteed health care plan, who needs field workers ?who needs these things!

      • Everybody wants clean water, clean air. The argument that those who support common sense approaches over micro managed insane approaches, is insane. All or nothing is insane.

      • Where was the clean water under 8 years of the Obama regime? The cities with the deadly water might consider the Obama EPA a big failure . The EPA spill of mine waste into the river was another big failure.

        But that’s the Obama EPA major failures so it gets swept under the rug.

    • Steve, Were you there?

    • That particular substance is more often found to be coming from FAR RIGHT Sources!!!

  • Huffman, just like McQuire & Woods is nothing but a bank bencher and a complete phony.

    • You are unhappy! Wow. Woods is a bit stodgy, but McGuire is as earnest as they come!!. Huffman is reasonable. He met the crowd’s wrath last night when he tried to poopoo concerns about the immoral behavior of the DNC. He got a little churlish…You don’t even know what they do and it isn’t important anyway…And people may not fully groc the role of the dnc, but they know they were cheated and they’re fekkin pissed about it. Anyway, Huffman has got the message and says he’ll back Ellison at the vote this weekend. He’s a bit reluctant about it though, and that makes me dislike him quite a bit more than I would otherwise. I really wish he were going to use his strength to move the.democratic party away from money in elections. Huffman never referenced movetoamend last night. My analysis: he’s good, could be great if he got that memo and ran hard toward a return to honesty and integrity. Huffman, that’s what you feel happening here!! People want their democracy back. Now is the time for the amendment. Run toward that goal please

    • Hey Unhappy – Huffman is a great Congressman, working hard for civil rights even for the likes of you. The only phony is the one in the White House.

  • I’m so glad we have Congressman Huffman as our Representative to Congress.

  • 😊Thank you Congressman Huffman!

  • We don’t have the funds (Btw, he holds the purse strings), for staffing the Veterans hospital, because we fund the killing of American babies. We don’t have the funds for single payer healthcare, which is why we are funding illegal immigrants to populate America. We don’t like open market health insurance, because legislators spported the insurance companies instead of the people and people died, so therefore, we promote totally government (legislator) ran healthcare that doesn’t turn patients away unless they’re on the list of Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, smokers, swimmes, joggers, skiers, heart disease, & all other chronic conditions that fall under the self responsibility list. We are funding a lawyer who alledgedly hasn’t paid taxes in years, to sue a president into disclosing his tax reports. The lawyers get richer for the common good of the taxpayers. Sorry Vets! But, honest, I’ve been *trying* for years to fund you. Speaking of funding, we must fund the zero toxin (unconstitutional) global epa agencies. No breath must escape untaxed.
    I could go on. The hypocrisy is outlandish.
    BTW, states are forbidden by the Constitution to make up their own immigration laws. Huffman’s duty is to support & fund the ways & means that assure smooth, thorough, speedy processing. Instead, he supports& funds lawyers and oh yes, global corporations that support global take overs.
    Wake up Darwin.

  • This state is a net donor so we don’t have to follow Federal immigration law….. Problems with hwy 101…. We need Federal funds!

    • Not federal law, correct. But uniform immigration Law is a Constitutional Law, not a Federal law.

      • “Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States, and how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States.”

        “Article I, section 8, clause 4 of the United States Constitution expressly gives the United States Congress the power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.”

        “A bill is proposed legislation under consideration by a legislature. A bill does not become law until it is passed by the legislature and, in most cases, approved by the executive. Once a bill has been enacted into law, it is called an Act or a statute.”

        The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 is Federal law.
        Title 8 of the United States Code (8 U.S.C. ch. 12).

        • Here’s the stupidity of the net donor argument. CA residents, businesses and corporations pay Federal taxes directly to the IRS. California has no ability to restrict the flow of tax revenue to the IRS. The Federal government has the ability to defund CA.

          • Income tax & IRS, both are unconstitutional. Congress passed an unconstitutional amendment. only constitutional Laws are constitutional. Amendments are for fixing any mistakes, not for changing the compact. The Constitution is a compact. A compact is a contract. It is a done deal.
            This unconstitutional law making is a game that both parties play in order to attain more power. Neither side will fully hold the other side acountable. There’s not supposed to be any sides, & they know it. The Oath of ofice, is to preseve,protect, & defend the Constitution, but instead, they keep destroying bits of it at a time, since the first President. Out of all the President’s, only about 4 were mostly constitutional respectful.
            Most of it is a circus, highly entertaining, to keep us divided and distracted from their common goal. Power. Ruling the world. One world order, one world government, paid for by taxpaers, begged for by the financially disabled. Create a crisis, offer a solution scheme.

        • Everything you just typed, proves my point. The Constitution specified that only Congress can make Law and that the Laws they make *must* be in persuance of their defined and delegated roles & duties that the Constitution delegates to them. Uniform Immigration is one of the listed job responsibilities. Congress actually made a Law in persuance (in keeping, on track, permitted, duty bound) which makes it a Constitutional Law.
          When the Congress makes a law that is not in keeping with the Constitution, it is called an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law. The Congress are not supposed to be making any unconstitutional laws. However, they do make them all the time, because the people don’t KNOW the difference between the two. States are supposed to guard against it, by defunding the laws, by nullifying through legislature, by recalling the traitors of oath, etc. All unconstitutional laws are repugnant to the Constitution & are to be nulled and void.
          The States made the Constitution. The states agreed & vowed to protect, preserve & defend the Constitution and acknowledge that the Constitution is Supreme over all other Laws. It is *the* supreme law of the land. We are a country of laws, means we are a self governing, internally governing country, that abides by the Supreme Law of the Land. The Constitution restricts governments, not the peop!e.
          The States cannot disobey the Constitution without consequences.
          The States *must* nullify unconstitutional laws and respect Constitutional Laws.
          Creating & funding Laws in keeping with the Constitution, in the case of immigration, would mean passing laws & funding for patrol booths, computer processing, screening, printing out temporary visas & work permits, capturing assailants & felons, deporting assailants & felons, .. it means providing ways & means to keep the lines moving, the citizens safe and the hopeful newly arrived safe.
          Using the immigrants for slave work, for drug mules, for votes, for campaign sound bites, for tax increasing, for any political reason, is evil, mesn, ugly, and putrid.
          Either tell your political hero to treat us all like the human beings we are, or tell him to get a new job in the tomatoe fields himself. Those are the only two options for those who are against the human slave trade.

          • Weak sauce… You said it was not federal law. The constitution bequeathes legislatures the power to create laws with regards to immigration, thereby being federal law. The constitutionality allows the federal law to exist, yes. But the law is still a federal law. You are on the cusp of redundancy and stupidity. Your points are mostly valid, but sanctuary cities and states violate federal law empowered by the constitution, not defined by the constitution. Congress could change the laws and the constitutional authority would go unchanged. Just admit… You are absolutely wrong by declaring this is defying an actual constitutional law. It is defying constitutional authority bestowed to congress to declare laws. It is obviously the S Court’s jurisdiction to define the constitutionality of any law.

            • How bout this…. Cite anywhere in the constitution that defines who can immigrate to the US and how.

              • You missed the point.
                The Constitution says that:
                A. Only Congress can make laws.
                B. And that the laws that Congress makes MUST be in relation to any of the jobs, responsibilities, duties, that are listed within the Constitution.
                C. Immigration must be uniform code for all states to agree to and to follow. Congress made a uniform immigration code, the states agreed.
                D. Laws that are Constitutional, must be executed & respected.
                E. Laws that do not relate to the enumerated powers, responsibilities, duties, are unconstitutional.

                States must respect the Constitutional Law on Immigration. It’s a simple law that covers all states. States cannot do their own thing. States have the duty to carry out the Law. The procedure is simple.. screen, process, document, .. states have the power to create the ways & means to accomplish the task.
                The Congress has the power to halt, double check, all checkpoints and processing centers. The President executes the law that Congress passes. For instance, Congress passed a temporary halt law halting travel in 7 out of 100 terrorist countries, in order to secure the processing procedures. Obama forgot or ignored to execute the Constitutional law, leaving that duty to the next President. Trump became President, and carried out his executive duties of executing the Constitutional Law. Meanwhile, States are ignoring the Constitutional immigration laws, creating their own unconstitutional immigration laws and halting the Constitutional Laws that the President is duty bound to execute. The states are being unconstitutional, because the states are FORBIDDEN by the Contract from encroaching on any of the duties specifically delegated to the Federal Government. Immigration is a specific duty of the Federal Govt. The 10th amendment reaffirms this. The Federal govt is forbidden from intruding on the powers left to the states. Both are forbidden from intruding on the rights ofthe people. Both take an oath to defend the Constitution.

                In short, only constitutional laws are Federal Laws. If the law is unconstitutional, it is not a genuine Federal Law,and must be considered null & void. The Feds only have the authority delegated in the contract. All other “power” is stolen power, unconstitutional.

              • All people (EXCEPT terrorists & wanted felons) can migrate, by going through the legal channels outlined in the uniform code.
                It is the duty of the State Governor & Legislators to create & fund smooth, speedy, thorough, screening & documenting.
                It is the duty of all, to capture & deport or imprison, all terrorists or felons, to quarantine the diseased, etc.
                Trump did not write the law, he is executing (carrying out) the Law that Congress had passed. He penned an EO to his staff (DHS, etc) to follow the Law.
                This podcast, confusing at times, clarifies what I’ve tried to express. Hang in there until the end, the clarity will arrive like a bolt of lightening.

  • Create a crisis, offer a solution, create phoney defensive stance, mock it, deny it, pave the way for more people control, by using their own stupidity against them.
    60 minutes episode, Under the Influence, discloses the scheme.

  • Jared Huffman has got our back. I am so happy I have a Democratic Congressman..

  • It’s about time, all right (in SO many ways) you were on the business end of a shovel instead of running your fingers across a keyboard!!!

  • I don’t think he said enough about what he’s going to do to fight Trump.
    Like, fighting Trump every step of the way.
    What, for example? Well…

    Make him follow the Constitution!
    Have him stop censoring and shutting down the press at every turn!
    Have him stop being so dishonest and start telling the truth. He lies and deflects like a bullshit artist and con man.
    Demand who and what’s behind the Russian connection!
    Release those taxes! Let’s see those financial connections, enrichments, and emoluments!
    Reveal that ‘Draining the Swamp’ with his Wall Street billionaire swamp cabinet won’t do a damn thing!
    Stop trying to dismantle government departments wholesale with those nominee picks!
    Stop trying to repeal the ACA w/o a suitable replacement!
    Stop the fascism: wall building, Muslim ban, mass deportations, white nationalism, and Stephen Bannon!
    Stop the ridiculous tweeting and golfing and get down to work! (We know about the petulant, narcissistic tweeting. But the golf? He’s golfed 6 times in four weeks so far. He said he would never do it at all and criticized Obama for it multiple times).

    My god, there’s a dozen more issues to mention and exclamation marks to use.

    Jared Huffman, and ALL Democrats, need to stand up to this autocratic, sociopathic, hypocritically and habitually lying dictator of a bully. Period. In a year or two we’re gonna look back on this and wonder why we didn’t do more for ourselves, our country, and for our future generations.

    • I’m sorry. I also left out his problematic issues and insulting comments on race, ethnicity, religious orientation, gender, and disabilities. Even still, this and the above comprises the short list of yet more outrageous things to come.

      Jared Huffman is the new and junior rep on the block and this is the big uphill battle, the mother of all battles. C’mon Jared, say and vote your conscience, rally with the people, coordinate the Dems and Indies, and come out swinging without compromise. We need everyone on board and we need you.

      • Good luck with your theories. I do believe you actually believe that crap you just said. Which makes no sense what so ever. Jared Huffman isn’t anyone special. If the majority thinking was different he’d be spatting out for that too. He’s a puppet. No different than any other politician. That’s why so many people are fed up with the same old smoke and mirrors strategy of both parties.And that’s why American voters put Trump in charge. You can spout off till your blue in the face still won’t change that fact! Jerry brown,pelosi, huffman and the like can do an about face and get OUT! And I for one will be glad to see them go.

    • Huffman can’t do a thing. Zilch. Thank Harry Reid for that one. Most of America disagrees with the CA left. More senators, congress and governors. Just think of all CA voters who didn’t go to the polls in Nov. Two democrat choices for Senator. CA is next.

    • That’s a fun list.
      Ask Jared why he isn’t suppirting Rand Paul’s transitional healthcare plan that is set to start the day that the screwy aca is abolished. Ask Jared why healthcare, air care, water care, people care, pet care, house care, bank care, isn’t in the Constitution. Ask Jared why Congress is forbidden by the Constitution to delegate their roles out to others & or subcontract. Ask Jared why abc agencies are unconstitutional. Ask Jared why he keeps calling America a Democracy, when it’s not a democracy and is an insult to our Founding Fathers to call it a democracy.
      Ask Jared what the Executive branch is duty bound to do.
      Ask Jared what the Legislative branch is duty bound to do.
      Ask Jared what his oath to the Constitution means.

  • It seems from the silence of the Democrats when they frog marched a very faulty Obamacare through Congress, Obama used executive orders to circumvent the powers of Congress by creating de facto amnesty regulations and refused to either work to change the law or to follow it, or when the media sat quiet while Arab Spring turned into a 7 year endless war (just to name a few things), that it matters much more who does something than what is done. Or not done. Their cries of outrage now are crocodile tears.

    Democrats and the sycophantic media created mess after mess while suppressing any hint of questioning from even their own members. It takes more than self righteous name calling to make a republic, much less a democracy, work for most citizens. Treating politics as if it was the new religion to be taken on faith has been a disaster for all.

  • I may not have agreed with everything Obama did, but this president is messing with our environment and is undermining our very government with his dismissals and appointments. It sounds like Huffman is in line with many of my concerns.

    I will gladly get behind a representative who is working for our childrens’ future. I hope he will continue to demand accountability for questions unanswered about the various conflicts to a legitimate presidential posting.

    Thank you for your report ladies.

    • Undermining!?! Ha! U mean undermining our government by dismissing people from Obammers terms ..? Undermining our government by appointing his own cabinet? No he is undermining the previous executive cabinet you nitwit. The election is over 3.5 months ago. Undermining is the record length of time dems have dragged their feet for approvals (thank Harry Reid for the no filibuster). Undermining is the Obama residue leaking classified info to WaPo and the NYSlimes.[edit]

      • Trump is doing things that are way beyond the limits of what any president has done before.

        He is irritated over the whole ‘checks and balances’ thing because he doesn’t understand what the Constitution means. Listen, he’s a guy that doesn’t read much, has a short attention span, does what he likes and wants to press buttons to get things done. Problem is, with 635 vacancies out of 695 in the administration, there’s no one on the other end to get the button messages of planning and policy done. So he blames the courts, media, Congress, and imaginary enemies. It’s like Captain Kirk running the USS Enterprise but there’s no on on the other end to carry out the orders. That’s why the immigration travel ban was so botched up.

        If you think everything is Obama’s fault, you need to stop listening to FOX news and read and hear more from the sources around you. Newsflash: the leaks aren’t the problem, what’s in the leaks are the real problem.

        And thank goodness for the free press. The New York Times and Washington Post? They are the greatest newspapers in the world, bar none. Of course, maybe you get your fake news from Brietbart and the stormtrooper front.

  • Huff is a lightweight. Rubber stamp Liberal. Big District so he comes to the far provinces occasionally to build cred. This is what will counter King Donald? LOL, Not…

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