When Power Was Out; Thieves Stole Multiple Guns From McKinleyville Ace Hardware

On February 9, when the electricity was out in McKinleyville, a thief or thieves broke through a glass door into the McKinleyville Ace Hardware. They stole four guns, two chainsaws and more.

The weapons are

  • Weatherby Vanguard bolt action rifle
  • Savage bolt action rifle
  • Ruger Semi auto rifle
  • Browning semi auto rifle

Two chainsaws both Husqvarna were also taken.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.




  • are you freakin kidding me??????

  • Starting to look more and more like Southern California everyday around here.

    • Maybe sound more like SoCal but I think it looks way different, sorry couldn’t help it, better a smart ass than a dumb ass right 😊

  • How long was the power out for?

  • Happened over 2 weeks ago. Would think LE would get the news out so people could be aware of more idiots with stolen guns running around. Also of chainsaws for sale. Outdoor, solar video cameras would help in this case.

  • Too bad the company did not have a plan in place for security when the power goes out. Now all the thugs have a heads up to thieve.

  • I bet they didn’t bother to fill out the federal paperwork for those either. A good citizen would have. Wait. What?

    • The reason guns are such a high value target for thieves is because guns laws make it very hard for criminals to acquire them, legally. IF gun owners were required to responsibly secure firearms, it would be extremely hard for criminals to acquire firearms. Of course, without federal laws, we will always have situations like chicago and indiana, where criminals can acquire guns next door.

      • Funny thing is bud , I can tell you’ve never purchased a firearm in California. It is required by law to lock it up and every single gun purchase requires the filling out an affidavit requiring you to have a safe. That still doesn’t stop thieves. Many just steal the safe and then take there time opening it. Criminals are not stopped by gun legislation.

  • I just looked it up. Under prop 47 if someone steals a firearm valued less than $950 it’s a misdemeanor. (First offense with no priors). And the officer can only write a ticket, not even haul them to jail.?. If someone steals a gun it should be prison time! There’s no good intent in stealing a firearm. These bozos made it way past the 950 mark though so if they ever get caught they’re screwed.
    What’s the odds of thieves being caught here in humboldt? How many thefts happen compared to perps caught? I’m betting it’s pretty low. Seems like it’s like taking candy from a baby.
    If the punishment is worse than the crime there would be less crime!

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