County Seeks Public Comment on OHV Grant Application

From the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff badge Humboldt CountyHumboldt County announces that the office will be seeking public comments on proposals for the 2016/2017 State of California Off-Highway (OHV) grant program.  According to state requirements, public comments can be submitted from March 7 through April 3, 2017.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is soliciting public input specific to the office’s 2016/2017 grant application proposals for Cooperative Agreements with Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division.  The Sheriff’s Office will be submitting a grant for law enforcement activities, which include but not limited to, providing visitor safety, search and rescue capabilities, informing and educating the public regarding environmental issues and proper riding techniques

A two-step application process is used by the State to allow public comment and feedback before final submittal.  The preliminary application must be submitted by March 6, 2017.  This opens the public review and comment period and will follow with final applications due May 1, 2017.  The State uses an Internet-based “On-Line Grant Application” process as the means to apply for State Funding.   The preliminary application will be available online by visiting the California State OHV Grants and Cooperative Agreements program at   Select the Grants tab at the top of website and at the home page select “Public Review Instructions” on the left.

For grant related questions, please contact Administrative Services Officer, Keri Furtado at 707-268-2526 or 



  • Definitely yes! We are all going to be driving off-road vehicles in the future. There are no roads left.

    I know that this is the way government works. The whole world could be collapsing in one direction and they are all concentrating on some non-issue item in a totally different direction.

    Get real! The lowlands are flooding and the hillsides are all sliding into the creeks, and it’s only going to get worse before spring. We need to all stick to dealing with the emergency at hand. Were is the conversation about what to do for the funding that we are going to need? Were is the outcry?

    • They should be pushing for the substation in gvlle to reopen.

    • Every owner of a off road vehicle pays a ohv fee every year( part of registration) .This fee is supposed to be used for the benefit of the off roading community.These funds are there for our county to apply for ( this takes nothing from road repair!).Its troubling the supervisors can’t find a suitable location to spend our ohv funds .This type of spending can improve the future for our county ohv parks /tracks bring in substantial tourism dollars.What we need is a suitable piece of county land For a ohv park ..

      • Yeah, this grant app sounds like they plan to WASTE every penny. I don’t see anything in there I need. A track and some trails please.

  • Are there any places left to ride other the Samoa Dunes?

  • No legal place to ride except Samoa, and those little bumps don’t compare to the dunes north of the old mill toward Mad River Beach! Now those hills were some fun back when scrunching up the sand didn’t hurt anything

  • I am sure that because law enforcement is going to educate OHV users how to comply with the environment that the California legislature will approve the grant. What a worthless raid on OHV funds, but that is what Caulifornia has done for decades. Collecting huge surpluses through increased OHV registration fees and then siphoning them off to support LGBT rights… or something or other.

  • “In a grant, the federal government more strictly maintains an oversight and monitoring role. In a cooperative agreement, then, federal employees participate more closely in performing the program. When you read “cooperative,” think working “side-by-side.”

    Mmmm, no.

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