[UPDATE: Mostly Restored Monday Night] Almost 2500 Without Power in Hoopa/Willow Creek Area

PG&E FEATURE CandleAlmost 2500 customers in the Hoopa/Willow Creek area have been without power since 4:27 a.m. PG&E blames a “[w]idespread outage due to major equipment failure.”
There is no estimate of when power will be restored. PG&E says a crew has been assigned to “assess the outage.”
UPDATE Tuesday: PG&E stated last night,



The safety of our employees, customers, contractors and the communities we serve is PG&E’s top priority.


Our crews continue to work safely to restore service to our customers and communities in our service area that were affected by the storms.


As of 10:30 pm power has been restored for all but 488 customers in Hoopa/Willow Creek. The expected time of restoration for the remaining customers is on 2/21 at 16:00. PG&E’s preliminary investigation found that the outage was caused by a wire falling down due to the weather conditions.


Please contact PG&E with any further questions.



  • Sounds kind of suspicious. Major equipment failure? No estimate of when power will be back on line? Anyone have more information out there?

  • I heard that we should expect a few days. For those of you that have a tax appointment with Nancy’s bookkeeping, no power means no computer. We will reschedule when power comes back on. Thanks

  • Are these the reasons pge is doing a 25% hike in rates, going from 3 tiers to 2?? Or is it to pay for them blowing up that neighborhood?
    Feels like theyre trying to make it so only rich folks can live here. Ah for the days of an open market, where we had multiple companies for things like power and phones. The competition allowed for lower consumer costs and companies knew theyd lose business if they did a bad job.

  • The PG and E Map is showing no power outages in the Willow Creek/Hoopa area, but does show an outage from Weitchpec up the 96 to a little bit past Somes Bar.

    Can someone post if Willow Creek and Hoopa are still out?

    Thank you.

    Also how is the 299 going from Willow Creek to the coast?

  • PGE is not doing this on purpose. Those linemen are in the terrible weather risking their lives to get Your power back on. They would love to go home after an eight-hour shift. Instead they work through the night to try and fix the downed lines and poles. Show a little gratitude rather than blame them.

    • We appreciate what the PG&E linemen & other workers do, their efforts do not go un-noticed, thank you to all of you. Unfortunately there are people who are not happy with PG&E management and they blame everyone, very sad.

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