[UPDATE 4:40 p.m.] Zenia Bluff Road Likely Closed for More Than a Week

“Zenia Bluffs Road between Alder Point and Zenia is CLOSED due to slide,” According to Trinity County Department of Transportation. “Estimated time of reopening is greater than a week. Use Peak Road.”

UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: Trinity County Department of Transportation tweeted the following image:

slide on a country road

[Trinity County Department of Transportation]



  • I am familiar with a stretch of highway and I do indeed pity the poor souls ! who have to travel it on a daily or weekly basis . Although my commute isn’t any better . Wouldn’t change it for the world though been a few places in my life and believe me there’s no place like here .!! Could I get an amen bretheron an sisteran???

  • I use to live on Zenia Bluff Rd. and sort of miss the beauty of it. If someone isn’t familiar with this stretch of road, they should definitley stear clear of it.

  • Amen sisteran

  • I wonder which improperly graded grow caused that? ( sarcasm )

  • Damn trees growing too fast, overgrazing, too much rain, wind, hippies.

  • Alderpoint, all one word, thats why they can have a postoffice.

  • Kym, please read this.

    ฯ. What I would like to say is “fuck dem haters,”… But you’ve been a staple in my inteligence of this whole party since the get go and I would hate to offend people I love… You have helped me through so, so,
    so many times wether thick or thin, and to you, it makes no difference.

    To any person who reads this:

    Would you please shut the fuck up??!!! Kym is doing something no one else opts to do. . if you have such a strong opinion about what’s being said, go out there and get the reports by you’re god’damn self.

    Г yep, I’m tired of it. Please edit this and do what you will.. I’ve known because of you not to try and go to town, or to get out of town super fast, but either way I’m checkin that redhead..

    So basically what I’m saying is read what’s out there, and unless you’re actually there …. don’t say anything,,

    • Thank you. Most folks complaining just need to spout off and they forget I’m a person who can only do so much. But the kind words and knowing I’ve helped really buoy me up. Thank you so much.

  • Sad.. The bluffs have the most beautiful show of wildflowers later in the spring.. I go evey year..

  • Do not pity anyone lucky enough to live there. I was blessed to live on this road for a few years….the best road in the prettiest part of the region. The bluffs had some magic that generated rainbows with every storm..

  • Yep, that’s big, bold, beautiful country. And you do rock, Kym!

  • I was expecting this, we live up here above where this happened, closer to the post office. With the drought drying the rocky soil, and now the sudden huge pile up of snow pack above us then this warm warm rain washing it all down… I have actually been very surprised our road lasted as long as it did this year.
    Now, if we lose the Peak Road, everyone is in trouble, because I would bet that the back of the mountain (down towards van duzen) is flooded.
    Hope everyone up here got their feed in and freezers stocked…

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