[UPDATE 11:10 a.m.] Missing Youth and Adult Chaperones From Boys and Girls Club in Chico Reportedly Located in Willow Creek

Breaking news graphicA van carrying six 15-18 year olds and two adult chaperones from the Boys and Girls club in Chico was lost overnight. A Be on the Lookout was issued this morning by the California Highway Patrol for the van which left HSU around 5:30 p.m. yesterday on the way back to Chico.

According to traffic on the scanner, the van and its occupants have been located near the Willow Creek Patriot station. According to dispatch reports, the van was briefly stuck in the snow. A CHP officer is on their way to confirm the report.

UPDATE 11:10 a.m.: The CHP officer has confirmed that these are the missing members of the Boys and Girls Club.



  • What on earth are people doing with kids out there in the kind of weather we are having? The middle of winter is not the season to go galavanting around unknown territory in harsh weather. Glad they were found. Now go home and stay there!

  • Why did they choose 299 as the route to take back to Chico? Did they not bother to check road and weather conditions? Very irresponsible.

  • I bet they had a huge amount of fun and now have a great memory😆

  • They had probably stopped somewhere to let the kids play in the snow and got stuck.. This weekend was a really nice weekend where weather is concerned. Don’t really think they were being irresponsible. Just probably wanted to have some fun in the snow and got stuck. Accidents happen. Like getting stuck in the snow.. Glad all are OK and headed home now.

  • Who needs chains when you have six youths to push….sounds like fun times for all.

  • I’m wondering where they got stuck in snow. Obviously they got off of the beaten path. Glad this one has a positive ending.

  • Give em a break. Google is sending people on Underwood mtn around 299 slide… Even though they could have gotten through the slide during the night hours with a wait last night.

  • Poor decision on drivers part to take a questionable detour such as Underwood, even if the crew may have said “we can make it, this will be fun”. Glad all are safe.

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