[UPDATE Sunday] Heading East? Hwy 20 Closed Due to Flooding Near Williams

The well-traveled Hwy 20, a popular west to east route from Hwy 101 near Ukiah to Interstate 5 near Williams, is closed due to flooding. There is no estimated time of reopening.

“[T]here’s traffic backed up for miles,” reports the Lake County Scanner News Fire/EMS/Police Facebook page. (See here and here.)

Check out the map below provided by Caltrans in a tweet.


UPDATE 8:05 p.m.: Here’s a view of Hwy 20 taken west of Williams a little after 3 p.m.

flooded roadway.

Hwy 20 west of Williams [Photo by Nico Caldiera ]

UPDATE 9:16 p.m.: Hwy 16, sometimes used as an alternate way to I-5 from Hwy 20 is also closed by Esparto.

UPDATE 8:18 a.m.: Caltrans reports, “Hwy16, Yolo from Esparto – Madison the roadway is clear from County Rd 86-A to County Rd 89 due to earlier flooding.” But use caution with this. Caltrans Quickmaps has different information.

UPDATE Sunday: Caltrans District 3 tweeted, “If traveling on Hwy 20…today & tomorrow expect 3 hour delays due to flood damaged roadway repair work.”



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  • Is the flooding due to the release of 50 feet of water from Oroville? I know they want to avoid more water over the emergency spillway but jeez! 50 feet seems like a lot.

    • Are you serious? Eric G. Have you ever looked at a map?!! Maybe the water from Oroville took a bus over to Williams. Lol

      • Lol, thats how you deal with ignorance, that one does not even know the geography, in question. Lead, mercury, meth and moonshine via mothers milk is a brain killer…

    • Long time traveler

      There is a creek which runs through the hills which the road follows in that area. That is what is flooding the road! Likely other creeks by Hwy. 20 just farther west in the hills may flood as well if the heavy rains persist. Hwy 16 is very prone to rock and mud slides…not surprised it has closed.

  • Hiway 16 from Woodland to 20 still an option if you are in the Sacto area. Nasty night to be out driving though. Might get blown off the road!

  • As the redwood curtain closes, just seems every exit has a problem.

  • There’s always the Usal road. lol

    • Usal Road? Sure! Just bring a chainsaw. And a sleeping bag. And food and water. And put a backhoe in your trunk and ya might be alright!

  • Heading east from 101, 53 to Middletown and Butts Canyon to 128 gets you to Davis for the southbound, or vice versa heading north west from sac area

    • good luck with that
      lots of closures between napa and I5 and then north on I5 and 505
      and lane closures north of williams on the 5 cause of flooding

      • I took that exact route this morning and it was totally fine left McK at 4:15 am got to Roseville at 10:45 am so really not bad…. intended on taking 16 but the mudslide occurred….

    • Just takes forever.. Came over to fort bragg from Redding yesterday. A four hour trip took nearly 8 after circling all the way around through wine country

  • We were in that scene yesterday . We took I-5 S@Williams to 505 to 128 to 101. If it keeps rainin, 128 will be next with closures. It was like a real life Disney Adventure ride with falling rocks, flooding. It was better than going through the Bay Area. It took about 4 hours to get to Ukiah.

  • I’ve never seen that road covered in water before. I spent lots of time their with my family as a kid. Our friends lived their and I went every summer too. I hope everyone is safe. Please take care.

    • that has problems all the time . seen it closed for summer thunder storm .
      i travel that stretch about 20 times a year and been thru lots of mud , water and waiting at times . lots of easy driving most of the time .
      just keep your eyes on the road

  • Damn chemtrails or cloud seeding or Obama or trump or Mexico or something crap where is my damn tinfoil hat

  • Not much help for our trucker friends. I have a route Monday taking me from Woodland to Eureka and everything is closed down to San Rafael bridge. Options such as Oregon south are being suggested, but that is a long way out of Route

  • PLEASE don’t drive into running water. Your car can be swept away by as little as a foot of water. You cannot tell if the pavement has been washed out or if there is debris hidden by muddy water. Better to be late than dead

  • And please park those goddamn rigs till the sun comes out!

  • Does anyone know if highway 20 at Williams is open yet? Thank you!

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