[UPDATE 10:20 p.m.: They Say They Didn’t] Homeland Security Photographed and Monitored Immigrant Rights March in Fortuna Today

A day without immigrants march in Fortuna photo by

A group of protesters march through Fortuna today in support of immigrant rights. [Photo by Caleb Clark]

This morning, a large group of people supporting immigrant rights marched in Fortuna and at least two individuals driving a Department of Homeland Security vehicle monitored and photographed the marchers.

According to Caleb Clark who along with his 4-year-old daughter were in the area, a male driver and a female passenger of the government vehicle closely watched the activities and photographed the marchers.

Clark explained that he noticed the distinctive vehicle apparently watching the marchers around 10 a.m. He said he saw the two through their vehicle’s tinted windows. “The lady passenger at one point had her window rolled down and was taking pictures of the protestors.” Later, he said, the two were “walking up and looking at the protesters.”

Clark, who is a local soccer coach, explained he had seen the protestors marching southbound down Fortuna Boulevard. “I drove past them a few times because I wanted to give them a thumbs up,” he said.

Then, he said, he noticed the Homeland Security Vehicle photographing the protesters. As he observed the protesters, his daughter became impatient with the wait, he said so he explained “how important it is to have immigrants and migrants and how our country is built off of that… .”

The march is part of a nationwide protest called “A Day Without Immigrants.” Protesters across the country are staying home from work and school and closing their businesses in an attempt to show the importance of the migrant workforce.

Although we have contacted the Department of Homeland Security and they have responded to our initial inquiry, we don’t at this time have an answer as to why the DHS was present at the event. We will update when and if we get a response.

Homeland Security

Image added Friday morning[Photo by Caleb Clark]

Attempts to reach Centro De Pueblo, a Latino group, who were participants in the march for comment were also unsuccessful.

UPDATE 10:20 p.m.: From a Federal Protective Service official,

Today, Federal Protective Service personnel were conducting a facility security assessment on a federal building in the Fortuna, California area. Measuring the security posture of a facility is a routine activity that supports our core mission of protecting federal facilities and the people inside. Taking photographs of the building and the surrounding perimeter is part of the facility security assessment and report.

While FPS personnel were conducting their facility security assessment today, a large group walked by on the opposite side of the street. No photographs of this group were taken by FPS.



  • Immigrants do have rights. ILLEGAL immigrants don’t, and rightfully so.

    • Correct. Nor are they “protected by the constitution” as some ridiculously try to claim. Not to mention this is merely hearsay secondhand fear mongering . So what if HLS was there. Good, ICE too I hope.

      • Try reading the constitution. Especially the 14th amendment.

        All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

        • BUT…….it is about “Illegal” people, who are “not” born or naturalized in the US. Due process of the law is deportation, according to the law. Your comment does not address ‘illegal’ immigrants.

          • nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

        • People who violate the law are not “born or naturalized” and are not subhect to constitutional protections.

          All of my ancestors who came to this country followed the law. I was born here. I have empathy for children who were brought to this country without consent by their parents — that empathy does not extend to making insane and false claims of constitutional protection.

          We should be working to destroy cartels and make Mexico a safe and habitable place, not blindly letting people flee to our nation while having no way to stop the criminals who destroyed Mexico follow them here as well.

          • Kathleen Tillinghast

            “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; ” Any means any. It’s there in the amendment.

          • “People who violate the law are not born or naturalized and are not subhect to constitutional protections.”

            Boy that sure is an intelligent statement!

        • If it’s okay to harbour hardened criminals, use asset forfeiture, free real criminals back onto the streets aka revolving door, imprison ranchers for protecting their property, label the Constitution a virus & shoot virus spreaders, force children’s lemonaide stands to file a permit, vote without proper citizenship documents, force businesses to close, force certain classes of people to pay burdensome taxes, kill certain classes of innoent persons, protect certain classes of citizens instead of all, and so much more on this defiled list, I think it’s safe to say we the people no longer live under the Constitution. But illegals do. Hilarious or insane? Call your congressman, tell him you hold him/her accountable to their Oath to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution.

    • Indigenous 'Merican

      Lets check ourselves before we wreck ourselves..

    • Anyone who happens to be within the borders of the United States is guaranteed the same rights and protections of the law that is afforded to citizens. There are only a few things that are reserved for citizens only, such as voting or holding public office.


        DING DING YOUR THE WINNER OF INTELLIGENT FACTS …..Not Fake News Sad that facts and truth are not for everyone anymore

    • Hi Barrack it seems like you have changed your position about illegal immigrants.

    • Right, so what was the purpose of the march????

    • Wow, you can’t even spell your own name correctly. Methinks you are a troll.

    • “The illegal aliens who are … challenging the state may claim the benefit of the Equal Protection clause which provides that no state shall ‘deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’ Whatever his status under immigration laws, an alien is a ‘person’ in any ordinary sense of the term … [and] does not establish a sufficient rational basis for denying benefits that the state affords other residents”

  • Good for Homeland Security and for Mr. C. Clark, a thumbs down as you do not know if any of these “so-called” protesters are legally here in the USA or Fortuna, CA. Who’s to say that some of them are here illegally. With all of the issues here in the City and the County, how come you are not driving by and giving a thumbs up to the Men & Women in Blue who has to try and oversee and combat all of the crap that we, as citizens, have to put up with. And if you think that I’m a RACIST, I’ve got some very disheartening news for you. A big majority of my Family members are Latino and live in the area and they are hard working people who are AT WORK and the Children ARE in School where they belong, not out marching up and down the streets or sidewalks trying to make a POLITICAL POINT. To me, they are wasting a lot of taxpayers dollars that could be put to better use within the Community.

    • Beverly Myrick Milker

      Not to mention that their children are being made to be there, some not old enough to understand, some just doing it because it’s the thing they think they r suppose to do because of their parents r doing it. This is unfair to the children & a form of abuse, hire a babysitter & quit using ur propoganda to influence ur teenagers minds. My question is why do illegal immigrants, immigrants, or any protest groups have the right to block thoroughfares?? No one really has this right, if the cities r going to give them this right, then why r my taxes being taken from me to build these roads?? They should be taking this money to build the roads from those that they give permission to use so make them pay as well, those that keep me from getting to work. I am so thankful that our country is getting back on track to enforce the laws as they r written. I pray for my country & our government everyday now as all this marching chaos makes it necessary. Shut up, go to work, quit using up our tax dollars, don’t get pregnant unless U can get a loan to pay for it or just don’t have sex. Why should we have to pay for ur lack of control?? We send people to jail who cannot control their sexual selves, why do illegals & immigrants think we should pay for them to have babies for the lack of using birth control?? Take care of yourselves, since ur taking our jobs by working for less money, and take responsibility!! We break the law we pay for our tickets & whatever else people do, but illegal immigrants break the law by coming here illegally & the money is taken from me to support the illegals who broke the law. This does not make sense & is not legal for the government to take my money & give to non-citizen criminals.

      • Oh please, [edit] white privileged assholes have suppressed colored people since the beginning of time. First by coming to a continent that wasn’t yours and killing and pillaging the natives of this land. Then by bring afican Americans here, and now complaining just because they want fair treatment, oh but its never your privileged kind’s fault. You white people feel like you can go anywhere and exploite and take advantage of which ever country you want but god forbid it be done to you. Your ancestors should have stayed where they originated! Yes I’m Mexican/american and yes I’m proud of my roots and yes I was at the march! I’m sure if you were the under dog you would stick up for you brothers and sister, mother and father! Thats love, heart, loyalty! White people go to mexico all the time and get residency easy, no problem unlike Mexican coming to the U.S.A, they get humiliated.

        • I get what your trying to say, unfortunately you sum up white privileged people in a group and inflict reverse racism. You sound like what you are trying to be against, racist opinions. I am white privileged but most people don’t realize i am also a privileged 3rd generation Mexican American. I am against these deportations but don’t appreciate being shoved into a group’s opinion because of the color of my skin. This only divides the the strength we need to overcome these obstacles. I understand it hurts when they try to beat us down with any opposing opinion against the 4th Riech, but be strong sweetheart and take the higher road, don’t play dirty like they do, your better than that demeaning behavior. So march on Kid & kill em with kindness not hatred. Remember no matter what color anyone is, we all bleed the same color. We are all family on this tiny little world & need to stop the dysfunctional cycle we all seem to be comfortable in.

    • Amen to that


      Thank A PGE line Man a way more dangerous job than any cop .Police # 10 Lineman #5 more dangerous job

  • What exactly are they protesting? Are they protesting for the rights of legal immigrants or illegal
    immigrants? If they’re here legally from another country with all the proper vetting and paperwork done then whats the problem? Welcome to America, now pay your taxes. Not sure where and how the legal immigrants of this country are being mistreated or neglected? Even the illegals qualify for more government assistance then the average american born citizen.

  • American immigrants have rights, if they are here legally. Illegal immigrants who are here illegally, and continue to stay illegal, should not have the same rights as a US citizen. Why don’t these protesters understand that the majority are NOT against immigrants in this country, but become legal. Start the process immediately, not years after working, taking benefits illegally and stealing SS #. Centro del Pueblo is advocating for, and supporting, those who are breaking the laws by staying illegal, yet demanding benefits. C d P, and all these protesters, should be spending their time helping immigrants with the process, not complaining that our law enforcement is upholding the laws. The laws of this country have to be upheld with no exceptions for those who are here illegally.

    • 14th amendment grants all people within our shores equal protection under the law.

      America: love it or protest to make it better.

      • “Under the Law”……exactly. Law says you have to live in this country “legally”. Have a SS #, pay taxes, etc; or be deported.

        • [edit] Read the constitution these laws completely disregard it.

        • Please educate yourself.

          14 amendment states:nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

          • Equal means every individual, not just certain protected groups. If it’s okay to harbor felonious criminals because they are an unconstitutionally protected group of people, then Equal would mean ALL felonious criminals are a protected group. But that’s not Constitutional.
            Constitutional means ALl individuals are free until they give up their right to freedom by doing acts of criminal aggression against others. (Physical Assault, theft, enslavement, etc).
            The Law protects the innocent, not the criminal. (supposed to, that is).
            Every state agreed to folliwing the uniform immigration Laws, before joining the Unionof the States to which they became a bonafide State of the Union. The Constitution is a compact, aka contract. Breaking the contract is called a Breach of Contract.
            THAT is equal protection under Law. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. All officials are elected to preserve, protect & defend said Law. Those who breach the contract, face consequences.
            Either petition for speedier, better vetting, or continue protesting for ill conceived unconstitutional rights that destroy your right to protest & speak up. The writing’s on the wall.

      • Hilarious. Constitutional scholar here.

  • These gracious people pay taxes and work their asses off! Your comments are the epitome of what’s wrong with our country. I don’t even want to waste my time destroying your point of view. Even though it would be easy as hell. The ignorance amazes me. Having hate towards a race because your not “happy” with them being undocumented immigrants is rascist! You blithering fool. Eldon, Don’t go back and say your not rascist because you have “Latino” family members. Because, if this law Trump is running with was in place when they’re parents or grandparents came here they wouldn’t even be here or even born. So for you to say that, while having Latino family members is just twisted. And it is technically rascist.

    • rac·ist
      a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

      Because I have to follow the law and I expect my neighbors too …how does that make me a racist??? Please explain or better yet u can even call me if needed

      • Well said. Its become quite silly these days.
        Some think that its ok to come here with the sole purpose to start a life based on a lie let alone a crime.
        USA is the greatest country in the world and welcomes immigrant that come here legally. Bottom line.

        • You said it Juan, a person who shows discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. What the fuck do you think is going on here? If you are Mexican you are instantly put under scrutiny of wether or not they are legal or illegal. And the fact that so many people that are actually rascist and are proud of it and are rallying behind these actions and statements should tell you enough that this is based on race! It gives all these people who have always hated other races to sprout up and feel proud about it. You undermine the fact that white supremacist groups hail Trump.

          • Abiding by the the law of the country I live in and I have done correct papers to be here. …. and therefore expect the same as my neighbor of any race or ethnic background. .please how does that make me a racist I believe it makes me a patriot for following and respecting the law

          • Happy fish is a rare voice of reason on this troll infested diarrhea trail of ignorant, racist haters. Probably some happy whites from the friendly city meanly clinging to their nationalism. A bunch of mongrels descended from Indian killers and slave owners. Disgusting. Not sure why anyone would even bother commenting on this thread.

          • Has nothing to do with Mexicans, most of the illegal immigrants come from south of Mexico a whole different continent. A good portion of them come from China which is on the other side of the fucking world not to mention a whole other race of people.

    • No, Happyfish, your comments and attitudes like yours are the epitome of what’s wrong with America. The fact of the matter is we have legal immigration in this country and anyone who circumvents that process is illegal and should be deported for their criminal activity.

      • Wow really good point you made. Only a few grammar and punctuation mistakes good job!
        I’m so glad you think destroying families that were made here is a good thing. Good for you hope you feel tuff.

        • If you’re complaining about someone else’s grammar and punctuation… Maybe you should make an effort to get yours correct.

        • I didn’t choose to make the family all while knowing the outcome of deportation so those who choose to break the law and have kids all while claiming to have the rights of law abiding citizens, sorry but I dont understand.

        • It’s not BP or ICE or LEO that destroys anything. The illegal alien made the CHOICE to break the immigration laws once he or she crossed the border illegally and stayed.

    • Your premise that because people dislike that illegal aliens are in the country they are filled with hate and are racist is based purely upon an irrational, unreasonable, illogical, and emotionally dishonest platform. Calling people racist and hate filled is a mentally deficient action designed to shut down opposition to your chosen ideology. It is alright to disagree, but when you choose to imagine that people with a different opinion are evil and then act upon your imagination completely lacking in factual information and go about name calling it really brings it home that you are not operating in fairness. Your point of view quickly becomes mute.

      • It quickly becomes mute because you have rascist thoughts and have most likely been considered a rascist by the people around you. So when you see someone being called rascist for blatantly being so, you get defensive. Have fun making America great again by tearing it apart. Makes a lot of sense.

        • Again with the name calling without any evidence to support you claim, hollow. Beat the bully drum-what a waste of real time you are.

        • Bottom line , illegal immigrants are a drain federal government , while they drive California’s economy up, up and up, so California state government walks away to the bank ,

        • Americans are no more a ” race” than any other country.
          Italians are not a race. Mexicans are not a race. Islamists are not a race. Portuguese is not a race. Africans are not a race. Etc…
          They are people from countries with established borders and cultures. If I moved from Greece to America, legally, I would be an American from a Greek country. If I moved here illegally, I would still be a full citizen from Greece, who is visiting America under questionable ways & means.
          A white man born in Africa, is just as much African as any other legal person living in Africa. He is an African. He is not American or German or Swedish or whatever other country makes up the dna of his past ancestors. It is the legal documents that make a citizen a citizen.

    • Passport to citizenhood

      I agree with you. Let’s ask ourselves how Undocumented People come to be in the US and how they stay. They get employed. They support families back home. They pay taxes that they never can claim a refund. They don’t get social security benefits because they have no SS number. How do they get employed? By businesses that are doing something illegal. So if no businesses employ undocumented people, the people wouldn’t come. Bottom line let’s place the rightful blame on the employing entity.
      I find it interesting that ICE is paying a couple of people way more than probably anyone marching. Now that’s a waste of money.

      • Exactly right, maybe if the Rich white people who have been paying these “illegals” to work should get deported. Doesn’t that make sense go after the head of the snake? Instead of the poor people working for scraps. Oh wait, but they’re rich and white can’t do that.

        • California slaves, california politicians know exactly what they have been doing, the white rich boss as you say is only a puppet for the labor free politician that sits back and laughs

          • Exactly what your boy trump is doing, and will do it a hell of a lot worse than Barrack did. What you think all of a sudden this billionaire isn’t going to be all about money? I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. You would pass out and no one would be around to help you off the range.

            • That’s one of the main reasons Trump got elected, to make the country lots of money. Sure some of the politicians will be making money too, but they always have been. Just look at Dianne Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer or any of the other Democrat congress or Senators that have made hundreds of millions of dollars since they’ve taken office.

        • Here I am back again with a new name. Same hater. Same hate. Still don’t have a life so I make 50 comments, each with a different user name so it will appear that the majority agrees with me.

    • Why is it you think just because a person that are against ILLEGAL immigration is branded racist?? BS!! I don’t give a rats ass what country people come from, welcome to America…but do it legally. How hard of a concept is that to wrap around your head???

      • Very hard because you are contradicting yourself. You say everyone is allowed accept some people. Wtf makes that not rascist? Your superior because of your white skin color so you don’t get messed with? Let’s deport some people who agree with the deportation laws for a week and see how they think about it afterwards.

        • If they were banning all people, regardless of documentation, then your point would be worth discussing.
          But they’re not, & it’s not.

    • There’s no hate here. I welcome the immigrants. I have many friends who came from Mexico that are Legal U.S. citizens. I served with many in the Marines. They went through the process to get here. Which is what you’d expect from any good descent person wanting a better life. But there is a process for a reason. Those that jump the border, go around the system, then they’re breaking the laws of this land. Plain and simple. And they push those who wait and abide by the system to the back of the line. Which is bullshit! I don’t see your argument Happyfish! Please share because I’m curious as to what you see happening here.

    • Hey Happyfish. Watcha gonna do when the money dries up?

    • Thank you!!! People obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Their excuse is always “pay taxes” if they actually knew what they were talking about they would know they do.

  • If they have immigrated here legally then they have the rights that citizens possess. If they are illegal aliens then they do not. The immigrant is a law abiding person while the illegal alien is not. I’m having difficulty understanding why immigrants would be marching for rights that they already possess, so I am thinking that this march has been deliberately mislabeled to falsely elevate the status of the illegal alien to that of immigrant in an effort to gain sympathy/support for their cause. This entire march appears to be disingenuous at best and outright inflammatory at worst. That HS was present is absolutely no threat to law abiding people – nothing to see here.

    • Your having difficulty understanding why they are marching for rights they already have, well here ya go.

      Imagine you were a “legal” documented Mexican immigrant have been living here your whole life, your father has a great job you have everything thing you need. Then, one morning you wake up to you father being deported. Then you hear your uncle and cousins have been deported. And all your friends are scared because they have the same stories. Could you imagine your family being ripped apart because of the government you pledged allegiance to every morning all through school? Even if non of that happened you would be thinking that it could happen, and I’m almost sure everyone with Mexican family members have a story that hits close to home. That’s why they are out protesting, for the people who can’t!

      • I would ask my parents why they broke the law and now ruined our family …it’s simple , do right or do wrong!

        • They broke that law to get you in a better place and feed you, And get you a better education, more opportunities, and to get out of the third world country that has gotten that way partially from the US.

          • So, you are saying that it is ok to break the law if you are doing something good for someone else??? What world are you living in??? That is a ridiculous excuse for being, and staying, illegal.

            • I’m saying it’s okay to break the law if it’s the choice of crossing an imaginary line over watching your children starve I say hell yeah. One starving kid is one too many, if they can eat over here let them come over. [edit]. And soon this country will get so bad Americans will be trying to get into Mexico and Canada. And they’ll say sorry your bad.

          • So now you’re saying the United States ruined Mexico?sure it has nothing to do with the corrupt federales or the Mexican cartels shooting everybody and cutting their heads off, it’s all our fault.

      • Exactly. THEY WERE HERE ILLEGALLY! And they had plenty of time to rectify that while here. Common frigin sense dude or dudette! If they really gave a shit they would have went through the process. I’m not buying that bullshit!

        • You don’t need to buy anything that actually happens [edit] Hows about you get mad at the rich white people providing the jobs for the group of human beings you all hate so much.

          • Again i hate no one. I welcome all who want a better life. Not fair to those waiting to get in legally. Maybe protesting for they’re rights would make more sense. But i see common sense eludes you happyfish. Looking through your fishbowl and spewing your hateful and ignorant rhetoric. Dueces!!!!

          • I like how rich and white go hand in hand with you, just plain racist statement, I hope you aren’t raising any kids .

            • White people have never been enslaved like your white ancestors have enslaved every other race on this planet. So to be rascist against white people is something that is well deserved and long past due, [edit]

              • White people have been enslaved many times through out history, when the romanian empire enslaved all, but i guess you only remember the history you wish. Now white are enslaved right along every other race in this world . Sex trafficing having to have both parnets work to afford to live a modest life because people not following the laws have driven down labor markets and wages . IMHO , you hatred for the white race makes you the racist one.

              • Not knowing all historical situations, but Irish were in indentured serveatue in the early formation of this country and in other areas. Furthermore, they were many times treated worse than other race groups as they carried less value per person.

                Also, white Jewish people did not fare so well in Europe during WWII.

                Those were just two situations that I can think of that invalidate your statements.

                In fact throughout history most groups have suffered.

                It is pretty simple.

                People hate.

                Stop hating.

                • Funny cause I think it validates my point even more. White people enslaved them as well. The point is, is that it was legal at that time to do enslave and genocide. Just like it’s legal for them to do what they are doing now. It’s messed up if you have a heart.

              • If white people are so bad why were the first two countries in the world to outlaw slavery white Western countries? And how come the only countries that still practice slavery today or brown or black race countries?

      • Well if they immigrated here legally and followed the procedures, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. How many countries can you count that you can walk into and live being an undocumented alien, fully using all of the perks of being a citizen…medical, schools and other handouts and not suffer deportation or jail time after being caught? Not many. Why should we be the handout country? If you want to live here, great. Do it LEGALLY.

  • I agree fundamentally with most of the comments except for one. Deportation of individuals that were here illegally and the breaking up of families where children are involved. I do not believe that families should be broken. If a mother is here illegally and her children are American born citizens, is it right to immediately deport the mother. Could she be allowed to apply for citizenship instead of deportation? There have six cases recently and deportation occurred within 48 hours, barely enough time to make family arrangements.

  • They are NOT protesting, my obviously uninformed neighbors. They are marching to raise AWARENESS of how immigrants impact our lives.
    Your ignorance only underscores the need for the march.

    • Awareness my ass. There protesting deportation of those here illegally. We all know and heard stories of good people entering legally and impacting our lives positively everyday. But they follow the laws to achieve the American dream. Sucks to be here illegally knowing you broke the law from the minute you entered then have to be deported but that’s the law. Not fair for the countless others waiting in line for the system to work for them.

    • Best post!

  • I am wondering why Mr. Clark didn’t get a picture of the two people he claims to be from Homeland Security or their Vehicle …Would of been easy for him as he to do sense he saw them out of the vehicle taking pictures of the protesters …….I think he’s making up some fake news

  • If the mother is here illegally then the kids should be considered illegal also…Send them all home post haste.

    • What a scummy remark. This is what all of you agreeing with trump gets. Blatant rascist thoughts and actions.

      • Happyfish, your problem is that you are a Trump hater and everything that happens is his fault. Obama deported more illegals than any other president. I don’t care much for him either, but I am not so closed minded to have views like you have.

        • Hahahahahahaaaa!!!

          That cracks me up! I am not a Trump hater, I hate rascist people. By the way did you forget that this is the first four weeks of his presidency. [edit]

          • Call another person who posted a comment a name and you shall be banned my friend , dang u are sounding racist

          • The way I have always viewed racism is if your parents aren’t of the same ethnicity and their parents the same , then hard to be a racist when you a little bit of every race in your family tree, but if you and your parents and their parents stayed within one race pretty easy to see who the racist is

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Well Veterans friend, IF they are not protesting, than what in the H*** are they doing marching down Fortuna Blvd with and waving signs. Talking about ignorance, get your head out of your rearend and see the light, not the dark. And by seeing all of the School age kids with them, what excuse are they going to turn in to the School Districts on why they were not in class. For me, they should be marked as unexcused and homework assigned. Creating a scene like this has the potential to someone having or causing a wreck and innocent people getting hurt, especially in this kind of weather.

  • If they are legal then great, if not then nooooo!

  • I guess what’s good for one person,isn’t good for another. If you were born in another country fill out the paper work and become a u.s citizen. Its not difficult to figure out. If you work in the United states you must pay taxes. So if your not legally here your not paying taxes. Several people were caught using someone else’s s.s.n. pretty sure they weren’t legal.just sayin✌

    • Passport to citizenhood

      G-ma, Undocumented workers pay 3.2 billion dollars in taxes per year here in California. They never get to file for any refund they might qualify.
      The bottom line is why are they here. They are here because they can get a job. The employers are benefiting to the extreme by paying slave wages to people that cannot or will not report it. The employers can have unsafe conditions for the same reason. Prosecute the employers. If the undocumented workers can’t get a job they will not come.

    • You should do your research before making stupid comments. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DO PAY TAXES. Look up what an itin number is, it’s provided to them by the IRS to pay taxes.

  • Wow I actually agree with eldon 100 percent somebody take my temperature !!!!

  • These people are your neighbors. They do work most people will not. They make America greater, not worse. When we ignore humanity, we ignore American values. Many of you have fallen prey to fear and the hate it promotes. The real threat to America is fear. The Oligarchy promotes the lies that people that are our neighbors and hard working family-loving people are a threat to our society. They are not. The real threat is those that promote inequality by living off the sweat and toil of others while placing greater burdens on the working classes. They promote eliminating basic government programs that help many to fund tax breaks for the wealthy few. They promote lower taxes and government subsidies for them while calling for regressive taxes on the lower and middle classes. Open your eyes; immigrants have always been an important and beneficial aspect of our country. The Oligarchy are the ones that should be feeling your anger, not the innocents that only want the opportunity to feed their families.

    • Huh!? You really believe that CRAP you’re spewing?

    • Your comment did not say “legally” or illegally” once. This debate is not over immigrants, it is about illegal immigrants who are here and have refused to become legal citizens. As I said above, Centro de Pueblo should be using time to help these people become legal; not advocating and teaching them it is ok to remain illegal.

    • Exactly!!! California was built by the Mexican Migrants Llegal and Illegal You can not deport them now and stoke the fire of hate like Chump is doing. White Republican Labor see the Mexican as The One’s taking their Jobs they are here because there are Jobs they fill. Ignorance is Bliss in America. I am an Legal Immigrant and I’ve seen it all growing up in LA.

    • They also have brains, right? They made a decision, knowing full well the consequences of their decision. They took responsibility of their own actions at the time of crossing, and can take the responsibility for the consequences of their actions now. While it’s true that brains come and go, most of us find it incredibly insulting to see these persons lumped into a label of brainless. They are not brainless, they’re gamblers in search of a better payout. They know full well what the ante is. Documented stay. Undocumented face deportation.

  • Is there a hotline we can call to report illegal’s criminal illegals?

  • Its been si ce the eaely 90s that there has been round ups in so cal. Clinton stripped police of the right to ask for citizenship and visa statuses if i rememer correctly….
    Its simply time to get thus situation back under control that obama ignored and escalated.

  • So they march so everyone can see them and hear them… then get upset that Homeland Security sees them?

    • To be fair…no one from the march has indicated an emotion about this incident.

      • Kim you need to ask Mr. Clark where the pictures are of the people from HLS ….I have to say if there were there he sure would of got some pictures of them ……This is the problem now with everything in the news what to believe…..I say if Mr. Clark has no pictures of them ….I call it Fake news…Kim the picture of their vehicle on FaceBook that you posted is not in Fortuna …..

        • Richard, Check the update. DHS agrees that their personnel were there. They say they were in front of the federal building which is exactly where Mr. Clark said they were. The DHS said they were taking pictures. They do say that they were not taking photos of the marchers which is the only point that does not agree with Mr. Clark.

        • The Homeland Security officers are real, I met them at another federal facility the day before, on routine business. They are good, hard working people putting their lives on the line to protect our safety.

    • I call bullshit on the statement about HLS

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Wow I am shocked! People in our community have so much hate towards immigrants.

  • why not go years with out illegal vs a day immigrants? My grandparents came from the Azores and worked hard and legal, My grandmother ALWAYS made sure the little American Flag was on the table when they would have meetings, And pledged to the flag before each meeting.. The only down side is they would not teach us the native language do to the fact they where now Americans and proud of it….

  • I blame all those eligible voters who chose to sit home on election day for the crap going on. All those marching for womens rights, immigration rights, gun control, etc. are the ones to blame if they didnt vote. I hate the way ICE is handling things. The rounding up of people. Innocent people are caught in the craziness. The Muslin ban was a complete f-up. You folks who voted for tRump or a third party deserve what you get. I am a senior and i will get what you voted for, too! And how about your kids and their schooling? And climate change? What is this country going to be like for the kids?
    I am only concerned about the tax paying Americans, like myself. Not even 1 month in and there is all this craziness and uncertainty. You folks who sat this one out are to blame! Stats say there was low voter turn out of Latinos and blacks. Thank you fir this mess!

    • I blame the politicians who have failed to address this matter and looked the other way for decades. It is also evident that those same politicians, whom you and like minded people have voted for have succeeded in the Dumbing Down of America. These illegals come with a very high cost to the hard working American citizens.

      • By the way Bottomfish, my family immigrated to this country in the 20’s. They learned to speak English, proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and paid taxes on the money they earned. Nor did they expect or receive entitlements of any kind.

      • Absolutely spot on DaPisan!
        Create a crisis, offer a solution, raise taxes for that solution, get a raise and another term in office, blame the president for everything, smirk while voting for raises behind closed doors.

    • Blame the electoral college system. Hillary won the popular vote.
      Blame the crooked DNC. Say it with me: “BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON.”

      • AMEN!!! If the DNC hadn’t screwed him out of the nomination he WOULD be our POTUS!!!! Which is exactly why I voted for him I don’t trust Shillary & her DNC as far as I could throw them collectively!!! If she would do that to a member of her own party then WTF would she do to the rest of us????

  • I found VERY ridiculous for people in USA discriminating and agains immigrants. If the only North American here are the natives indias! Don’t you remember who massacred the natives Indians here just for a piece of land and power! They are the only North Americans! They are the only ones that have the right to be here. And you too are an immigrant too. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT. When you talk about being “AMERICAN” you are including Center and South AMerica too”

  • Go Fortunans. Don’t need no hot lines. Give em due process at the end of a length of hemp. Murderous racists gonna make the rich (their betters) a whole lot richer and theyselfs a whole lot poorer. GREAT AMERICA RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER AND TRUMPIN’ UP FAST

  • Yes Capitalist pig there is. Call any Police Dept. and file a report. If it’s an emergency, call 911. And Dan, I grew up in the Sacramento Valley when most of my neighbors were Latino, who were here legally and they and their entire family worked in the hot sun day after day right along side my family in the fields picking up prunes, almonds, picking peaches, apples and plums. They were some of our most closest friends and family. I wouldn’t trade them for the World for some of the people we have running around here now. Druggies, tweakers and everything in between. And those families in those days were all law abiding and paid their dues. I’m all for the Immigrants IF they go through the proper procedure for coming here to work and be a part of the Community.

    • You can’t just call 911 because you see some Mexicans and think they are illegal!! That’s the most rascist shit I’ve ever heard! I swear you people with hate in your heart like this are going straight to hell! Good riddance!

    • There is no process to citizenship for people that are here now sometimes for decades and the DACA folks. People act like it’s just a matter of applying and no big deal. That is a lie.

    • Eldon, please explain what in my comment set off this tirade about where you grew up etc I was commenting on why I VOTED FOR BERNIE nothing else I too feel that immigrants legal or otherwise should have an opportunity as well as rights & due process of law!!!

  • It is interesting how ALL of the comments supporting this march and Centro de Pueblo refuse to use the words “illegal immigrants”. Immigrants are not the issue! It is about illegal immigrants. Very much the same when Obama refused to use the words “Islamic Terrorists”. Words change the whole meaning of a topic and a statement.

  • Why are they protesting here, when they should be in their country of origin protesting. Other countries must be really bad . I doubt they have very little civil rights there.
    If you can’t be in the place you love, Love the place you’re in. Changing the lyrics of a very good song. Sorry.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Well “Happyfish”, If I’m going to H***, than I’m going to be in pretty good company (maybe), because you’ll probably be there ahead of me to greet me and all of the rest of the “racists”. Make sure that you reserve the best seats for the rest of us. It’ll be a rough trip in trying to get by the rest of your stripe.

    • You are going to hell, if you are agreeing with these rascist people. I have lived my life with the awareness that everyone on this earth is equal and has the same rights to the same things that I have grown up with. I don’t see race I see attitude and wether or not the person is a good person. The way god intended us to. I don’t disregard someone because they might be illegal. I think if someone worked as hard as they had to just to get a job here, they deserve to work. Wether or not they had the time or money to make themselves legal. By the way we are talking about human beings here not some material item [edit]. So yes you truly are going to hell. And when the devil brands your ass with a flaming hot poker you’ll think about the starving kids and families you helped tear apart!

      • Lol. Your absolutely right. They’re human beings just like you and me.
        And if I had entered they’re country illegally had a family and didn’t bother to abide by the rules of that country. And took advantage of the opportunities. And when I was eventually caught breaking the laws and deported. Then who’s at fault? I’m all for Legal immigrants. In fact I shake the hands of those who did it right and followed the law and say job well done. Many many friends of mine. I fully understand your point but there has to be law and order. Oh and by the way, you don’t get to decide who goes to Heaven or hell. That position has been filled.

      • Happy Fish Feb,16 @5:13, Some say God made all people and Sam Colt Made all people equal Well the truth is all people are not equal. All nations are not the same. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Even though I don’t agree with you,I still respect your freedom of speech. I try to read Desiderata every day. A truly beautiful manuscript.

  • Well Kym……Thank you for giving me something to do for a couple hours on a rainy afternoon. You opened a ‘can of worms’. It appears that most of the good, logical people around here have no problems with any immigrants coming here, as long as they become legal. That is nothing more than requiring them to follow the law. If school age children were born here, it is obvious the parents have had more than enough time to become legal themselves. If they are in fear of being deported, they have no one to blame but themselves. There are several laws that I don’t agree with, but I MUST obey them or face consequences. A good article would be to ask Centro De Pueblo how many illegal immigrants are they currently helping to become citizens. That should be a huge priority to them instead of supporting, condoning and promoting illegal citizenship. Also, a big ‘Thank You’ to Happyfish for giving everyone a few laughs with the comical comments. GREAT JOB, KYM !!!

  • Kym, did Mr. Clark say the vehicle was marked as a DHS vehicle, with an insignia? You described it as a “distinctive vehicle” so I’m figuring he did indicate it was marked, but I just wanted to make sure.

  • Like I said early I call bullshit on mr. Clark statement on HLS was there…Kim ask him where the pictures are……Fake news …..I take no side on the march…But Kim you need to Question Mr. Clark’s statement about HLS being there

    • You sound like a baby. Do you see the photo of the HLS vehicle? Do you see where it is parked? Take those two answers, add them together and you get what?

    • If you intend to rag on KYM at least have the decency to spell her name correctly!!!! If you can do so much better at reporting the news please start your own Blog & YOUR version of the TRUTH WTF ever it may be!!!!!

  • What is this protest? Immigrant day? What is the problem with being an immigrant? It’s the ilegal immigrants that need to go. They broke our laws. They don’t have a right here. What is wrong with some of you?

  • This is such an emotional issue for so many folks.

    As a third generation child of “swarthy” legal immigrants I listened to the stories of my parents, and grandparents of the sorrow of being just off the boat.

    On the other side of the tree the native grandparents told of the genocide and harm done to them. Being a dual citizen did not reap them many benefits.

    Illegal persons who come to this country to work are often using fake SS#s.

    My identity was stolen when a hard drive at the State of California department was stolen. It was sold to an illegal organization that then provided the data to an illegal who ran up a slew of debt and thankfully the state notified me and they offered credit monitoring services to the 30,000 plus employees.

    The illegal used my first name his middle name and my last name to get cells phones, a mortgage, and a job.

    She was arrested and convicted and deported.

    It took a couple of years to clear up the mess.

    For those who use stolen SS#s they often file tax returns. And get credits and refunds. And the dual filings of both the illegal and the legal citizen end up with an audit. Who pays the price and the penalties? The citizen.

    When the IRS audited our family I had to prove who I really was and it was a huge mess.

    Some folks say that illegals pay taxes and don’t benefit from that and in our case that was not reality. I wonder how many other folks have had havoc wrecked upon their lives due to stolen identity?

    My brother was killed in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligent driving of an illegal. The man had been deported three times prior to the accident and was once again in the country with a fake identity card from his home country, a fake state drivers license and a fake passport.

    His vocation was working in a chicken processing plant. The plant was regularly raided by ICE. Just before pay day. Our family despises the Purde billionaire who owns theses processing plants. He ran out the unionized workers and hires thousands of illegals.

    Thankfully the DA where this occurred listened to our family as we pressed for charges against the man.

    They said in almost all cases an illegal will post a nominal bail and then disappear back into society and never go to trial for their crimes.

    The man ended up pleading down from vehicular manslaughter to reckless driving. His bail was $3,000.

    ICE finally got involved and put a hold on him. He faced more severe consequences for having fake i.d. from his home country than for killing my brother.

    At the time of the accident he was driving a borrowed vehicle without current registration, no insurance and a fake DL.

    Was he a hardworking individual? Yes. He was on his way to work and caused the accident.

    Did he have hopes and aspirations to make it in the USA? Most likely.

    Did he come here legally? Most definitely not.

    We read up on the number of fatality accidents caused by illegals and it is huge.’

    Factor in criminal acts against their own illegal immigrant community and acts of violence and mayhem on the legal citizens and you would be mighty upset over the numbers of rapes, murder and theft committed. Add in gang violence and illegal drug crimes then the statistics are staggering.

    I was listening to the story of a mother here in our state who is in fear of deportation. Her parents brought her here as a young teen illegally. She has since had three children. She has worked at a crappy job at far below the minimum wage and has never learned to read or write in the dominate language of English.

    She has been here since 1997.

    Her children have rights due to their birth in the USA.

    She was upset she would be returned to the land of her birth and not knowing what she should do.

    In regards to illegals from other nations aside from Mexico they number in the hundreds of thousands.

    Should we as a nation address that? Of course.

    If citizens of this country would choose do the low skill low wage jobs filled by illegals there would not be an issue.

    But they won’t.

    They make more money on the dole or doing illegal activities.

    And guess what? The school system is expected to the parent in loco for these children who are being raised by folks who are incapable of being the parent their children need.

    So what is the answer?

    My parents and grandparents moved to California and worked the migrant trail of employment up and down the state in the forties and fifties.

    They decided to get educated and to make a better life for their children and grandchildren. My grandparents on that side of the family had a stellar 8th grade education. They could read, write, do math and had thinking minds.

    Was it hard? Sure was. Were we poor? Yes. Did they turn to hand outs and welfare? No way.

    Did they succeed? Yes. My generation was the first to graduate high school and college and everyone who went to college paid our school loans off.

    Immigrants do work hard for the most part.

    And if you make it here as a legal immigrant you are not living in fear of deportation.

    You carry your I.D. You pay your taxes, your children learn English and you try to as well.

    The politics at play show that illegal immigration has been an issue for a long while.

    All sane folks want a better life for themselves and their family.

    How they get there is when the rubber meets the road.

    If you are an illegal, please learn the language. Please have a plan in place for your children born here if you get deported.

    What I find despicable is the predators that prey upon those in a much weaker prey position and hire illegals and then turn them in when it is time to pass out the pay checks. As well as those that participate in human trafficking. Those that feed the addiction of those who go on the horrific road of addiction and who buy the heroin and meth. The billions made on illegal addictions is ruining our nation. We despise that do home invasions.

    If I were to go to any other country as an illegal I would have no rights.

    I would have to learn the language.

    I would have to prove my value to that nation to be allowed in.

    I would have to follow the rules.

    Research what it takes to move to say Canada, New Zealand, Australia,Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand, or the Philippines legally.

    Our son moved to France to work. He had to know how to read, write and speak French in order to get his working papers. He had to check in regularly to prove that he was gainfully employed.

    Thank you to his high school teachers who planted in him the seed of travel and respecting the laws of other nations.

    Yes, I am all for legal immigration.

    Yes, I am concerned over the plight of the children born here legally of illegal parents.

    But the choices are made and if we had the laws of Mexico regarding illegals we would have to acknowledge the bribes and pay offs and be sure to check the wall they have between their nation and their southern border.

    Illegal immigration is a huge issue and emotions run high.

    If civil debate could ever be established then maybe solutions can be envisioned and then put into place.

  • the truth and happy fish , don’t know the truth, and happy fish is a sucker…

  • Maybe if this country didn’t make it so difficult and expensive for people to become legal citizens there wouldn’t be such an issue. This situation isn’t going away and no friggen wall will make a difference. i know a lot of illegals and they are hardworking, caring people. A reasonable solution needs to be found regarding the illegal issue. And it needs to be discussed with level headed politicians who have common sense. This may be currently hard to find in our government!

  • More popcorn…

  • From an immigration lawyer: “What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?
    In immigration law, there is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant.” It’s simply not a category that exists. There are people who are deportable / removable (because they don’t have permission to be here, because they have permission to be here but have violated a term of their stay, or for some other reason such as a criminal conviction). There are people who lack legal status and are also not removable. There are people who “have no lawful status,” but are also not “unlawfully present.” There are people who are removable but also eligible to apply to stay in the US lawfully. There are people who would be eligible to apply to stay here lawfully, but the application is only available if the government first tries to deport them. There are people outside the US who are not eligible to come in legally, but if they were here, they would be allowed to stay. There are even people who are simultaneously deportable and eligible to apply for citizenship.
    There are also ways to “break the law” and still be present lawfully. There are lots of types of violations of immigration law and criminal law that can’t result in deportation for people in certain types of status, or where there’s a “grace period.” There are some crimes where you’re fine if you were convicted in 1995, but totally out of luck if it was 1997.
    When somebody comes to my office, it often takes me well over an hour of reviewing their paperwork and asking them questions about their entire life story and family history in order to figure out (a) whether they entered the US lawfully, (b) whether they are currently present in the US lawfully, (c) whether the government can lawfully deport them, (d) whether, if the government tries to deport them, they are eligible to apply to stay and how likely they would be to win, and (e) whether they’re eligible for benefits such as an employment based visa, a marriage-based green card, citizenship, asylum, visas for victims of crime or domestic violence, etc.
    Sometimes we even find that somebody is a US citizen and didn’t even realize it — the US accidentally deports US citizens every year.”

  • Anyone notice, there wasn’t an American flag to be seen? Lots of Mexican flags though. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Renee Saucedo brough ICE to Humboldt. Thanks a lot!

  • Randall 3:41, DaPisan and Poppins sum it up perfect.

  • Let me see. Who was hurt and bothered more today by the “Day without a Mexican” protest. Not me. Tried to get a burrito for dinner, was informed the joint was closed because of the protest. All It taught me was that I should make my own dinner and save some money. Might even lose a few pounds. If you want to take money out of your pockets to protest illegal immigrant criminals being deported, that is your prerogative. But I know now that I will not spend one more dime in that restaurant and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Might be nice without all you whiners around.

  • Sounds like paranoia. Why are they so certain it was Homeland Security? There are many, many other vehicles that have US Government plates, including all tribal vehicles. This is just fear mongering with no evidence

  • Who has ever applied for a US Visa? You can get them at Embassies all over the world. Last I checked it costs $160 to apply for a nonimmigrant tourist visa and if you don’t get accepted, which happens to most of the applicants who cannot prove adequate wealth or are considered a risk to overstay their visa, there is no refund of the application fee. Have you ever seen the long lines every working day at just about every US embassy? Except for 38 rich and mostly majority white skinned populated countries that do not require visas to visit.

    Those who are all riled up about “all the illegals” should recall that our nation is greatly enriched by natural resources extracted from third world, most brown skinned populated countries. Through inflated bank loans made by organizations like the IMF (headquarters in Washington DC) made to corrupt governments abroad, the US has strangled economic prosperity to the masses, who are considered expendable (with “no rights”). Often, if the banks and multinational companies don’t get the job done, the Marines are sent in (read a history book).

    Now some people complain about “all the illegals” draining the economy. Really? You aren’t racists, though, because you just care about the rule of law. Really?

    All we have to do is imagine that we, you, your child, was in the position that a migrant is in now. In Mexico, Honduras or Syria. What the hell would YOU do if it were you?

    • For one thing, instead of protesting civilians and business owners, I would ask everyone to unite and protest the political powers that have ignored the immigration crisis system for vote baiting purposes.
      Let’s unite at the state Capitol and pressure those tyrants into buying extra computers, hiring extra personel for fingerprinting, hire extra border guards to catch the criminals, and hire extra teachers to speed up the required education.
      Nobody is against legal immigration, when jobs are plentiful. Turning back regulations to decent workable levels is a must. Zero tolerance breeds zero jobs.
      This land was made for all of us, not just for the persnickity. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing mentality. Solutions lay within the framework between the two extremes.
      Unite for a goal, not a cause. Let’s fix both the job problem & the documenting system.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    I’m all for voting that ALL immigrants (both legal or illegal) be immediately bussed to suckerfish’s (aka happyfish) home and he can house them, feed them, clothe them and pay them to work solely for him, that way we solve the problem on what to do with these people. All in favor, say I. I I I I I and a few more.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Love the update that came out at 10:20pm this evening. So much for Mr. Caleb Clarks reporting. Can we all agree that maybe he needs to have his eyesight checked and possibly start wearing glass’s? Maybe he was checking the crowd for more soccer players for his team or is he actually a soccer coach? Maybe he needs to be checked out to see if he is who he says he is.

    • Mr. Clark signed his name to his response. I did verify he is who he said he is.

      On the other hand, no one from the agency put their name to that response. Mr. Clark may have been mistaken that they were taking photos of the protestors. The personnel could have been photographing the marchers or they might not have been. It comes down probably to most folks’ belief system

      • Eldon G. Whitehead

        Thanks for the comment Kym. In reading the update that was posted about the vehicle being with another Agency (who was doing a inspection, monitoring check on a Federal Building here in Fortuna) is basically the truth. That same vehicle was parked in the parking lot this morning of the building that they were probably sent here to check out. Maybe I will go back down tomorrow and take a picture of it, that is if I don’t get shot in the process. Things are really starting to get out of hand here in Fortuna. I have been a Security Officer for many years here in Humboldt County and it seems to be getting worse. I stay “locked & loaded” at home these days. Too many home invasions taking place. Thanks for everything you do to keep us ‘Humboldters’ informed and updated.

      • Eldon G. Whitehead

        One more thing Kym. How is your site set up to post a picture or article to your site? If I wanted to post a picture or story to you, how is that done? I don’t see a button or app to do that.

        • It is hard to see at first but easy to do once you know.

          First, below the post comment button is a “Choose File” button. Click it. Then you will have the option to navigate to the photograph on your device and upload it. I’ve included a screengrab that should help.

  • Just watched the local news on this situation. Guess what bothers me the most is that the people were yelling “We don’t want immigration in Humboldt”, while waving Mexican flags. All that says is that they don’t feel illegals should be accountable to follow the laws of the United States, and Mexico is their true country. I’m all for immigrants to be here legally, but they need to understand the laws and be expected to follow them. Why should legal citizens have to obey the law, and illegals be shown they do not. It’s not expecting anything of them that we don’t expect of ourselves.

  • There was never a time where immigrantion was not facilitated by the those looking for cheaper labor. Each immigrant wave took their turn at undercutting the wages of natives, with the gleeful help of business owners, in search of a better life than they left. This started the first Europeans paying for passage of poor Europeans, intent on creating plantations north and south, and has continued with every social conflict sending new waves.

    The difference with the latest groups is that the current US culture is riddled with native Americans who throw hate on other native Americans with both hands and thus encourage immigrants to respond with blame and even more hatred when they meet the very natural cultural clash when different people meet. It has become ok to bash the US and to demand that Americans always give way to immigrant culture or be called racist. Even expecting immigrants to learn use the common language of the country is called racist, which is unmitigatedly silly and dangerous.

    Thus is created the image of very Caucasian people of Mexican origin calling other very Caucasian people racist. And parades of immigrants waiving Mexican flags as a display of contempt for the very Americans they demand to live with. I guess this could be called the American two State solution that has failed everywhere it has been attempted outside of Switzerland. A sort of never compromise perpetual stand off that will become a pattern forevermore.

    Of course immigrants, legal but especially illegal, undercut wages and benefits. That is why employers want them and object to the natural desire of current residents to restrict their entry. And this tension is exacerbated by the native American haters calling racism at every turn. Trouble is that very racist employers are just as happy to employ illegals as anyone else. As Good Ol’ Boy Clinton put it- It’s the economy, stupid.

  • Uncontrolled immigration is an essential aspect of the Slave Combine system ruling the planet. Without borders that are enforced, humans can be easily trafficked by criminal organizations, cartels, corporations etc. and forced into migration by military interventions, famines, and repressive governments. These displaced populations provide a never ending supply of very cheap and/or slave labor with no accountability to anyone.

    This pool of off-the-books, unaccounted labor is used in many nations to undercut wages, break strikes, and drive down the standard of living of everyone, including the illegal migrants. These people are as much victims of the system as anyone. Because of their place in the world, they become the front-line soldiers of the Slave Combine system, facing detainment and/or deportation while those who fund and demand uncontrolled immigration live in walled estates protected by mercenary body guards and/or the police forces of the nation they currently reside in.

    Without borders and strictly enforced immigration control, slavery and human trafficking become the law of the land in fact if not in letter. This is the desired result of those who control the Globalist Slave Combine system we live under world wide.

    Any and everyone living in the United States illegally must be removed, and kept out. Any and everyone who openly advocates, supports, demands, facilitates, or otherwise assists the process of illegal immigration is an enemy of the state, an enemy of the citizen, and an enemy of God and must be treated accordingly. Without borders, there is no nation. Without a nation, there is only direct enslavement by the Globalists and their armies of hired mercenaries.

    The time of debate on this matter is rapidly coming to a close. Those who are willing to form nations and maintain borders will survive. Those who support the willing slavery of open borders and uncontrolled human trafficking will be the first to be ground beneath the wheel of the slave combine.

  • The tenth amendment forbids states from duties delegated to the Federal Government.
    The tenth amendment forbids the Federal Government from duties of the States.
    Both are forbidden from treading on the rights of the people.

    Yet, somehow, the tyranny has crossed all lines.
    States are unconstitutionally treading on the Federal Government’s uniform immigration code and the inalienable rights of the people.
    Federal Government is treading on the powers of the states by unconstitutionally expanding their defined and enumerated duties and treading on the inalienable rights of the people.
    The people are so dumbed down through unconstitutional infringements they don’t understand the proper roles of governments and turn to idol worship. The people lose.

    If the people united in solutions, there wouldn’t be a crisis.

    Turn to your Constitution’s and read for yourself the duties forbidden states, the duties forbidden the Feds and the duties imposed upon the people to hold their officials & courts accountable.

  • Love Trump's cake

    I notice prior to the Obama reign, hispanics had top billing in the media as the #1 victim, then came the tsunami of racism toward blacks which bumped the hispanics off the charts behind BLM and LGBT. Now they are on top, who’s managing the victim status hierarchy these days?

  • “The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

  • shawn the fisherman

    Why is it I have to obey all laws
    everyday? Yet some how they get away breaking the law everyday. No fair.

  • One last post………..I challenge Renee Saucedo and Centro Del Pueblo to explain why they are NOT promoting these people to become legal citizens and helping them in the process; but instead, giving them false hope that breaking the law is their best chance of staying in America. Saucedo is leading them down the wrong path to a better life in the US.

    • Please educate yourself as to immigration law if you are going to make so many public comments at it.

      An undocumented immigrant has no path to legal residents or citizenship. Their only option is to go back to their country of origin and apply. The application process takes years and costs thousands of dollars.

      • Doesn’t matter how the process works. Millions have become legal under the law and followed the process. Nobody is asking anything more of these people or anyone who wants to become a citizen in the future. Laws are for everyone, not to exclude those who feel it is too difficult or time consuming.

      • The Truth……..If you happen to come back to this, google ‘undocumented immigrant application for US citizenship’. There several ways to start the process within the US. Do YOUR homework before you post !!!

  • So sick of this song and dance. The sick liberal leaders and talking heads depend on the public to equate the words illegal and legal and then just call it immigration in general. And the delusional idiots keep buying into it. Nobody who is anybody has a real issue with LEGAL immigration.

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