[UPDATE 3 p.m.] Woman Tased After Driving in Flaming Car….

fortuna policeAt 10:15 a.m., a Fortuna Police Officer was flagged down by a citizen reporting that someone was driving in a car with no tires, according to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht.

He confirmed scanner reports that the car was on fire.

“The back wheels didn’t have any tires,” he explained.

A short car chase ensued and officers were able to “corner the vehicle in a driveway.”

The female driver refused to comply with orders, Ellebrecht said. “The taser was deployed.”

The woman was arrested and is being taken to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna. “We have to get her medically cleared because she was tased,” Ellebrecht explained.

Valerie Sue Robinson, born in 1973, was arrested for reckless driving, resisting arrest, driving under the influence, and probation violations.
We should have more information and photos soon.
UPDATE 11:54 a.m.: Photos provided by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.
Car being towed out of the driveway

Car being towed out of the driveway that the Robinson was cornered in.

Car with burns being towed on flatbead

Car with burns being towed on flatbed

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: Photos from the Fortuna Police Department:

<div style="text-align: center;">

A Fortuna Police vehicle boxes in the suspect’s car.

metal rim to the road

Close up of the wheel well.

Tread from the suspect's tire twists beside the car.

Tread from one of the suspect’s tires twists beside the car.




    • She obviously has issues and a good place for her to be is a place to get some mental help or drug abuse help but then there is a shortage in our county and all over the US. Hey I got an idea Humboldt! How about using the upcoming pot tax revenue to build housing and good mental health help for people like this who is falling through the cracks in our society and running rampant all over the County. Just saying……….

      • Maybe just out on a weekend bender. Back to work on Monday.

      • Not to mention people like, the older gentleman who is/was living or at least sleeping under the courthouse steps with no ID or idea of who he is etc!!!???


      • Only after housing and programs are in place for this nation’s forgotten veterans!!!!

      • Mental help? Get off the drugs, simple, it’s not rocket science, stop doing drugs, no rehab needed, no mental hospital needed, it’s all about self control , and choices made, you get yourself in a jam , you get yourself out of the jam.

        • What of those such as the gentleman sleeping under the Courthouse steps who was determined by the COPS NOT to be on any type of substance??? But of course shit like that doesn’t count just like HE doesn’t count!!! If it doesn’t fit you extremely NARROW POV then of course it eitehr doesn’t exist!!! More likely you just choose to ignore the facts of the REAL variety, as opposed to his Orangeness’ Alternative Facts, AKA Bold Face LIES!!!!

        • I Can’t agree with that 100% because that is not always true. There are many many reasons for mental issues that have nothing to do with drugs and alcohol and the opposite is also true. Its not just black or white.

        • That is ignorance talking.

        • Tired of all this

          Sure I would agree on that, except for some people the drugs can cause permanent damage and possibly end up with some psychotic illness that won’t necessarily go away. It also causes nerve damage so as you see there are a lot of things that contribute to how a person responds to the drug itself and also to treatment or lasting damage. It is not as simple as you would like to think it would be. Some have an easier time getting off of them some don’t.

        • Lone Ranger not all mental health is due to drugs we need more mental health in humble county for non-drug users then Lone Ranger if you know it all

        • Never look down on a wo/man unless offering a hand up. -The Community Ranger

      • I couldn’t agree more!!! More rehabs to help addicts, big pharma left behind when they said vicoden, oxy, etc., was not addictive! Heroin is a cheap, deadly, pain reliever!

    • She is a good person who made a mistake!!

  • Thank you for providing a news story that confirms reality. Great example of what could happen daily. Why don’t we see this more often? SMH

  • I just saw that episode on the show “Cops “….hahahahahaha

  • I found myself laughing out loud. She could use this as a wake up call.

  • Flaming car. No tires in back. Uncooperative driver. And here’s your taser. And your medical clearance. Now go to jail. Happy Sunday !

  • Glad they stopped her before she hurt someone.

  • I’m glad I gave up drinking.
    It was short term pleasure at the cost of long term misery.
    I, my doctor, my liver, and my sanity thank me.
    What a good example and reminder this is.

  • So did the tow company take the wheels off, or was it really being driven on the brake rotors? I had assumed it had been flat tires which came off, not no rims at all…

    • Ummm…. this happened almost directly in front of my house and this car only had ONE tire missing. We witnessed the entire thing and I’ll say straight up that the cops had NO REASON to tase this woman. She was not fighting or being violent, she just wouldn’t open the car door and get out. The cops used a baton to break the window and instead of reaching in and opening the door so they could pull the woman out, they tased her twice before doing just that. It was punishment for not immediately complying with the orders the cops were screaming at her, nothing more. Hell, she looked scared to death… I would be with all the guns drawn.

    • Later update shows it was, indeed, driven on the brake rotor. That’s pretty impressive… Especially since it looks like it wasn’t even rolling.

  • Funny how so many people are in such a hurry to get to that house…
    As the saying goes… till the wheels fall off.

  • She was going to meth village….fortuna’s meth supply neighborhood

    • When we bought our house, this was a nice neighborhood. It’s only been the past six or eight years that it’s gotten bad. I wouldn’t shed a single tear if that trailer where the car landed burned to the ground and I’d throw a party if the flames spread to the house to the north of it. And I’d invite the whole town if the hoarder’s trailer on the other side of them burned as well. Maybe then we’d have some peace and quiet once more.

      • It’s been like that for over 20 years,always a good laugh when passing by at the look on the faces of the many people leaving that area…
        At times they gather in front of the rv to try to come up with an idea of what comes next, then scratch there heads and scurry back inside like cockroaches… good people tho I’m sure

      • I recognize that trailer & I know what goes on there. The main person living in it has video surveillance, to see who comes and goes, if you get what I mean. Stopped my other half from having my cars worked on from that man living in it, after I found out what there main business is.

  • Wasn’t that trailer on horder the t.v. show ?

  • We can be grateful for the soaking rains as the sparks must have been flying!

  • I watched the whole thing too and don’t know what “Cranky Old Lady” watched. The driver was crazy and the police had every right to Taser her when she wouldn’t comply. The car didn’t appear to be on fire, there just was so much smoke from the wheels spinning and burning off that it looked like a fire. My house smelled like burnt rubber and you couldn’t see across the street it was so thick. It was going on for quite a while before the police showed up. Looked like the driver was trying to get up the dirt driveway, but just kept spinning out and she wouldn’t stop. This trailer isn’t the hoarders place, that one is a few doors north of this one. I don’t understand why the city allows all the garbage that is piled up around these houses and the hillside with the illegal buildings, tarp homes and parking in the new bike lanes. Thank you Fortuna PD for the work you do and thank God none of you were hurt in this incident.

    • Tired of the crime

      Cranky old lady is always whining about some injustice, and tries to act educated. Typical dumbass making statements that are fabricated in her mind. Maybe there was only one tire, maybe it was none, either way if you do not comply with an officers orders during a traffic stop it becomes resisting. If she’s refusing to come out, acting irrational and under the influence, (which I mean come on now, look at how she was driving her vehicle), then by all means they can break a window or taze her ass.

    • I wish that place across the street, junkpile shithole sows ear would burn down! How is that not a violation??? All of that area! A tweek that got evicted from my building creeps around there with her poor little kids. Bitch is a nightmare! Redhead, cranky look out for her crazy ass! She’s so spun…

      • The owner of the sow’s ear passed away not too long ago. Last I heard they were selling everything in it, then selling the building. If you want to clean it up faster, go make them an offer on it.

  • The car in the photo has clearly never been “in flames”; the only flaming in this story was from the headline.

  • Were the cops in hot pursuit?

  • It’s interesting how the car looks black in one photo and obviously red in another.

  • That little compound where this took place is quite the scene. She was doing whatever it took to get there.

  • Those places the trailer is Floyd hoysington ,and the shit hle next to it is Frank Middleton’s and the Fortuna police never do anything about all the dopers going in and out of there Fortuna police suck.been a doper hole shit hole in rohnerville

  • Oh geez sorry but this is the funniest thing I have read all day. I know it’s sad at the same time that someone sunk to this low level but still…a car on fire with no tires?? LOL. Agree that drugs are a huge problem but also agree with others that erratic behavior can also be due to mental illness or other issues and drugs only exacerbate the already existing problem. Also agree that Humboldt and everywhere else need more and improved mental health services and I can say that from experience as I worked at Semper Virens in the 80s and also was the one who answered the suicide hotline there on the midnight shift.

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