Weott’s Water Woes Expected to End Soon


faucet water drip

[Stock image by Nicole-Koehler via Wikimedia Commons]

About 30 to 40 customers of Weott Community Services District have lost water to their residences since yesterday evening. Not everyone in town was affected because the area is served by two tanks one of which continued to function.

According to Christine Conn, the General Manager, “Over the last storm, we got a bunch of debris stuck in our spring box.” In order to clear the debris, a crew had to travel up a remote road which was covered with downed trees from the winds and rain that had pummeled the area.

“It took hours and hours to get there,” she explained. However, late this afternoon, crews were able to clear the debris and restart the system. Then the water needed to be treated and filtered.

“Customers should start having water maybe as soon as 7:30 [p.m.] and definitely sometime this evening,” Conn reassured us.

That will be a relief to those who have been struggling with water all around them but none coming from their faucets.



  • I used to maintain that system. Back then the bulk of their water game from a catchment on Mill Creek and then was piped under the river. That catchment is tough to get to in bad weather. I used to get a boat ride over and then it was a pretty steep hike up the hill. Used to have to percolate the gravel when the silt would cover it up.

  • Make sure customers bleed the air or their pipes will burst.

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